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We provide all kinds of Facebook tips and tricks like increasing Facebook fan pages likes, recovering your website from Facebook spam, Inviting all friends on Facebook to your page, Auto Happy birthday wishes app, Bloack game request on FB etc.

how to increase fb page fan likes

How to Increase Facebook Fan Page Likes and Views

The below method i am going to share with you will not only tell how to increase your facebook Fanpage likes But also Increase your Twitter , GooglePlus , StumbleUpon , YouTube and MySpace Followers.Remember the below procedure is legal to increase the facebook fan page likes and so i would recommend this method .You cannot increase your facebook fan page likes over a night  Using this method But i assure you would get around 200 likes a day if you spend few minutes per day.

I have given two methods That can double your likes and shares.Follow both the method .

Note : This article has been updated thrice. So continue till the end to see the latest updates and methods.

METHOD 1  to Increase Facebook FanPage Likes

(update : facebook likes and shares are disabled now in youlikehits try the next method.)
Follow the simple procedures to increase your facebook fan page likes :
  1. Go to this Website
  2. Sign up an account there and login.
  3. Once you login , you can see something like this :
  4. Now go to your homepage and click get 50 points like shown above
           You can get this 50 points for every24 hour.
           NOTE: The first time you login you need to wait for a day to get this points.
Update:Now they provide points only if you like 5 facebook pages of other people !
  5. Then go to Facebook settings like shown below :
 6. Login with your facebook profile first , then add your facebook fan page Link.
 7. In YoulikeHits go to your facebook account settings and set up the points you would like to give when someone likes you page as shown below :
     8.The more the points you give away , the more preferences will be given to your page.I would recommend to set 4 points which can get a reasonable number of likes per day.
     9.You can also earn points by liking other people pages in facebook in YouLikeHits.
The Above procedure mentioned is same for all other websites like Twitter , GooglePlus , StumbleUpon , YouTube and MySpace .

Use the below method also and get your likes and shares doubled.

METHOD 2 to Increase FB Fan Page Like

How to increase facebook fan page likes :
  1. Go to this website 
  2. Sign up an account there and login.
  3. Once you login , you can see something like this :
    4.Now go to your homepage and click get 100 points like shown above
           You can get this 100 points for every24 hour.
           NOTE: The first time you login you need to wait for a day to get this points.
    5.You can add your facebook or anyother page by clicking the link mentioned above in the picture.
    6.Set points to your page like this :
   7.The more the points you give away , the more preferences will be given to your page.I would recommend to set 8 points which can get a reasonable number of likes per day.
   8.You can also earn points by liking other people pages in facebook in ADDMEFAST.
The Above procedure mentioned is same for all other websites like Twitter , GooglePlus , StumbleUpon , YouTube and MySpace .

Updated 2013 : How to Improve Facebook Fan Pages Likes 

As i am still receiving a lot of traffic to this post i’m going to explain you few more genuine ways to increase Facebook fan page likes.
  1. Create a Facebook like box widget and share it on your website.For creating those widgets you can refer good websites like “mybloggertricks”.That website has lot of attractive like boxes and choose the best one that fits your blog.Adjust the colors so that it merges with your blog and doesn’t look odd.
  2. Recommend people to like your facebook page at the very end of every article so that when a person likes your post will surely like the page for getting more updates on his facebook notification.
  3. Force people to like your Facebook page.This can be done by displaying only the like box when someone visits your blog.Only after liking the page he/she can enter the page.This makes the page annoying but works good sometimes.
  4. Create download links for your products and allow people to download the product only if they like your Facebook fan page.
  5. Increasing your likes in FB page can be made simpler by sharing your fanpage URL in your other facebook pages which has lots of visitors.You can link all of your pages in Facebook

Updated 2014 : Improving FB page Likes After the Algorithm Change

As everyone knew that FB also has algorithm based on Google to show up posts on news-feed, their recent update was in such a way to provide quality posts only on the news feed for the users. That is a good thought but on the other side for people who were sharing their pages on other pages for Likes were totally depressed about this algorithm change. There are few ways to tackle this situation :

1.Go to a page with high number of likes and search for a post which has a comment with more than 100+ likes. Now you can reply that comment with your FB page link and get likes easily from it.(yes, It works!)

2.Keep a eye-catchy profile picture and timeline picture for the page.(works 100% everytime).

3.Try to share fun articles on your page because when people see entertainment, jokes or funny images the chances of likes and share are more and so it would reach to more number of people.

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Why Facebook Marked your Website as Spam ? Here’s the Solution

The number of users in Facebook is now more than 1.2 Billion and is still growing , It is very difficult for a company to manage as many users. So Facebook is keeping updating their security system to prevent illegal actions happening in Facebook. As we already know that Facebook’s main server explores more than the size of 3 Football grounds combined together. Facebook started to roll out several updates starting from the page algorithm update, Javascript disabling, Anti-spamming feature and much more.

One such update is the website URL spam prevention which is very common nowadays with the users. But even many innocent website’s gets affected too because of this update and if you think your website is legitimate and still getting the blacklisted by Facebook then this article will be very helpful for you to beat around the bush. When Facebook’s algorithm finds that a website is a spam then it will start to display Captcha for that website when someone is sharing that particular link.

Why your Website is Considered as Spam by Facebook ?

Facebook spams a site for many reason and the most common reasons for a website to get blacklisted as a spam by FB are given below.

1. You are sharing too many links of your site on Facebook groups and Pages.

2. The site your shared contains adult contents which made Facebook users to report the site.

3. You share the same link repeatedly again and again and there are no other shares happening for that link.

4. You are scheduling the same post in more than 5 different pages and groups to be shared at the same time.

5. A bunch of people had marked your site for performing scam activities.

Facebook’s TOS that should be Noted before sharing a website link on your wall or page or a group.

1. You are not supposed to share a website link that downloads something when clicked on it.

2. Websites which has pop-ups directly on their landing page should not be shared on FB.

3. Bad reputation on WEB OF TRUST. ( So what’s that WOT means ? Discussed below at the end)

Additional Tips : How to Find Fake Profile in Facebook.

What to Do When Facebook Marks your Website as Spam ?

There are certain measures which you must need to take care when you find that Facebook is marking your site as spam.

First of all check whether you are doing some fishy things against the Facebook’s TOS. If you’re not practicing any of the blacklisted method then you can follow the steps below :

1. Go to the link here where you can claim to Facebook that your website is a genuine one and has been mistakenly considered as a spam. Once you click on the link you will have to fill the “Website URL” which is being considered as spam by Facebook. Select the option to which exactly the link you are sharing leads to. Enter an brief description for why you are thinking that the link you share might have been considered as a spam by FB and give them the reason why it’s actually not.

share spam link on facebook

2. Facebook has a tie up with the third party extension called as “Web Of Trust“. When someone finds your website as a poor quality and if they have installed this extension on their system then they will mark your site’s quality as poor. When this is repeated by several users worldwide then Facebook spam team comes into action while you are sharing your bad quality website. So what you have to do is ask your friends to Install the “WOT extension on their browser and ask them to support your website by rating your website in green.

sharing spam link on facebook

How to Share Website Link Even-though Facebook Considers it as Spam ?

If you find that your website is not against the TOS and the link you are sharing are genuine then there must be something wrong with the Facebook’s side only.So tricking them would not be considered as wrong because they have a poor algorithm to detect whether a website is spam or not.

Go to the URL shortening website such as and hide you website’s link behind the shortened link. In you can simple paste the URL you want to share on Facebook and click on the “Shorten” button.

why facebook spams your website

Now share the shortened link on Facebook and that must manipulate Facebook from considering it as a spam link. If you find that FB is blocking the shortening service then try using the other free URL shortening websites.

Trick to Invite All Friends on Facebook FanPage Automatically

Facebook doesn’t provides the users to invite all the friends at a time for their fanpage instead the users must be invited one by one. If you have thousands of friends and if you start a new Facebook fanpage then you might feel it a big trouble to invite everyone individually. So here I’m giving you a simple method using which you can invite all your friends for your Facebook page instantly without much effort.

Note : This trick works best with Google chrome browser and so I recommend you to go with Chrome instead of any other browsers.

How to Invite All your Facebook Friends on Fanpage Instantly

The steps are simple and you will get it working under 2 minutes even if you have a big count of Facebook friends. Carefully follow the below steps one by one. After the Facebook fanpage Name changing trick this is the next trick which is going to be very useful for all the FB admins.

1. Open your Facebook account and go to your fanpage profile from Google Chrome browser.

2. Click on the “See all” button next to the invite friends option.

3. Invite page will pop up showing a lost of your friends, now scroll till the last friend.

4. Auto invite all friends script is given below copy it.
var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’);
for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) {

5. Press F12 button from your keyboard and click on the “Console” tab.

5. Paste the code which you had copied in the previous step and hit enter.

6. Wait for a while until the script does it jobs by inviting everyone automatically one by one. If there is an error then go to “” and click on the check box and try again. If still the browser is not allowing you to execute the script then remove the URL from the browser and paste the below script.
javascript:var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }

7. When it gets completed you can check if all of your friends are invited by clicking on the “See All” button next to the invites tab.

This is a simple method using which you can invite all of your Facebook friends to all of your fanpages within seconds without much of the hectic process.

How to Auto Post Happy Birthday Wishes on Facebook Friend’s Wall

Facebook is the number one social network which is connecting millions of users worldwide and it is the best platform to share videos, pictures and messages with your friends securely. Facebook provides many features such as poke, message, write on wall etc and here you will learn how to wish birthday to your friends automatically by scheduling the wishes earlier onto their Facebook wall.

If you are interested then you can learn the other best Facebook tricks of 2014 such as deleting anyone’s profile on Facebook, finding fake profile on FB, Downloading videos of your Facebook friends etc.

How to Auto Post Birthday Wishes on Facebook Friend’s Wall

Go to the website BirthdayFB and click on “Connect with Facebook“. It would ask for permission and you click on “Allow” the app to access your profile so that it could post wishes on behalf of you.
Move to the “Write a Message” tab and you can write different messages for every friends and schedule it earlier and save it. There are few templates for wishes and you could use one of them to save your time if needed. Once it is saved your friends will automatically receive a wish on their wall from you and that’s all because of that cute app.
You can cancel a wish at any time by navigating to the “Scheduled Messages” and clicking on the “Remove message“.
This is a simple trick to wish your friend on their birthday even though if you forget their birthday. Stay updated for more posts related to Facebook tricks.

Get the New Facebook News Feed Update Now without Waiting

Facebook is working around its new update which is available through Facebook Feed (if lucky) . They are trying to bring down the extra elements which causes the page to look bulky.You would have noticed that the view on both the mobile phone and the computer is more or less similar.Go to the above link and scroll down to see the “Give it a try” button and click on it. Once you are done you might see that the text inside the button changes to “You’re on the List!”.

Also have a look at the other Facebook tricks that you might not be aware of.

new facebook news feed update without waiting

If you are lucky you might see the latest design live on your browser as soon as you click on that button.But i’m a kind of guy who wants to try out everything before it’s been released and so when i was searching for it guess what? I had found an amazing chrome extension that could replicate the entire latest feed news update of Facebook.

Getting the New Facebook News Feed Update with Chrome Extension

Get the chrome extension from the below link and add it to your browser.
After you install this extension refresh your Facebook page and you will see a start up screen that you might have to ignore it.
chrome extension for facebook news feed update

What’s new in the Update ?

Customized as in mobile view with the chat box placed on the bottom left.
fb update latest news feed download
Feeds which has photos are displayed like the way we used to see in the mobile phones.
latest news feed fb update grab it
I knew this extension wouldn’t give you full satisfaction but it’s worth to give it a shot.If you can’t resist yourself from getting it then download this immediately else you can wait in the queue till Facebook officially offers you their update. 

Build an Attractive Facebook Page

Facebook ranks first among the social networking sites with a total population of 1.11 Billion users. Facebook works hard in every aspect to keep it out of the crowd and this would be the main reason why Facebook stays top on the list.In this article i’ll let you know about building an attractive Facebook fan page for yourself.

facebook fan page

Build an Attractive Facebook Page

Facebook allows their users to create fan pages for free.If you are a regular user of Facebook then you might have come across several pages but not every pages attracts you.So in this tutorial let me briefly explain you how to create an attractive Facebook page so that a user would be convinced of liking your page.

Steps to Create a Facebook Page

First of all let us build a Facebook page ,then we will involve in the steps of making it attractive.I’m providing the minimal steps for building the page as i neither want to waste your time nor mine.
    1. Go to
    2. You will be provided an option of 6 categories out of which you will have to choose the relevant type of category that will suit to your page.The categories are
  • Local Business or Place
  • Company,Organization or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist,band or Public Figures
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community
  • Once you have decided the suitable category for your page,select it and give it a name.This name would be your page’s name so give it a sensible name.Remember the name is going to be your page name which is visible on the URL.
  • Click on the “I agree” check box and click on the “Get started” button.
    facebook fan page
  • Time to make it attractive.Now give a brief description about your page in a way that will please the visitor to like your Facebook page.For example in my case i had created a page for a writer and named the page as thiruvalluvar.So my descriptions must look something like “I’m one among the old writers who had written the epic book named “thirukkural” which preaches the moral of life,simplicity and truth throughout the book.“This kind of description does makes sense and attracts the visitor to like the page immediately.
  • Followed by the description fill in your website name and click on “Save info” button.
    facebook fan page
  • Selecting the profile picture is one of the important task you need to be careful with.Upload a perfect picture which loos eye-catchy.
  • The next step is to add your page to favorites.Just click on “Add to favorites” so that it will stay on your favorites tab.
  • Click on the “Skip” button on the next screen where it asks you to promote your page.
Your Facebook page has been successfully created and we are few steps away from making it more attractive.
Meanwhile you shall like your Facebook page.If you don’t then who will ? Now Facebook will request you to invite your friends but we will do this later as our page still looks plain and something has to be added to it.

Adding Attractive Cover Photo to your Facebook Page

Now it’s time to upload a attractive cover for your page.Adding a beautiful cover picture always attract the visitors.You can use Google for searching good cover images.Keep in mind that the width of the cover image must be 850px and the height must be 315px.You can also create innovative cover images by reading this article on faceboook tricks you might now know.
When you are done editing your Facebook page the output must look something very attractive like the below screenshots.

Thiruvalluvar Faceook Page Used for the Example.

facebook fan page

Techfishy’s Official Facebook Page .

facebook fan page
It’s always important for every Facebook page to have a good profile picture and cover picture as this shows your interest towards your page.When you just ignore to set images for your Facebook page then people might think that this page was created as a time pass stuff.
Having a beautiful content is equally important for a page to become popular.But if you are a kind of person who is willing to increase your Facebook’s fanpage likes over night then read this article on increasing Facebook fanpage shortcuts.


There are several reasons why a user must have an attractive Facebook fanpage and one main reason is that when you have a good facebook page with thousands of users connected with your website then, it will improve your website’s traffic and drive you a lot of quality readers.If you don’t have a website then you can start your free website now.

Top 5 Social Networking Sites in 2013

Here are the top 5 social networking sites in 2013 based on few researches made on many social networks based on the number of users,total revenue and many other factors.Many online surfers would have known what a social network means.Basically social network is a platform where people connect to each other from various countries and share their information with the others.Many social networking sites like Orkut,Tagged are almost extinct.

Top 7 Social Networking Sites in 2013

The below list of top 7 social networking sites has been ordered in the ranking order.


The very famous social network named Facebook tops the list which was created by Mark Zuckerberg in the year 2004.Ithas mentioned that only the people above 13 must register with them.It has more than 1.11 Billion users as of now with the Alexa rank as 1 and has around 4600 employees around the world who are working for the development of Facebook.Some noticeable features of Facebook are “like,share and poke”.


Google+ is the nearest competitor with Facebook and it holds the second position among the top social networking sites.Google+ was started during the year of 2011 by Larry page and Sergey brin and it has boomed the social networking industry within a year.Google+ has half a Billion users as of now which is nowhere near to the Facebook but with continuous development google+ might takeover that postion from them.Google+ has introduced hangouts as the latest feature which we used to have in yahoo messenger like chat rooms.


Twitter is a social networking site where the registered users can type a message of words in less than 240 characters which are called as tweets and it is the famous network which has lots of celebrities.Twitter was developed by Jack Dorsey and launched in the year 2006.More than 900+ employees are working for the growth of twitter.It has more than 400 Million users worldwide and hold the third position among the top social networking sites. 


LinkedIn is the social networking site for all professionals where people can register their work and education details on their profile and share them publicly.LinkedIn has around 225 Million users worldwide in more than 200 countries.Reid Hoffman is the founder of LinkedIn and the site was launched in the year 2013.LinkedIn holds the fourth position in the list which is a good competitor to twitter.


Instagram is a image-sharing,video-sharing and social networking site which has more than 110 million registered users.It was developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike kreiger during the year 2010 and then it was launched for android and iPhone recently.
Pinterest,Youtube and many other social networking sites are also active with millions of users over the internet but i felt the above are the top 5 social networking sites in 2013.

Block Game Request On Facebook

If you are landed on this page for blocking the game requests on facebook then you must be one of the victim of getting unwanted game and app requests on facebook.Comparing to the previous year facebook applications and games are being increased drastically in numbers and the users are put into a serious trouble of getting unwanted app or game requests continuously.To solve this problem i am writing a small tutorial on how to block game requests on facebook.I had also put up a video tutorial at the bottom of this post.

Steps to Block a Game Request on Facebook

  1. Login to your facebook account and click on settings at the top.
  2. From settings you must select “privacy settings”.
  3. Navigate to the “blocking” tab which you can find it on the left side of the page.
  4. If you are willing to block a specific person who keeps on sending you game requests then type his name in the “block invites from” and you will not get requests from that person in the future.
  5. If you are willing to block an application that is annoying you then type the name of the app in the block apps.
  6. You are done here.
If you have changed your mind to unblock these game requests then at any point of time you can unblock these game requests from the blocking settings menu.Also Read : 5 Latest Facebook Tricks You Might Not Know

List of Facebook tricks collections

Techfishy has already posted many tricks on facebook and this post is a collection of all the tricks we have seen so far.As we are in the ending of this year a quick recap would make you remember all the facebook tricks.

1.How to Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently :

Deactivating the facebook account is different from deleting the account.Once your account is deleted it cannot be re-activated again.To delete the facebook account permanently click on the below link and follow the simple procedure.

2.How to Increase Facebook Fan Page Likes :

Facebook is adding several new features for the page owners which can make you more popular on facebook and also can bring more traffic to your website.To know how to increase the facebook fanpage likes in a short period of time read here :

3.How to Delete Anyone’s Profile From Facebook :
Do not use this trick to avenge your friends and i am not responsible for your actions.
Facebook will delete an account which is reported as spam by more than 25 users.
All you need is a facebook page.If you don’t have one create a page and we are going to create an event in that page with the following details.
Event name : Stop facebook fake users
Details :(copy the link of the fake user)
            Step 1: Go to the above link and report block.
Where:(Choose a relevant place)
When:(Select a starting and ending)  
Now its time to invite your friends for this event.Invite from 20-30 people and your job is done.You could also offer them some price for this event.

4.How To Find Fake Facebook Profile :

The most difficult thing on facebook is accepting a friend request having a doubt whether it might be a fake one.It is easy to find a fake profile and to know more about it read here :

5.Download Facebook Videos : 

Downloading a video from youtube,metacafe and other sites are easy but in facebook it is not that easy.So to make it easier go to this website and paste the link of the video and click download.
6.Five Great Tricks On FB You Might Not Know : 

  1. Merge profile and timeline image
  2. Hide your friends list from everyone
  3. Download entire photo album
  4. Remove annoying ads from sidebar
  5. Use various fonts on status
See this post to know about these 5 great facebook tricks

7.Three Chat Smiley You Might Not Be Aware Of :

Type these symbols on your chat box to see the like,dislike and mid finger symbols.

  1. [[midfing]]
  2. (y)
  3. [[disliker]]

8.Emulate Google+ Circle On Facebook:

Similar to goolge+ where you add friends on the circle it is also possible with facebook to drag and drop your friends in the circle.Read the full post about it :

9.Forward Chat Messages Without ctrl+c and ctrl+v :
Facebook provides an option to forward the a single click.Select the messages to be forwarded and send it to any of your friends.
10.Disable the Seen Feature from FB chatbox :
Once you read a message that is received from your friend in facebook then they will be notified that you have read that message along with the time.To disable this feature follow the link :

How To Find Fake Profile In Facebook

Besides being a social network facebook is a serious threat for your personal information.More than 1000 fake profiles are being created each day and it is hard to find them too.It is very important to check a profile before you add them into your friends list.There are few things you may need to check in a profile to identify whether the profile is fake or not.

The Profile Picture :

  1. You have 50% of chances in finding whether a profile is fake or not by just checking their profile picture.
  2. A fake profile’s picture will mostly be a photo of a sexy or a hot girl.
  3. Check whether they have more than one picture of them as fake users will mostly have only one Picture in their profile.
  4. Fake users will not upload a picture posing with their friends.
  5. If you doubt you have already seen the image somewhere else then check if the picture is in someother profile by just just Dragging their profile picture into the search bar of google and google finds you the exact match of the image with their details.
Image search Looks like this
The Profile Information :

  1. Firstly fake users wont have any information on their profile , it would be empty.
  2. Check the date of birth as it will be mostly like “1/1/91” as fake users are lazy to think and type them.
  3. Fake users will have irrelevant schools and location.
  4. Most of the girls(good girls) on facebook won’t have their phone number visible in their profile information and if you see the number on their profile then there is a chance of it to be a fake profile.
  5. Check their likes and community.
  6. Fake users won’t have proper mail id.
  7. Fake users won’t have time to play games on facebook so they wont have any game applications on their profile.
 The Friends List: 

  1. Fake profiles will have more friends in their opposite gender and those friends will have no relation between the other friends in their profile.
  2. Check the date the profile was created and jf the profile has to many friends in a short span then it is more likely to be a fake profile.
    Note The Activity :

    1. Fake users will accept bulk requests on a single day.
    2. Check the news feed of the profile as fake profile users won’t post or update anything instead they keep on adding friends to their list.
    3. If the profile has many links shared whit catchy words those may lead you to a phishing page,so be aware of clicking on any suspicious links.
    Conclusion : 

    If you get a request from an unknown profile then think twice before adding them to your profile.So unless you are sure about a person do not add them.