Download Flappy Bird V1.3 Android Game Install on Windows XP/7/8/8.1 PC Play for Free

Flappy bird is the latest Android game which had more than 50 million downloads till now and unfortunately it has been removed from the play store today and many people are looking for how to download the Flappy bird android game for the Windows PC. If you are finding a way to install the game and play it on your Computer for free then here is the solution that i have got for you.

Flappy bird game brings the good old experience of Super Mario where every hardcore gamer would have started their life.

Download Flappy Bird and Play on Android and PC devices

Since the game has been removed from the stores you can grab a copy of it form the below link :
Download Flappy Bird

To play it on your Android devices just copy it to your phone and use a good file explorer to open the game. Double tap on it and it will get installed in seconds just like any other game.

Download and Play Flappy Bird on Windows PC

This game is driving people like crazy, Recently i read an article where someone on e-bay is selling an used iPhone with  Flappy Bird for $99,900. So even if you are interested to know what’s there in the game just install it on your PC and try the game using the below method.
Download this first :
Using Bluestacks you can simulate Android games and applications onto your computer. Now what’s next ?
Install the Bluestack and for the first time when you open it , it might ask you for a Google account. Just sign-in with your valid Google account.
Now go to the folder where you have downloaded the Flappy Bird game on your PC. Double click and open the file and by default it must open it with Bluestacks. If not then right click on the file => open with => select Bluestacks.
Now you have the game installed on your Windows computer using a simple emulator. Now from your Bluestacks application just click on the “My Apps” tab and you will be shown a list of Apps which are installed on your emulator. You will find the Flappy Bird game under the My Apps sections just click on it and you can play the game with ease.
Scoring high score is very difficult in the game and it needs lots of concentration and patience. If you don’t have either of these then i strictly advice you not to play this game. But you can play it on your own risk :P
You have learned how to play the at present most popular game Flappy Bird on your PC, If you like this article then kindly share it with your friends.Thank you!

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