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how to disable the " seen " feature in facebook chat

How to disable the "seen" feature 
in facebook chat :

Since the release of google plus , facebook had started to add plenty of new features for their social networkers which includes timeline,app store etc.Few days back facebook has added a new feature in their facebook chats which notifies the person when their friends have read their message.This is really annoying isnt it ?Let us see how to disable facebook from Displaying the “Seen” message from chat box.
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How is facebook really capable of 
doing this ?

There is an AJAX script that is running behind the browser whenever you open facebook.It can read the time you have read the message and intimates the person with whom  you are chatting.So the only way to stop facebook from reading the time is by blocking that php script.

For firefox users :

  • Download the BlockSite plus plugin from here : Firefox Addons
  • Then go to tools > options > extensions.
  • Click the options button in Blocksite plus and paste in below URL and select quick add.

block facebook chat seen feature
  • Everytime you open your browser just add this and you are done.Now your friends will not know when you have read their message.

For chrome users :

For other browser users :

We have already discussed a post on how to block a website manually without the help of any software.
Check this post : block a website for beginners 
Paste this code : instead of in that post.

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5 latest facebook tricks you might not know 2012

5 Latest facebook tricks you might not know 2012:

1.Merge your profile and timeline picture :

2012 fb tricks

This is very simple facebook trick but powerful way to make your facebook profile attractive.Just go to this website :Facebookapp and select the one out of four effects available and see how your timeline image and profile picture gets merged.

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2.How to hide your friends list from everyone:

This Facebook trick is to hide your friends from your parents or friends or anyone.Facebook itself provides you an option to hide your friends list from anonymous users and even from your friends too.To do this go to your friends list and click the edit option at the top and select the option “only me”.

2012 fb tricks

3.How to Download Entire photo album from Facebook :

For firefox users download this add-on first : AlbumDownloaderforFacebook , it doest requires restart.Once you download it go to your album and right click on it and you should probably see a new option called “fluschipranie’s download”.Click that and select a base name for your photos and click okand this facebook trick works like a charm.

2012 fb tricks

4.Type With different fonts in chat:

This trick works not only in facebook but for all websites.To impress your friends and your dear ones try typing with different fonts ℓιкє тнιѕ , lเкє tђเร ,1!k3 7h!5  oɹ 1ıʞǝ ʇɥıs.Go to this website: NameFunk and type the text in the box.Copy the desired style and paste it in your facebook chat box.

5.Remove those annoying ads from facebook on Firefox :

Since facebook has become the place for advertisers to publish their ads in the large extent it has become a very irritating thing for the the users.To remove those ads , just download this greasemonkey script from here : AdCleaner. If you dont have greasemonkey you can get it from here : GreasemonkeyForFirefox.
This facebook trick works only for firefox.

2012 fb tricks

Thats it and if you have like these latest facebook tricks leave your comments below .

How to auto poke back friends in facebook

How to autopoke back friends in facebook

Sometimes it is irritating to keep on poking back the people who had poked you.
So here is a simple way for you to Autopoke them .Whenever someone has poked you, you will not get a message as ” you have been poked ” instead you will see as ” you have poked back “. 
So let us see how to autopoke back friends in facebook.

How to Autopoke back friends in firefox :

  • Install greasemonkey for firefox : Greasemonkey
  • Select add to firefox.Then press install.Now we have greasemonkey.
  • Then Click the install button on the top right from this page : Script
  • Again click the install button .
  • Thats it now whenever a friend pokes you, they will be autopoked !

    How to Autopoke back friends in google chrome :

    • Install the google chrome extension : Download 
     Once you install the scripts you see this :

     Tick the autopoke …thats it.

    Prevent your Facebook Profile from being listed in Search Engines Results

    Prevent your facebook from being listed in search engines

    Do you know that your facebook profile can be found using Google Search or any other search engine if you do not take appropriate measures. Look at my friend’s account being listed on Google Search

    You may think you are a VIP to be listed on the world’s most prominent search engine. But some do not think so. If you are worried about your privacy, here’s how to stop facebook sharing your profile info with the world.

    1. Click “Edit your settings” for the “Applications and Websites” section at the bottom of your main Privacy Settings page.
    2. Scroll down to “Public search” and click “Edit Settings”.
    3. Un-check the box next to “Enable public search”.
    Thats it. Now your profile will not be listed in Search Engines..

    Facebook circle like google+

    Facebook Circle like google+ 

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    Already many people have migrated from facebook to google+ and so surprisingly there are few apps are being developed by the engineers to make people to stay in facebook.

    Facebook circle app is used to organize your friend like the way you organize in google+.
    Just drag and drop the friends in their respective circle .

    • Go to CircleHack
    • Login with your facebook accont and allow the application to access your friends list
    It looks like the below image

    • Just drag in your friends to the required circle to add them 
    • Drag out your friends from the circle to remove them 

    How to View images like old facebook image viewer

    How to View images like old facebook image viewer

    Sick of seeing the new integrated image viewer ? Go for the Old one then.

    There is no way for completely replacing the new viewer with the old image viewer but there are tricks for avoid them .

    Follow the simple instructions below to view image like old facebook image viewer.

    • Trick 1
      Whenever you see a notification about an image open it by right click => open in a new tab
    • Trick 2
      If you had opened using the new viewer , just refresh the page using F5.
    • Trick 3
      When you open an image , note the url of that picture.
      It looks something like ”  “
      Just delete the “&theater” from the url and click enter .

    How to show only online friends in facebook

    How to show only online friends in facebook  .

    Are you tired of seeing the new facebook chat system which shows both online and offline users ?

    The latest annoying facebook system can be replaced with your old beautiful user friendly chat system.
    To get back the old facebook chat system follow the simple instructions below to show only online friends in facebook.( You may also like other facebook tricks )
    How to get back old facebook chat system to show only online friends in facebook for Google chrome : 

    • Click here to Download this simple extension for google chrome and install it.

    How to get back old facebook chat system to show only online friends in facebook for firefox : 

    1. If you have grease monkey installed already then goto the next step or else Download the Greasemonkey from here and restart the browser.
    2. Install this greasemonkey script by clicking here.

    This works perfect for a windows user.Now it must show only online friends in facebook.

    If you are a linux user then just drag this CODE to the bookmark bar .
    I hope not to explain where the bookmark bar is located because you are a linux user !
    Each time you log onto facebook under linux you need to click this code .

    Facebook status trick

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    This will really be a cool trick.Have you ever noticed when people update their status from mobile phones like iPhone , you see something like ” updated via iPhone “

    How cool your it would be if you too have similar kind of status like this ?
    It is possible in facebook to cheat your friends and even a smart fellow would not know that you are tricking him until he reads this post .

     You are about to make something like this

    So lets start.

    1. Login into your facebook account.
    2. Use any one of the links below :


    3.  Login and you will get something like this

        4.  Once you fill all the required details click send and see the magic !

    How to send colorful text in facebook chat trick

    How to send colorful text in facebook chat You may also like other facebook tips and tricks

    Cool to hear that , isnt it ?
    Well, now its easy to add a colorful sentence in your facebook chat and impress your friends.
    This is what you get finally

    Here is how it is done :
    Each code in the below table represent their particular alphabet .
    So,if i need to type ONE , i should copy and paste the three codings with giving a space between each code.

    example:[[116564658357124]] [[108634132504932]] [[115430438474268]]  .
    Which means ONE

    [[107015582669715]] = A [[108634132504932]] = N
    [[116067591741123]] = B [[116564658357124]] = O
    [[115602405121532]] = C [[111669128857397]] = P
    [[112542438763744]] = D [[107061805996548]] = Q
    [[115430438474268]] = E [[106699962703083]] = R
    [[109225112442557]] = F [[115927268419031]] = S
    [[111532845537326]] = G [[112669162092780]] = T
    [[111356865552629]] = H [[108983579135532]] = U
    [[109294689102123]] = I [[107023745999320]] = V
    [[126362660720793]] = J [[106678406038354]] = W
    [[116651741681944]] = K [[116740548336581]] = X
    [[115807951764667]] = L [[112416755444217]] = Y
    [[106596672714242]] = M [[165724910215]] = Z

    how to update flip text in facebook status

    Update facebook status like this : ǝןdɯɐxǝOne of the fancy way to upload debut singles your status is by using the flip text.

    Flip text usually looks somethings like this : ǝןdɯɐxǝ

    To create dating doms a text like this and update it to your profile follow the below steps :