How to Get High Quality PR Do-Follow Backlinks using Automated Tools

Getting a do-follow link from a high Page Rank website has become very difficult since many people have stopped accepting guest posts on their websites. This is because Google had severely penalized many websites earlier which were posting numerous guest posts only for building links (how greedy!). Considering this is mind we have recently we have rolled out a tool on Alltechbuzz to help all the bloggers to build high quality backlinks.As many were not aware of using it , I will give a small tutorial on how to use the link building tool safely without getting penalized by Google.

Free Backlink Building tool Tutorial

1. Open the backlink generator tool from your favorite browser.

2. Type the keyword you are looking to build backlinks in the text box .

3. If you are building links for a niche blog then you could select any of the category from the option box. If you want only do-follow backlinks then you must select “Comment-Luv” from the category.

4. Click on the “Go for it” button and a new tab will be opened in your browser.


5. Click on a link and check for it’s Google page rank first. Install SEO Status extension for chrome to know the Page rank easily.

6. Scroll to the end of the post where you can find the comments section and enter your name, email and website address. Write a good comment and click on the comment luv check box. You will see your website’s latest article on the comment and now hit on submit. That’s it.

Backlink Building for Niche Sites

If you are looking for building backlinks for your niche sites then you can make use of the other categories from the tool and post your websites homepage URL in the comment section of all the links.

If a website is allowing HTML comments then you can type in as <a href=”your-link” rel=”dofollow”>Your-keyword</a>

By this way we are forcing the comment to be as do-follow backlink.

Backlink Building Strategies for New Websites

If you have started a new blog then I would insist you to write guest posts on high PR websites to build a quality backlinks. Do not purchase links from any websites like as it would lead you to the Google’s Penguin penalty.

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Building Links from Pinterest

I inspired by this trick from nielpatel’s  link building strategies. We will be using Pinterest to drive a small amount of link juice using this trick. All you have to do is to

1. Log-in to your Pinterest profile and open someone’s profile.

2. Click on the “Like” button on any of their post.


Pinterest displays the image of the people who like the posts somewhere on the screen. So by this way we are flowing some of the Page rank from the user profile => your profile => your website URL.

I forgot to mention that fill in your website details in your Pinterest profile. This might look simple but gives some boost to your Page rank.

 Redirecting Trick to Generate Backlinks

1. Look for a .EDU website from Google.

2. Use your favorite tool to check the broken links in that page. ( My favorite is XenuLink )

3. Search for the broken links in the selected .EDU website.

4. If you find a website link which is broken as the domain is expired then quickly purchase the domain name from Godaddy or any other hosting services.

5. Simply redirect the domain to your website. Link flows from .EDU => New-domain => Your-website.

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