Trick to Keep a Picture as a Login Password in Windows 8

If you are bored of the old fashioned default password logging system of Windows-8 then do not worry because Windows-8 have allows you to set picture passwords which is one step secure than the normal text password.Wondering how? Allow me show you the steps for setting picture protected password and gestures.

set picture password

Set Picture Password in Windows-8 :

Step 1 : Set a password first

If you had not set a password during the login screen earlier then set it first for your user account.To do so press “Win key + i” and click on the “Change PC Settings“.
Click on the “Users” tab and just set your password from the available options on the right side panel.

Step 2 : Set Picture Password

Once you have set a password then follow the remaining steps below, Please do have a look at the screenshots for a complete reference.
1. Press Win key + i and click on “Change PC settings” which you will find at the bottom of the screen.
picture password as login

 2. Navigate to the “Users” tab and click on “Set picture password“.(Screenshot below will vary a little, Sorry.)

3. Browse through your folders and select a picture that you want to set as a password and click on “Use this picture“. Wait we aren’t finished yet. Take a look at the screenshot below, take some time to laugh and then continue to the next step.

picture as password in windows

4. Now you have to make 3 gestures on the selected picture to make it more secure.Don’t blame me, Microsoft did that way ! .

Drag your mouse to make either an arrow or a circle on some particular place in the picture.You have to do it thrice and make sure that you remember all the gestures and  the places where you have made the gesture on.

If in case you have made a wrong gesture or forgot the gesture then you can use the “Start Again” button. Now let me show you the three gestures which i have made for myself.

how to keep picture password

ways to set windows photo password

Method to keep photo login password

5. Once you have set your gestures, you will be requested to repeat the three gestures that have set earlier for verification.  Once you have successfully verified it, Click on the finish button and you are ready to go.

ways to set picture passwords in windows

6. To test the protection immediately, press “Win key + L” and enter the password. At any time you can change the password option to the default one by selecting “Sign-In-Options“.

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