5 best Live Wallpapers for Android OS

Live wallpapers are becoming more creative this year and i am glad to show you the best live wallpapers for android OS that i had ever come across.The difference between wallpaper and live wallpaper is that normal wallpapers are static but whereas live wallpapers are dynamic,animated and could perform several functions on your screen using the inbuilt hardwares.Let me show you the best 5 live wallpapers in android OS which are not just live wallpapers but are made with an awesome creativeness.

5 Best Live Wallpapers for Android OS

1.Tornado 3D

The first best live wallpaper for android in my list is the tornado 3D which now allows you to admire the 3D from a closer distance safely.You can create you own theme for the tornado , paint your own color for the clouds,tornadoes and the ground.

The best part about this live wallpaper is that you can make a full 360 degree rotation and control the speed of the tornado.There is more of it so download the tornado 3D live wallpaper and enjoy admiring the powerful and majestic tornado. 

The Live wallpaper is available for a cost of Rs.106.00 and you can get it from the official Google play website : Tornado 3D

2.PanoPlanet Live Wallpaper

PanoPlanet live wallpaper for android allows you to set your own wallpaper as the background and projects a 3D view of it when moved around.

All you need is a 360 degree panorama wallpaper to be selected as the background in the PanoPlanet live wallpaper.You can get several panorama images from here : Flickr.There are several rotation modes available such as touch,sensor and slide and zoom in-out is also possible.

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There is a free version available for the download in the play store but the limited version resticts you to only use the default wallpaper whereas full version costs Rs.75 and it allows you to customize fully.

Download Free version : Panoplanet
Download Full version : Panoplanet

3.My 3D Fish 2

My 3D fish 2 can be mentioned as a fish aquarium that is residing on your android phone’s screen.If you are a lover of fish then it is the best recommended live android wallpaper.
By clicking on the fish it turns towards you and the plants,fishes,tank decorations in the aquarium is full of 3D and can be highly customized according to your needs.The tag rate for this live wallpaper is Rs.99.00 and available from the Google play store : My 3D Fish 2

4.Compass Live Wallpaper Free

Compass Live free wallpaper for android is a free compass sitting on your screen to help you out in finding the directions and is very useful during camping and daily use.Various background can be set and new themes are available every week.
It uses your inbuilt sensors to find the direction and works smooth even for low speed processors android phones.The best part is it won’t drain your battery so quick.
The name itself suggests that it is free to download and you can get it here : Compass Live Wallpaper free

5.Clock tower 3D

Beautiful android wallpaper for android users which has a unique clock mechanism inside the clock tower and which will make you feel like holding a clock machine on your hand.Light stream through the glass illuminating the machinery gives as outstanding look for the clock.
Available as paid version of Rs.54.99 and to download this android live wallpaper click here : Clock Tower 3D Android

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