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How To Add Creative Commons Licence To A Website Or Blog.

When you create a Website or a Blog,you allow people to find your site on the internet. But the people visiting your blog cannot download the content,resuse images or copy documents which you publish. Creative Commons Licence is a solution for this problem. By this, people can reuse and redistribute your content.
This article will help you how to share your work world wide.

How to Select and Display a License?

1. Select a Create commons License that best fits your needs.
2. Add the Creative Commons License and a copyright notice in the bottom of each page on your site.

You can download License Logos Here. 

Adding a Creative Commons License to a Website

Example: Logo and Description:
This is an example where content on the site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Copyright <enter date> <enter your name or name of your organization>.


3.Third Party Content On Your Site:

Third party content may include any image,text or content which was produced by someone else. For websites that contain large number of images from multiple sources like Google, it may be helpful to follow the process for organizing and analyzing the images. By doing this you can view all images on your desktop than following the links.

4. Create a Details and Exceptions page.

This step is necessary if you have determined that third party content is used on your site. You are free to list any exceptions that make sense for your site. Here is an example exceptions list that is currently in use by the MLibrary:

“Some material on the MLibrary website is not being made available under the terms of this license. These are:
Third-Party material that is being used under fair use or with permission (such as third-party databases).
Staff member profile photographs.
Any photographs where students, staff, or faculty at the University of Michigan are easily identifiable.” CC: BY MLibrary
Include a link to your Details and Exceptions page along with your license information. For example:

“Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Copyright <enter date> <enter your name or name of your organization> Details and Exceptions


5. Now your site is open for people:

The original content on your website is now openly licensed and ready for others to freely share, adapt, and reuse. But wait, there is more you can do! Reference our attribution examples to see how to properly credit the third party content on your site.

Stay tuned to TechFishy for more updates.

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affiliate marketing social media

How to Use of Social Networking Sites to Sell your Affiliate Products

If you are an affiliate marketing guy/gril then you must be aware of “how big” the market is, and also you must be knowing the competition you are facing to sell your products online. Social networking sites are the one big place where either a group or community of people engage often.  The one main strategy in affiliate marketing is “Sell what people need” and if you are following this quote then you must be already near to the success. I accept that there are many strategies that will work out for selling your affiliate products online but one such easy way to do is by using social networking.

Which social Network Works Well For Selling Affiliate Products ?

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook

Twitter is the best place to start your affiliate marketing strategy because you can reach out any user of twitter directly even if they are a celebrity. The main concept involved in selling your product in twitter is by answering the people’s question. There are millions of people who are willing to buy products online but still confused on how to start. If you can help them out you can easily make cash out with your affiliate network.

How to Sell Affiliate Products on Twitter ?

  1. Find a good product which you are going to sell , For example let me take the branded product “iPhone cases“.
  2. Get the affiliate link of the product which you want to sell. I’m using Flipkart affiliate as an example.flipkart affiliate on twitter
  3. Go to twitter and here’s where the trick lies. Can you see the search bar at the top ? Go ahead and search for “Where can I buy Iphone Cases?“.
    affiliate product sale from twitter
  4. You will see a bunch of people who are really asking this question on the their tweets. Now you have to just reply to their message with your affiliate link.
    sell affiliate products online

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Tips To Choose Your Affiliate Product :

If you think a product is not working then go with different product that could work for you. If you don’t have any idea of selling a product then you can search in twitter as “Where can I buy?” and you will see result where people asking for different types of products. All you have to do is get the product’s affiliate link from your network and reply to those people.

selling affiliate products on twitter

If you find irrelevant results then just ignore them and try with a new phrase by using words such as “Where can i“, “How shall i“, “how to purchase” etc…

You can also use the twitter’s advanced search feature for filtering the people or adding more words to your search phrase. You can find twitter’s advanced search here : Twitter’s Advanced Search.

Here’s one such example on how to search using advanced twitter search and you can use your general knowledge and apply some techniques to maximize the filter result on twitter.

how to search advanced in twitter


If you are tired of twitter then you can try Facebook which is also one of the best place to promote or sell your affiliate products to the people. If your’e planning to sell some huge products then Facebook is the best place but it is not that easy as it sounds.

How to Sell Affiliate Products Online using Facebook ?

Selling an affiliate product in Facebook need’s some technique and if you are only good at using graph search of Facebook then this will be a piece of cake for you.

For example if I’m planning to sell an online book for affiliate commission , say “A hacking book” from the affiliate network Flipkart then I usually follow the below steps :

  1. Grab the Affiliate link form the Flipkart store and then save it in a notepad.
  2. Go to the Facebook graph search and type in “People who like Hacking Tips and Tricks and are my friends“. Here “Hacking tips and tricks” is a page name and I used that page name because it is easy to sell products to people who are already liking hacking related stuffs. Next I want to target my friend and so i gave the query “And are my friends“. This will bring up the list of people to whom you have 50% of chances of selling those books.
    sell affiliate products online facebook
  3. You can use various queries like this on Facebook and also filter the results from the right side given option.
    filter option on facebook
  4. Say for example I want to sell a wedding ring then I would prefer to filter their relationship status to “Engaged”  or “Dating” which can give you accurate results to whom you can sell the products by convincing them.
  5. If you are planning to sell huge amount of Affiliate products like say “Batman costume” then I would advice you to go with Facebook paid promotion. In paid promotion you can filter your post reach to only those people who like “Batman” or whatever filters you like.

Trick to Find Admin URL of Any WordPress Website

WordPress is the major platform which bloggers use and also it is known for its vulnerabilities & bugs. There are are many security issues still persist in WordPress which has to be fixed before any one could use it for illegal purpose. One such issue is finding the admin URL of the WordPress dashboard. To provide security to the WordPress website every admin would have changed the admin URL path so that no one can access it without knowing the actual path. But still there is a small bug using which you can find the admin URL path that is kept secret to the people in the web.

When a site’s admin panel login URL is changed it would redirect you to the 404 error page when you try to access the default Admin path that is ““. If a person is able to identify this login path then it would become easy for him to get access to the site. I would recommend you to have a strong password so that it could not be easily cracked. Thanks to Karan Vyas for bringing this bug into my concern.

I personally recommend you to use hostgator hosting with hostgator maximum discount in 2014 from here.

Trick to Find the Admin URL path of a WordPress Site

Note : I do not recommend you to use this trick for a bad purpose and this is only to educate you, I do not encourage you to try this method to harm any site and I’m not responsible for your actions by any chance.

1. Write down the WordPress website for which you want to find the admin path. Let’s take the site “Shoutmeloud” for example.

2. When you try the default path then it would redirect you to the default page mostly.

3. When the login PHP file is called using its full name then the admin panel does opens.

4.  Now try and see the magic. (This works for any wordpress sites)

find admin path any wordpress website

One more thing is that when you get the login panel of any website using this trick try to enter some random username and password so that you will find their exact changed  admin path of their website. In the below example “Labnol” website’s Admin URL has been found like the screenshot shown below.

admin path any wordpress website

I would recommend you to secure your WordPress password in order to stay away from the people who are trying to screw up your WordPress website. Maintain a strong password by adding numbers, capital letters and special characters to your password.

To prevent this vulnerability completely then you need to prevent people form getting access from your .htaccess file.

Future Google Page Rank Calculator Tool Online

Recently I have started a simple project on calculating the Google page rank based on few factors and finally made an algorithm that can calculate what will be your Google page rank in the future. When I was trying for few online already existing tools which can do the same task i found that they lack some information somewhere. Finally me and my team decided to make this tool as soon as possible and it has been already done. If you’re not aware of what is Google page rank then you can do a quick Google search to find it out. Continue reading

Html Encoder online

Best Online HTML Editor and Encoder for Web Developers & Bloggers

These days web development and web designing are trending among the youngsters who are coming out of their engineering and considering that we planned to make an useful online tool for them. As a result we ended up making a good HTML editor  which will be very useful for the programmers & website developers and also a HTML Encoder which is a must needed tool for every bloggers. I will be telling you how to use those tools for your website or your blog.Even though there are many good website builders such as the 1 and 1 website builder we are also trying to help the website developers from our side.  Continue reading

high quality backlinks

How to Get High Quality PR Do-Follow Backlinks using Automated Tools

Getting a do-follow link from a high Page Rank website has become very difficult since many people have stopped accepting guest posts on their websites. This is because Google had severely penalized many websites earlier which were posting numerous guest posts only for building links (how greedy!). Considering this is mind we have recently we have rolled out a tool on Alltechbuzz to help all the bloggers to build high quality backlinks.As many were not aware of using it , I will give a small tutorial on how to use the link building tool safely without getting penalized by Google. Continue reading

Auto Text Alert When your Site is Down for Free – Website Monitoring Service

If you own a website then you might be affording for several service in order to monitor your websites either for free or by paying to the service. Monitoring your site is very important for website administrators because when a website is down they could lose traffic and money by the time the site is down. To avoid it , Here I’m going to show you a way to get auto alert text messages to your mobile phones when the site is down and when the site is up again.

Get Automatic Alert on Mobile When your Website is Down

Your website could get down because of several reasons such as temporary maintenance issue, unpaid billings for hosting ,Server down or unable to handle the traffic etc.

Steps To Receive Auto Alerts on Mobile Phone

1.Go to this website (This is a Labnol Script) and click on “Yes, Make a Copy“.
2.Change the website URL to your website address and change the email address to your own email address.
3.If you want to receive text notifications then replace the no with yes.
4.Click on “Website monitor” and select “Initialize” and wait for a moment.
5.Finally click on “Website monitor” and select “Start” , You’re done.
What we had done is that we have used the Google docs to send automatic messages to you when the site is down and up. It has scripts which can check your website for every 5 minutes whether the website is down or up and sends you notification text if the website is down.

Trick to Get Adsense Account Approved in JUST 1 HOUR using Youtube for Bloggers

Guys sorry for the delay, I knew getting Adsense approved using Youtube for a blog is really an old trick but i was not finding time to write about it.Now, I will reveal the method for getting quick approval of Adsense for hosted accounts within a hour.Since both of our time are precious i’m assuming that you are already aware of  Adsense and so i’m skipping the introduction for Adsense.

adsense approval in 1 hour

Trick to Get Adsense Account Approved in JUST 1 HOUR using Youtube for Bloggers

Step 1 : Create a Gmail Account

If you already have an Gmail account either you can use it or create a new Gmail account. But, both works good for this trick.

Step 2 : Monetize Your Youtube 

1. Simply head to this link : and click on that big blue button which says “Enable My Account“.

adsense approved through youtube
2. When a popup dialog box appears asking you to agree to their terms and conditions, just tick on all the checkboxes and click on “I accept“.

approve adsense account bloggers
3. On the next popup dialogue box leave the checkboxes as it is and click on “Monetize“.

get adsense approval trick
4. Now upload a video on Youtube from your Youtube account which is somewhat unique. Do not download a video from Youtube itself and upload it back because Youtube will ban that sort of videos.
5. So far, so good.Once again go to the Youtube link : and select “How will i be paid” and then click on “Associate an Adsense account“.
trick for adsense account approve

6. On the next page tick the check box and click on the “Continue” button.

7. On the next page fill in your details carefully and finally click on the “Submit” button.The address you enter in this page will be the address where Google delivers your cheque.

Now What’s the Next Step ? 

Wait for a while and you will receive an E-mail from Google stating that “Your Adsense account has been approved successfully“.

NOTE : To associate Google blogger with Adsense just log-in to your blogger account and  switch to the “Earnings” tab. Click on apply for Adsense and you can view your profile using this link :

On your Adsense account did you notice something on the top ? The account that we have got approved is an “Hosted Account” which simply means that we can host our Google Ads only on websites such as Youtube, Blogger and Hubpages. If you are willing to host it on a specific domain then you have to apply for it in the below fashion.

Usual Method to Get Approved :

1. Log-in to your Adsense account and click on  “Account Settings“.
2. Scroll down till you find “Access and authorization“. Click on the edit button next to “Only hosted sites are allowed to show ads for your account“.
3. Type in your website URL where it says “Show ads on other websites“.
4. Now display the ads on your website. To do so go to the “My ads” tab and create a new ad unit. Generate and copy the ad script and paste it on your website.
5. If you are rejected by Adsense then do not worry, Check out this article to get approved for Adsense by fulfilling what they want.

Trick to Use Hosted Adsense Accounts on Self-Hosted Domains

The trick i’m going to share here is a good one to use your hosted adsense accounts on any website you want. Follow the simple steps below : 
  1. Go to Google’s “Double Click for Publishers” from this link : Google/dfp.
  2. Login with your Google account.Select your language and click on “Save and continue” on the page that appears as soon as you log in.
    Adsense account on self hosted domain
  3. See if your time zone and currency are set properly and click “Accept terms” on the next page.
    Adsense trick for hosted account
  4. Now, If you are willing to receive notifications from Google, then click on “Yes” else select “No, thanks” and that should take you to their next page.
    Google hosted adsense on self hosted domains
  5. Move to the tab “Inventory” and click on “New ad unit“. Create an ad with your desired size and give it a name , Leave the remaining fields as default.
    Adsense hosted trick for approval
  6. Once you have saved the ad, click on the “Generate tags” button to get the codes.
    trick for adsense hosted to normal account
  7. Now this looks different to your normal Adsense ad creation because you are provided with two codes here.One is for the template header and the other is for the document body. Copy the header code from the selected ad code.
    Ways to convert adsense hosted account
  8. Now open your blog’s template and paste the header code inside the head tag. For example : In blogger navigate to “Template” => “Edit template” and paste the header code between the & tags. Finally click on the “Save template” to make you changes saved.
    Upgrade adsense hosted account free
  9. Next step is to copy the “Document body” and paste it on your post or widget to display the ad at the appropriate places. In wordpress you can  insert it using “text widget” and for bloggers you can insert it using “HTML/Javascript widget“.
    method to host self hosted adsense ads
  10. That’s it now you have to wait for some time so that the ad will be visible on your website like a charm.

Note : Even if you have associated your Adsense with your blogger earlier and if in case you have purchased a domain name for your blogger , Then you need to get approval for your domain name using the method above.

I hope this trick will be very helpful for you to make your  first income through your website.If you feel the same just share this post with your friends.

5 Interesting Ways to Name your Website

Finding a suitable name for your website might sound like a tedious task because you are aware that the name that is going to be purchased now is how someone is going to call your website in the future.If you are looking for a name that could best fit for your website then trust me in that case you will be unlucky because you have to compromise your mind each and every time when the website you think was already been taken by someone else.Do not worry let me introduce you the 5 interesting ways for naming your website that will satisfy your wishes.

interesting ways to name websites

How to Choose your Website’s Name

The first consideration must be on your website’s domain.If your website is based on a regional product then regional domain will be great for you.If your website wants to be famed all over the world then .com , .org , .net domains are a good choice.If you are a blogger and working on any particular micro-niche then see to that your niche keyword must be included in your website’s name.

5 Ways of Finding an Interesting Name for your Website

According to the recent hummingbird algorithm of Google,if your website has an Exact match domain with low or poor quality contents then you website is more likely to be penalized sooner.So we shall find a way to name the website with the niche on the website.

Adding your Name to the Website

People also call this method of naming as personal branding.When you have a website and willing to promote yourself along with your website then it is a good idea to append your name to the website.
There are few familiar websites which does personal branding and one such website that i would love to share here is which is a hacking related website.

Adding Numbers to the website

How many of you reading this article have a lucky number?Yes, everyone has at least one lucky number.There are several ways to add numbers to a website and it all depends on you.If you have a NEWS domain then 24×7 can be added.
There is a familiar website called which receives 50 Million visitors per day.Sounds interesting?

Domain as a Part of Name

If you aren’t much focused on domain names then you have an option of selecting your favorite domain name.Even domain names can be brought as a part of the website’s name.Let me tell you few examples and you might get an idea.
Take a look at my website and see how will you pronounce it? Techfishy.
Have you heard of the famous website called as It is spelled as scoop it and not as scoop.
Try to make the domain as a part of your website.Again .net domain can be used to make words like planet etc.

Finding an Acronym

Website names which has less than 5 letters can be easily remembered by everyone and you can find an acronym for your website to make this possible.For example NEWS is an acronym to North East West South and TLC is an acronym for Tables Chairs and Ladders.There are numerous acronyms that you can generate for you website.
If you have a website related to softwares or any other program related stuffs then you can name the website as WYSIWYG which means “What You See Is What You Get“.I knew it’s not easy to remember this name and it’s just and example.

Naming Websites Innovatively

There are plenty of innovative names that we use every day like Facebook, twitter, techfishy(huh),etc.
Try to name something innovative and that will become popular even if there is no reason to be so.There’s a way to name your websites related to your regions.For example there are Indian movie’s review website called Indiaglitz and America’s famous website called naughtyamerica(hehe) .
That’s it for today and if you like this post then share it.

10 Reasons to Increase your Website’s Speed

If you own a website then you must know the following 10 reasons why you must increase your website’s speed.I will list the reasons here and also will reveal you few tricks that will help you to improve your website’s speed to a great extent.

increase your websites speed

10 Reasons to Increase your Website’s Speed.

There are plenty of reasons that you might want to know about the facts that is going to affect you website but let me list out the important 10 reasons alone here.

1.When a reader is going to visit your website for the first time and if your website is taking much time to load then you are creating a bad impression at the first sight.

2.Slowness creates a bad impression on your website and people are surely not going to subscribe for your website.

3.Even if you website is listed on the first page of Google, when a reader clicks on it and if your site is too slow then they will close your website and move away.

4.You are creating an opportunity to your competitor’s website yourself by ignoring to take care of your website’s speed.

5.Website with slow loading time tends to rank poor on Google and thus you are not going to get much support and traffic from search engines.

6.Readers are going to hate your website if it’s too slow to open up and that leads to a poor reputation of your website.

7.You lose returning visitors to your page as no one would like to visit your slow website for the second time.

8.When your visitors are leaving your website without moving on to other posts then it increases your website’s bounce rate.

9.You get bad comments from your readers on your website for having a slow loading website.

10.Your website will not generate you a profitable income if it lacks in speed.

How to Improve your Website’s Speed

There are few tricks that i used to follow on my website to increase website speed and let me share those tips to you as well.Before getting into these tricks do know about your websites speed using Pingdom.

Making CSS as an External File

CSS refers to Cascading Style Sheet and these are very essential scripts for the websites visualization.If you have plenty of CSS codes on your website then your website will take more time to load.By making these CSS as external you can considerably bring down the size of your website and naturally your website’s speed will get increased.

To make a CSS codes as exernal follow the procedure below as i mentioned.

Before you make any changes to your website it is always good to take a backup of your website.Now to make the CSS file as an external one you can cut the entire CSS code between

.  We are going to call this file externally and so you need a hosting service to host your CSS file.Google provides Google drive which allows you to host your files for free of cost.

Open a notepad in your computer and paste the code that you have copied earlier.Now save the notepad file as something.css

Login to your Google drive and upload the CSS file to your account.Click on the uploaded link and make it as “Public” by changing the sharing settings.

Copy everything between the and /edit?usp=sharing.This is your unique ID which specifies the destination of your CSS file.Note down the unique key which we will be using it in the next step.

Now we need to call this file from where we have cut the code.To call a CSS file you need to use the below code.

You can directly call your CSS file from Google drive by typing the href path as “

Replace your unique id in the above code with your code that you have copied in the previous step.Now your link must look something like the below image.

Reducing the Image Size

If your header image occupies a large space then it is better to avoid that image or reduce the quality a bit to minimize the size of the image occupies in your website.Whenever some one is visiting to your website header image is the first loaded content and if the size is more than 2 or 3 MB it would eat their data usage as well as takes more time to load.So reducing the siz can be helpful and to reduce the size without losing quality you can try website which is a product of yahoo.

If you are a blogger and have a habit of uploading large sized images and then changing the size of the image inside the article , well then you are doing it wrong.Never do it because whenever the webpage is loaded it loads the entire image along with the webpage and only then the image gets re-sized to the position that was set by you.It does affects the webpage’s speed and i would suggest you to upload the image with the proper size inside every article.

Making Javascript codes as external

Javascript and Jquery are very important for a website to make actions on the webpages.If your website is dumped with javascript then your website will become very slow like a tortoise.To overcome this issue you need to call the java files externally so that they don’t affect the page’s speed.It is similar to the one we have done to the CSS files.
Always remember to add the javascript either between the tags or after the tag and do not place it else where.To make the javascript as an external one upload the script on the google drive.Make the file as shared “Publicly” and copy your unique ID.
To call an javascript externally you can use