Essential Tips and Tricks for Every Newbie Bloggers

I’m dedicating this tips and tricks article for every newbie bloggers who have just started their blogging journey.With this article you will get to know the latest tips and tricks for developing your website five times quicker than you had ever though.After reading the tips and tricks provided here you will be able to overcome almost all the problems and issues that you are facing as a new blogger.As i was a new blogger (everyone was) i knew the difficulties and troubles that every blogger would face during their journey and let me tell you the tricks i used to develop my website by overcoming all the issues.If you haven’t read my previous post on How to build a blog that can earn you for lifetime then have a look on it.

essential useful tips and tricks for newbie bloggers

Essential Tips and Tricks for Every Newbie Bloggers

If you are a professional blogger then i request you to kindly close this post and move away as this post is written only for the concern of new bloggers.

1.How to Choose a Title For a Post

You might be a good content writer and your article might be mind blowing to read but the real secret lies in the title of the article.If you are not able to select a good title for your post then your article is not going to attract the readers.Whenever a reader skims his news feed the first noticed content is the title of the post.You need to make them open your post just by reading your title.
essential useful tips and tricks for newbie bloggers
For example if you are going to post a article about “cleaning your room” then normally you will give a title like “How to clean your room“.But let me suggest you few other titles such as “7 incredible ways to clean your room” or “Room cleaning mystery unveiled  for the first time on internet“.Compare the usual title and the tinkered title,now obviously your readers will be more attracted towards the unusual titles.This makes much difference,it’s not a big deal to make a post which can rank on the first page of Google but the trick here is you need to make them click on your link and read the article.Any article which is one the first page on the Google can spread viral and can bring you lots of pageviews.To increase your pageviews overnight  your title must be always catchy.

2.How to Select your Keywords for the Article

Keyword can be compared as the main ingredient of your recipe.Once you select a keyword that has a high searches then you can easily dominate the search engine.Keyword selection is the first step that you need to make before choosing the title of your article.Now how to choose a proper keyword that everyone is looking for ? I had the same question on my mind few years back when i was not aware of the wonderful tool provided by Google.
essential useful tips and tricks for newbie bloggers
Google provides a variety of essential tools for bloggers and one such tool is Google’s Adwords.Adwords is a best tool which is provided for people who are advertising with Google.This tool can also be used for selecting the best keyword that will make your article rank higher.
Remember every keywords are not searched throughout the year.For example “New year” is searched most only at the end of December and at the beginning of January , “Love quotes” are searched more during the month of February.I’m mentioning this because whenever you are selecting your keywords make sure that it’s quite famous during that period.To know about the latest trends and to compare the popularity between two or more keywords you can use Google’s trends tool.

3.How to Label your Article

Giving labels to every article is a good practice and if you are not following this then you must start to follow it from right now.There are several advantages of having labels for a post and let me list out few of them here.
  1. Your label will help the readers to quickly get what they are searching for.
  2. In some cases labels are the best replacement of pages.
  3. Labels can categorize your website which will result in easy navigation for the readers.
  4. Google love’s websites which is user friendly.
essential useful tips and tricks for newbie bloggers
To make it more user friendly you can add the labels widget on your blog and that could be the simplest way of helping the readers to get them what they wanted.On the other hand,adding too much of labels can be a pain to the readers.It would confuse the readers and as a result they will move away from your webpage or even at the worst situation they may also unsubscribe from your website.So what’s the maximum number of labels an article can have ?As an average it can be from 1 to 3 but not more than 3.

4.How to Overcome the Situation When you Run Out of Post on your Mind

This particular issue will be faced by every blogger but at the beginning stage.As a result of freshness you will have several posts on your mind but when days go one you will find it difficult to get ideas for your next post.To overcome this kind of situations there are few tricks that can help you generate ideas instantly.
essential useful tips and tricks for newbie bloggers
The first method i would suggest is to use the ” Content Idea/Generator ” tool which is one of the best online tool which is even used by professional bloggers.Visit the website and you could see a search box waiting for your query.Just fill in any hot topic on the search box and see the magic that website does.It can generate tons of ideas for you with a very unusual title.
The second method i’m going to reveal will look like a black-hat trick but trust me it works everytime. Find your competitor in your niche and regularly follow their websites.keep an eye on the posts that your competitor’s websites is posting.When you find a good article then you shall note down the title and start to write an article on that title with the better and neat explanation than your competitor.Don’t fear to try this trick as you are not doing any black-hat methods here and Google will not penalize your website for no-reason.
Social network websites are one another method that can provide you ideas for posts when you follow the groups and pages of similar niche.If you haven’t create a facebook page take a help from this post on creating an attractive Facebook page.As your page is new you might not have a stable population on your pages and the trick to Increase Facebook likes and Youtube shares instantly can help you out.

5.How to Select a Good Template for Your Website

Templates can badly affect your website if they don’t look suitable to your website.Finding a good template is as difficult as selecting a dress for you and it all depends on what type of website you own.If you have a video or photography blog then a template with big gallery on the home page would suite it better.If you have a news or technology kind of websites then you can use a simple yet powerful template like one that i had installed on my website(i can share it if you badly need it).There are thousands of websites on the internet that can provide you good optimized templates and it’s all now in your hand to wrap your website with a suitable template.Read how your widgets can ruin your website badly.
essential useful tips and tricks for newbie bloggers
Templates has the major share when getting a Google’s Adsense approved.Google Adsense is the best way to make income out of your blog and you must take a look on how to earn money from Adsense guide before applying for it.If you are using a template which looks like messed up with lots of widgets then i’m kindly requesting you to change it immediately.One mistake often made by new bloggers are installing a template which is made up of multi-colors.Never use this kind of templates unless your website is about fantasy.Black and white colors are most suited colors for every websites as far as i know and it’s upto you to find the color combinations that will look pleasant to your readers eyes.


Each and every tip i gave above will overcome almost most of the issues that every new blogger would face at the beginning.If you think you are one step ahead of the newbie bloggers then wait for my next article in which i will be dealing about the useful SEO tricks.Liked this post?Then share.


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