5 Great Online Tools for Smart People

5 Great Online Tools

The following online tools will surely be useful for everyone those who own a computer with an internet connection.Its a waste of time and space installing each and every software inside your computer.For those two reasons i will discuss here about 5 awesome online tools which you will use in your day to day life.

List of 5 Great Online Tools :

1.Online Photoshop :

To make the title catchy i have used the word photoshop , though it is not the official tool from photoshop it is a best alternative for photoshop which can be used from online.Go to Pixlr to use this awesome online photo editor.Select one out of three levels at the home page and start editing your photos.

2.Compile and Run C,C++,Java..etc Online :

It is now not necessary to download all those softwares inside your computer to run the powerful coding languages such as C,Java,Perl etc.We can run them online for free using the online tool that is available in Ideone.Select the language,type in the code and hit the Submit button at the bottom to view your output.This website supports more than 50 Coding languages and you are not required to register to use it unlike other websites.

3.Free Online File Storage :

For everyone who are in shortage of storage in your computer this website will surely help you to solve the problem.GoogleDrive is the website which is an official product of google that gives you the online storage upto 5GB for free and so now you can access your important files from any computer.

4.Online Spreadsheet Editor:

Excelviewer is a very useful website when you dont have an microsoft office installed on your system.The supported file formats are: MS Excel Workbook(.xls & .xlsx),CSV(.csv) and OpenOffice Calc(.sxc) Documents.Just upload the file in that website and you can start editing the spreadsheet.

5.Online Virus Scanner :

Visit the website VirusTotal and upload any file that you suspect as a virus and hit the “Scan it” button.This website can even find those viruses which are not detected by your standalone antiviruses installed on your system.

Hope the above 5 online tools would have been useful to you.If you have any other great online tools just share them in the comment section below but dont spam it.Subscribe us for more updates.

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