10 Reasons to Increase your Website’s Speed

If you own a website then you must know the following 10 reasons why you must increase your website’s speed.I will list the reasons here and also will reveal you few tricks that will help you to improve your website’s speed to a great extent.

increase your websites speed

10 Reasons to Increase your Website’s Speed.

There are plenty of reasons that you might want to know about the facts that is going to affect you website but let me list out the important 10 reasons alone here.

1.When a reader is going to visit your website for the first time and if your website is taking much time to load then you are creating a bad impression at the first sight.

2.Slowness creates a bad impression on your website and people are surely not going to subscribe for your website.

3.Even if you website is listed on the first page of Google, when a reader clicks on it and if your site is too slow then they will close your website and move away.

4.You are creating an opportunity to your competitor’s website yourself by ignoring to take care of your website’s speed.

5.Website with slow loading time tends to rank poor on Google and thus you are not going to get much support and traffic from search engines.

6.Readers are going to hate your website if it’s too slow to open up and that leads to a poor reputation of your website.

7.You lose returning visitors to your page as no one would like to visit your slow website for the second time.

8.When your visitors are leaving your website without moving on to other posts then it increases your website’s bounce rate.

9.You get bad comments from your readers on your website for having a slow loading website.

10.Your website will not generate you a profitable income if it lacks in speed.

How to Improve your Website’s Speed

There are few tricks that i used to follow on my website to increase website speed and let me share those tips to you as well.Before getting into these tricks do know about your websites speed using Pingdom.

Making CSS as an External File

CSS refers to Cascading Style Sheet and these are very essential scripts for the websites visualization.If you have plenty of CSS codes on your website then your website will take more time to load.By making these CSS as external you can considerably bring down the size of your website and naturally your website’s speed will get increased.

To make a CSS codes as exernal follow the procedure below as i mentioned.

Before you make any changes to your website it is always good to take a backup of your website.Now to make the CSS file as an external one you can cut the entire CSS code between

.  We are going to call this file externally and so you need a hosting service to host your CSS file.Google provides Google drive which allows you to host your files for free of cost.

Open a notepad in your computer and paste the code that you have copied earlier.Now save the notepad file as something.css

Login to your Google drive and upload the CSS file to your account.Click on the uploaded link and make it as “Public” by changing the sharing settings.

Copy everything between the docs.google.com/file/d/ and /edit?usp=sharing.This is your unique ID which specifies the destination of your CSS file.Note down the unique key which we will be using it in the next step.

Now we need to call this file from where we have cut the code.To call a CSS file you need to use the below code.

You can directly call your CSS file from Google drive by typing the href path as “www.googledrive.com/host/YourUniqueID

Replace your unique id in the above code with your code that you have copied in the previous step.Now your link must look something like the below image.

Reducing the Image Size

If your header image occupies a large space then it is better to avoid that image or reduce the quality a bit to minimize the size of the image occupies in your website.Whenever some one is visiting to your website header image is the first loaded content and if the size is more than 2 or 3 MB it would eat their data usage as well as takes more time to load.So reducing the siz can be helpful and to reduce the size without losing quality you can try smush.it website which is a product of yahoo.

If you are a blogger and have a habit of uploading large sized images and then changing the size of the image inside the article , well then you are doing it wrong.Never do it because whenever the webpage is loaded it loads the entire image along with the webpage and only then the image gets re-sized to the position that was set by you.It does affects the webpage’s speed and i would suggest you to upload the image with the proper size inside every article.

Making Javascript codes as external

Javascript and Jquery are very important for a website to make actions on the webpages.If your website is dumped with javascript then your website will become very slow like a tortoise.To overcome this issue you need to call the java files externally so that they don’t affect the page’s speed.It is similar to the one we have done to the CSS files.
Always remember to add the javascript either between the tags or after the tag and do not place it else where.To make the javascript as an external one upload the script on the google drive.Make the file as shared “Publicly” and copy your unique ID.
To call an javascript externally you can use