5 Interesting Ways to Name your Website

Finding a suitable name for your website might sound like a tedious task because you are aware that the name that is going to be purchased now is how someone is going to call your website in the future.If you are looking for a name that could best fit for your website then trust me in that case you will be unlucky because you have to compromise your mind each and every time when the website you think was already been taken by someone else.Do not worry let me introduce you the 5 interesting ways for naming your website that will satisfy your wishes.

interesting ways to name websites

How to Choose your Website’s Name

The first consideration must be on your website’s domain.If your website is based on a regional product then regional domain will be great for you.If your website wants to be famed all over the world then .com , .org , .net domains are a good choice.If you are a blogger and working on any particular micro-niche then see to that your niche keyword must be included in your website’s name.

5 Ways of Finding an Interesting Name for your Website

According to the recent hummingbird algorithm of Google,if your website has an Exact match domain with low or poor quality contents then you website is more likely to be penalized sooner.So we shall find a way to name the website with the niche on the website.

Adding your Name to the Website

People also call this method of naming as personal branding.When you have a website and willing to promote yourself along with your website then it is a good idea to append your name to the website.
There are few familiar websites which does personal branding and one such website that i would love to share here is vishnuvalentino.com which is a hacking related website.

Adding Numbers to the website

How many of you reading this article have a lucky number?Yes, everyone has at least one lucky number.There are several ways to add numbers to a website and it all depends on you.If you have a NEWS domain then 24×7 can be added.
There is a familiar website called 9gag.com which receives 50 Million visitors per day.Sounds interesting?

Domain as a Part of Name

If you aren’t much focused on domain names then you have an option of selecting your favorite domain name.Even domain names can be brought as a part of the website’s name.Let me tell you few examples and you might get an idea.
Take a look at my website and see how will you pronounce it? Techfishy.
Have you heard of the famous website called as scoop.it? It is spelled as scoop it and not as scoop.
Try to make the domain as a part of your website.Again .net domain can be used to make words like planet etc.

Finding an Acronym

Website names which has less than 5 letters can be easily remembered by everyone and you can find an acronym for your website to make this possible.For example NEWS is an acronym to North East West South and TLC is an acronym for Tables Chairs and Ladders.There are numerous acronyms that you can generate for you website.
If you have a website related to softwares or any other program related stuffs then you can name the website as WYSIWYG which means “What You See Is What You Get“.I knew it’s not easy to remember this name and it’s just and example.

Naming Websites Innovatively

There are plenty of innovative names that we use every day like Facebook, twitter, techfishy(huh),etc.
Try to name something innovative and that will become popular even if there is no reason to be so.There’s a way to name your websites related to your regions.For example there are Indian movie’s review website called Indiaglitz and America’s famous website called naughtyamerica(hehe) .
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