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How To Recover Deleted Files from USB, Memory Card, Pen Drive

Have you ever been put into a situation of deleting your important files accidentally ?Not to worry because here we will discuss about the methods to recover your deleted files which were deleted by mistake or by a virus attack.Even the files which you have deleted using the “Shift+Del” command can be restored.Wonder how? Whenever you delete a file from your computer the file is not actually erased from your computer, instead your memory that has been occupied by the file is made free still keeping the file in that memory.So only when you add a new file in your system those old files will be replaced.So the chances of getting back the deleted file are 50-50.

recovering deleted data

No matter if it is your Pendrive, Hard disk or any other storage media , until those files are not replaced by a new one they can be restored completely.Okay time to show you how to recover those deleted files.

Recover Deleted Files from USB, Pen Drive, Memory Card :

You can use this Best Paid tool for recovering any kind of Images or photos from your Memory card which were deleted by mistake.

Here’s the link to get this tool.

What you can do with this tool :

  1. Recover accidentally removed files
  2. Undelete Files which were deleted by mistake
  3. Recover upto 200+ formats of files from the memory card or pendrive or hard disk
  4. Recover shift + deleted files

best card recovery tool

Steps to recover the deleted files from PC:

There are lots of methods to recover the deleted file but i would personally recommend this method because its worth your time.If you are only looking for a free software then download this one : Recuva other users follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Download this software named UnDeletePlus : Download UndeletePlus
  • After you have completed the process of installation open the software and have a look at its User-friendly interface.
  • Now quickly select the drive on which you have deleted your file and select the filter button at the top.You can search for any specific file or all at once.
  • There are lots of options under the setting menu like neglecting the files with zero size etc.Just go through it and select those settings that suits you.
  • Now click on the Start Scan button and wait for a while.All you need here is some patience.
  • Once the scanning process have been completed you can see the file in the window and a preview of the file will be displayed when you click on it.
  • Click on the recover file button and you will be asked for the license key.Register with them and get it or just surf the net you might get it for free somewhere.
  • Enter the license key and click on the continue button and you will be prompted to continue,Just click yes and you will get your file in the folder where you have specified.

Now you have successfully recovered the deleted file.If you have any other simpler methods to recover the deleted file post them in the comment section.

Play Playstation Games on Windows Computer in 2014

Hello gaming hotshots , Wanna play PlayStation games on your computer ? This is no big deal though. Lots of computer gamers have been using this method to play playstation games on your computer. But before that make sure your computer has got lots of ram and graphics. Here is what you should do :

There are three things required for playing PS games on PC:

1. PlayStation BIOS
2. PS Game Image file / DVD
3. PS Emulator.

How to play playstation games on computer

1. How to get PlayStation BIOS :

You need to get the PlayStation BIOS before you can start to play playstation games on your computer.Download the relevant PlayStation BIOS from torrent or any other file sharing sites.Store them in a folder.

2. Getting an Emulator:

Although there are lots of emulators available over the internet i would recommend using ePSXe/pSX for PS1 games and PCSX for PS2 games because they are the best one i used always to play playstation games on computer.You can download the emulators from the below links :

ePSXe :
pSX :

But thats not it. For the emulators to be working fine, you gotta get the plugins for them. PSX already comes preloaded with them. But PCSX2 does not. So download these plugins and place them in the appropriate folder .
Then place the appropriate BIOS files in the BIOS folder of the Emulator’s directory .

3. Emulation :

Now, start the emulator and configure the plugins to suit you better. Then Load/Run the game’s ISO file / CD-DVD. Thats it.Go Gamers.Dont worry if you get stuck in between , feel free to ask your doubts in the comment section.
Look here for playing nintendo and other video games on your computer : nintendo Emulator

For more posts like how to play playstation games on computer , keep visiting this site !

Best 5 Branded Laptops Under 30000 Rupees in India – 2014

Best selling laptops always comes from best sellers , that is an old quote because in 2014 there are plenty of good performing laptops that you can get for a very affordable price range for example you could get a budget gaming laptop under the price of INR 30,000. These laptops can be used by any person like students, multimedia professionals, DJ’s and music composers.

I always love HP laptops because they are too good to use providing a peak performance without any lagging nature and that’s the reason why it has topped the list of mine.

Best 5 Branded Laptops under 30000 in India

Tips : While purchasing it is recommended to purchase it online because you can get it more cheaper than what it would cost in a regular mobile store. Do not forget to view these laptops within the price range of 25000 in Feb 2014.

1. HP Pavilion G6-2302 AX – Rs.29,390

CPU AMD APU Dual Core A4, Dual Core , 2.5 Ghz 
Screen 15.6 inches
HDD 500 GB
OS Windows 8
Graphics 1.5 GB AMD Graphics Card
Battery Upto 3 hours

2.Lenovo Ideapad S405 Rs.28,999

CPU AMD APU Quad Core A8 , 1.6 Ghz 
Screen 15.6 inches
HDD 500 GB
OS Windows 8
Graphics 1 GB AMD Radeon 7600 HD Graphics Card
Battery Upto 3 hours

3.Samsung NP300E5X-U01IN – Rs.29,999

CPU Intel Core i3 2nd Gen , Dual Core 2.1 GHz 
Screen 15.6 inches
HDD 500 GB
Graphics 1 GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 620M
Battery Upto 3 hours

4.Asus X53TK – SX056D – Rs.26,999

CPU AMD APU Quad Core A6, 1.5 Ghz 
Screen 15.6 inches
HDD 320 GB
Graphics 1 GB AMD HD 7670M
Battery Upto 3 hours

5.Fujitsu Lifebook AH532 – Rs.29,999

CPU Intel Core i3 2nd Gen 2.3 GHz 
Screen 15.6 inches
HDD 750 GB
OS Windows 8
Graphics 1 NVIDIA GeForce GT 620M
Battery Upto 3 hours

Best 1TB External Portable Hard Disk Drive for Windows, Mac in 2014

There are thousand of budget laptops available in 2014 as there are numerous companies pulling their products into the computer field. What most of the cheap laptops or computers doesn’t provide you is enough space to store all your data onto it. If you find your computer or laptops lacks space to store your favorite musics, videos, software and games then you should go for a good external hard disk.

I ‘ve listed the best 5 external portable laptops available in this article and if you are trying to figure out the best among the hard drives then you are at the right place.

Best 1TB External Portable Hard Disk Drive

Gone are those old days where people use to get CD-RW, DVD-RW to Store their data, nowadays every computer user has an external hard disk that can be used as a separate storage device with more space compared to DVD’s.

Things to Note While Getting an External Portable Hard Disk

  1. Memory Size of the hard disk drive.
  2. USB version of the hard disk drive.
  3. Portability.
  4. Warranty for the hard disk.
Memory space for a hard disk depends on your requirement completely but i would suggest to go for a 1TB hard disk because in future you might even think that 1TB is not enough.
USB version can be more than 3.0 which is most common with all the latest hard disks.
The hard drive must be external as well as portable which is more important if you are about to carry it along with you anywhere you like.
Warranty depends completely upon the provider and the manufacturer, because nowadays the vigorous usage of the hard disk drive make it to go bad in very few years.

Best Budget External Hard Disks

The most familiar, reliable and the best brands of hard disks are Seagate and Western Digital. If you search in the internet for a while you will understand this , many people would have praised about their endurance strength and even i’m going to suggest you all the same brands of external portable hard disks.
Brand & Model : Seagate Backup Plus
Memory Space : 1TB
USB : 3.0.1
Price : ~Rs.4311
Brand & Model : WD My Passport
Memory Space : 1TB
USB : 3.0.1
Price : ~Rs.4869
Brand & Model : WD Elements 2.5 inch
Memory Space : 1TB
USB : 3.0
Price : ~Rs.5037
Brand & Model : Seagate Expansion Portable
Memory Space : 1TB
USB : 3.0.1
Price : ~Rs.4090
Brand & Model : Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 2.5 inch
Memory Space : 1TB
USB : 3.0.1
Price : ~Rs.8010
I would like to share a small tip that if you are about to purchase it online then get it from amazon during Friday and Monday because there would be special discounts on most of the products in amazon.

Download Movie Subtitles Automatically using VLC Media Player

How many movie fan’s out there who have a habit of watching movies other than your mother tongue? It’s not possible for everyone to understand each conversations in a movie which is of different language(You agree?). For that reason we have few online websites such as Subscenes & Opensubtitles to download your favorite movie’s subtitles . To make that process more simpler i’ve recently found a way to download movie subtitles automatically using VLC media player.I hope most of them use VLC for watching their favorite movies(correct me if i’m wrong).

download movie subtitles free in vlc automatically

How to Download Movie Subtitles Automatically within VLC Media Player

There is a piece of extension called as Vlsub which you can get from the website Github and the link provided below.
Download VLsub Extension

Step 1 : Download the extension from the above link and extract it using Winrar or with your favorite rar extracting tool. Also take a look at other best windows softwares that one must have.

Step 2 : Copy the vlsub.lua file and paste it in the extension folder of VLC. In windows operating system you can find the folder under  
Windows\ProgramFiles\VideoLan\VLC\Lua\Extensions\ .
: Create an new folder and paste the extension if the extension folder is not present.

Step 3 : Now open VLC media player and play your movie file. Right click on the interface and select View>VLsub and that should open up a new window.

Download movie subtitle automatically
Step 4 : Your movie title would have been already guessed by the extension and you can change the title in the text box if you need. You can search the subtitles using two different options.
  1. Search by Hash (Recommended) : Search the subtitles using this and you will end up in more precise results and the best part is most of them would sync automatically according to your video.
  2. Search By Name : This search would end up in showing several subtitles out of which you can select one and download it.
Download subtitles using VLC automatically

Step 5 : When your search is complete select the subtitle file and click on the download selection button.

There is no step 6 and once the subtitle has been downloaded it gets loaded automatically. If you are searching for a video show with episodes then you can specify the episode number along with the search title.

Bonus Stuffs for My Readers

You can manually load a subtitle in VLC by clicking “Video” => “Subtitles Track” => “Open File” from the Menu bar.

Having both the video file and the subtitle file (Extension : Srt) will automatically load your subtitle file while you are watching the video in VLC player.

If your subtitle is not synched properly then i have a small tip for you. Go to “Tools” => “Track Synchronization” and vary the values of the subtitle to sync it with the video and click on the refresh icon to see the effect. If you are more into video editing then you can have a look at 4 best video editing softwares.

Best Printers for Home Users.

Choosing the best printer is a very difficult task but when you know about the types of printers then you won’t say it as a difficult task.I have seen several people getting confused while selecting a printer particularly when it comes for home usage.Let me give a small introduction about the major printers that can be used in home and also in office.

printer laser inkjet

Types Of Printers 

There are several types of printers such as laser printer,ink-jet printer,dot-matrix printer…Every printer has it’s own advantages and disadvantages but we are not going to discuss about all the type of printers here.We will see about the two major printers, one is laser and the other  is ink-jet.
Laser printers are very costly but can be used to print high quality text and images.Laser printers can be costly but once you buy it,they are very cheap to run.
Ink-jet printers are cheap printers which can also produce high quality text and image outputs but the printer inks are very costly to buy.

Best Printers for Home Users

Before selecting the printer,you must know your usage of printer.If you are going to use it for a long run but not for a daily usage then ink-jet printers are good to buy.If you are going to print many number of text and images regularly then laser printers must be the best fit for you.
If you are a student then you might require options such as scanning.fax…For you people multifunction ink-jet printers can be purchased.Few users might just need a black and white colored image and text instead of multiple colored print outs,So first be sure of the type of printer you are about to buy and then read the below list for getting a cheap printer for your desired type.

Getting the Best Printer from Laser,Ink-jet

Based on the requirement i had listed below few branded printers and their prices ( Note: The price may differ according to your geographical area )

Laser Printers 

  1. Dell B3465dnf Multifunction Laser Printer
    Total cost : $1400 (Rs.81200 approximately) with LCD Display
  2. Dell B2360dn
    Total cost : $279 (Rs.16000 approximately) without LCD Display
If you are about to purchase the printer online then read 6 Best online shopping sites.

Ink-Jet Printers

  1. Canon Pixma MX922 Wireless Office All-In-One Printer
    Total cost : $129 (Rs.7400 approximately)
    5 ink colors can be used but cost per page is high.
  2. HP Officejet Pro 276dw MFP
    Total cost : $400 (Rs.20000 approxiamtely)
    4 ink colors can be used and cost per page is low.
If you are still confused about getting the best printer for your home use then leave us the requirement below in the comment section and we will try to find a suitable printer for you.

Best Method to Recover Data from Damaged CD/DVD

Worried of having a damaged or scratched CD/DVD which holds lots of valuable information ? Never worry again,i am bringing you all a solution for repairing and recovering the maximum amount of data out of the damaged disk.Remember that working with a bad CD/DVD can also damage your drive and so this is the best time for you to copy the entire data to your new storage drive.

Recover Data from Damaged CD/DVD

This method is one of the oldest but best way to make a disk work if it has small scratches.
  1. Take a piece of smooth cloth,cotton or a banana peel.
  2. Apply either oil,vaseline or tooth paste to the CD/DVD.(Never use colored tooth pastes)
  3. Rub gently on your scratched disk with the selected material and see the difference.
By using the above method you can only remove the grease,dust particles on the disk but,what if your disk has heavy damage and bad sectors on it ?I am providing you the best tools that you could download it and use it for recovering the data.100% of data on the disk can’t be restored from the CD/DVD but most of the data on the good part of the disk can be recovered(Something is better than nothing) and also I’m mentioning here that i had already provided you about the 5 Great Online Tools for Smart People in the previous year which was liked by many people around the world.

Tools to Recover Data from Damaged CD/DVD

  • CD Recovery Toolbox is one of the best software which is capable of handling damaged disks and to our surprise it is available for free.
Insert your damaged disk inside the drive and open the CD Recovery Toolbos software.It shows the available files and folders which is found on the disk and now select the folders you want to recover.Click on next and wait for a while because it may take some time.Additionally you can read on How to Recover Deleted Files.
  • Bad CD/DVD Recovery is powerful yet costliest software that is available for a price of $28.But one good feature of this software is that you can view all your damaged files on the CD/DVD with the trial version and you can purchase it only after you are satisfied with the result.
The download link for Bad CD/DVD Recovery is : Download .If you are about to purchase the full version then you must be interested in this too : 6 Best Online Shopping Sites in India
  • Roadkil’s Unstoppable Copier is a free tool which is available for both Linux and Windows that allows you to copy files from the damaged disk and paste them to any destination location.

There are several other tools available for recovering the damaged disk and you can also read about some other Best Windows Softwares One Must Have.If you are not successful in recovering the data from a damaged CD/DVD by using any of the above methods then you could just leave me a message in the comment section below and i will find time to help you out.

Convert Video To mp3 Online

Videos that you watch on Youtube,Dailymotion,MySpace etc can be converted into a MP3 file online for free.There are numerous ways to convert a video into a mp3 file format online and i will tell you a simple way with which you can convert a video file into a mp3 online for free.

Also Read How to convert any video files  : Covert videos using Free Video Converter

It is possible to convert any video files to mp3 format online using mp3grabber website that offers you with three choices.

  1. Copy and paste the URL of the video.
  2. Search the video using their keywords.
  3. Convert the videos on your computer.

For the first option just copy and paste the URL link of the video in the search bar on mp3grabber and finally choose grab it.

For the second option type the keyword of the video such as “eminem” or “slimshady” and click on grab it and mp3grabber will find you the relevant video from various websites like youtube,MySpace,Dailymotion etc.
You may also like how to download a youtube video online : Download youtube videos online

For the third option select the “convert local file to mp3” and browse for the video into your computer and select the video that you need to convert it into a mp3.You will be displayed with few options to select such as the output format,Bitrate,Channels and Sample rate.
Pick your choices and when finally done click on convert button and you will be prompted with the location where the file has to be saved.Choose the destination,click save and wait till the process gets completed.
The speed of the video conversion depend on your internet speed and check here how to increase the internet speed : Increase internet speed

If you face any problem while converting the video file to mp3 then please let us know by commenting in the below section.

4 Best Video Editing and Visual Effects Softwares

Movie making is becoming a passion for most of the college students and i am happy to tell them about few softwares which can really help them.Most of the visual effects and video editing in the Hollywood movies are made with the below softwares :

  1. Adobe After Effects
  2. Adobe Premier
  3. Ulead Video Studio
  4. Windows Movie Maker (Beginners)

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    Adobe After Effects :

    First and the best in our list is Adobe After Effetcs.The most preferred software by video editors is Adobe After Effects which will give best output and it really has a simple and clean interface.After effects has various kinds of tools for editing the video some of them includes Stabilizing a video,Masking,Green screen effect etc.

    Here are few examples that i made in after effects :

    Advantage of using after effects is there are thousands of tutorial available on the youtube which will make your work easier.Templates are available for free which will minimize your effort for editing the whole video.

    Adobe Premiere :

    Adobe premiere is a lighter version of Adobe after effects with pre-built effects and transitions.Among the several effects to be selected it is easier to edit your favorite videos in seconds.Importing and exporting the videos are very fast in premiere.I am a beginner in video editing and i had got lots of experience in editing videos using adobe premiere.Best to try if you are eager to learn something new.

    Ulead Video Studio :
    Ulead video studio is adaptable by everyone even for those who doesn’t have any prior experience in video editing.Ulead video studio has a very stylish interface which also consumes only little amount of your CPU memory and so there will be no lag while you edit your videos.
    Advantages of Ulead : 

    1. No need of prior experience 
    2. Easy to use
    3. Customizable according to your choice
    4. Import and Export supports most of the video formats
    5. Consumes less memory compared to other video editing softwares
    Windows Movie Maker : 
    Last but not the least is our Favorite windows movie maker which usually comes built in with windows and if you are using windows 7 or 8 then you can download the movie maker seperately and use it.If you are wishing to try simple effects like merging,cropping,cutting and transition effects between two frames of videos then this software is quite useful.
    And that’s not it.There are several other softwares which gives you quality editing environment and if you know any such softwares then share your experience in the comment section.

    Learn How to Animate an Image : Animate Your Photo

    How to create Autorun file

    How to create autorun file : 

    This is meant only for educational purpose and i do not encourage anyone to involve in any illegal activities and i am not responsible for that.

    create autorun virus

    Ready to know how to create autorun file.Firstly autorun file is the windows file which will start immediately once you plugin your pendrives or your CDs.They are usually in the .inf format and is kept hidden from the user.Few days back i wrote a post on a particular autorun virus that was spreading fast and you can take a look at the solution for that virus here : Pendrive Autorun Virus

    How autorun files are being created ?

    Initially you do not need any extra tools for creating an autorun file,just a notepad can do this job for you.
    Open a notepad from run command by pressing ” WinKey+R ” and then by typing “notepad” and click “ok“.

    An autorun files starts with the name autorun which is placed within the square brackets so that the compiler can understand that it is an autorun file , like this :


    Few commands that can be used inside the autorun files are : 

    1. label = Some drive
      The label command is used to set a drive name for your device.
    2. icon = someicon.ico
      Specific icon can be set for your drive.If you need a .ico files you can get it from here : IconArchieve
    3. open = filename.exe
      Use the command to open any files that are stored inside your pendrive.

    How to prevent yourself from autorun files ?

    1. Turn off the autorun feature on your windows.
      This can be done by right clicking on the drive then select properties and navigate to the autoplay tab and then select the ” prompt me everytime ” radio button .
    2. Update your antivirus regularly.
      I would suggest using a bitdefender antivirus will keep you away from all kinds of viruses.
    3. Never trust anyone.

    Have fun..If you have liked this post “how to create autorun file ” then do not forget to share this !! comments are welcomed .