Explore Mars with this Billion-Pixel View

Ever wondered how the red planet might look to you in a close up view? Then allow me to introduce this wonderful website which i came to know about few moments ago that let’s you to view Mars in both panoramic and cylindrical view .

explore mars images photos

Thanks to NASA for providing this website. The images you would view on the website was captured by curiosity mars rover. Zoom into the image and explore every single details of the 4th planet in our solar system.

Some of the screenshots that i would like to show you:

Scale Rock

explore mars with billion pixel view
Stone Bird
view of mars billion pixel
Laser Shots

curiosity mars rover images

There are much more photos to be explored and try with the panoramic view to get the best out of it.The website also provides videos,images and other information about Mars.If you aren’t fully satisfied then you can use Google Mars.

Explore Mars with Google Mars 

Google updates the images of Mars for every one hour and you have got a chance of viewing the latest photos of Mars.Similar to NASA’s showcase Google let’s you to view images in panoramic mode with a 3D projection.

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There are plenty of things that could be done with Google Mars and the video below will explain that to you.

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