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Download Movie Subtitles Automatically using VLC Media Player

How many movie fan’s out there who have a habit of watching movies other than your mother tongue? It’s not possible for everyone to understand each conversations in a movie which is of different language(You agree?). For that reason we have few online websites such as Subscenes & Opensubtitles to download your favorite movie’s subtitles . To make that process more simpler i’ve recently found a way to download movie subtitles automatically using VLC media player.I hope most of them use VLC for watching their favorite movies(correct me if i’m wrong).

download movie subtitles free in vlc automatically

How to Download Movie Subtitles Automatically within VLC Media Player

There is a piece of extension called as Vlsub which you can get from the website Github and the link provided below.
Download VLsub Extension

Step 1 : Download the extension from the above link and extract it using Winrar or with your favorite rar extracting tool. Also take a look at other best windows softwares that one must have.

Step 2 : Copy the vlsub.lua file and paste it in the extension folder of VLC. In windows operating system you can find the folder under  
Windows\ProgramFiles\VideoLan\VLC\Lua\Extensions\ .
: Create an new folder and paste the extension if the extension folder is not present.

Step 3 : Now open VLC media player and play your movie file. Right click on the interface and select View>VLsub and that should open up a new window.

Download movie subtitle automatically
Step 4 : Your movie title would have been already guessed by the extension and you can change the title in the text box if you need. You can search the subtitles using two different options.
  1. Search by Hash (Recommended) : Search the subtitles using this and you will end up in more precise results and the best part is most of them would sync automatically according to your video.
  2. Search By Name : This search would end up in showing several subtitles out of which you can select one and download it.
Download subtitles using VLC automatically

Step 5 : When your search is complete select the subtitle file and click on the download selection button.

There is no step 6 and once the subtitle has been downloaded it gets loaded automatically. If you are searching for a video show with episodes then you can specify the episode number along with the search title.

Bonus Stuffs for My Readers

You can manually load a subtitle in VLC by clicking “Video” => “Subtitles Track” => “Open File” from the Menu bar.

Having both the video file and the subtitle file (Extension : Srt) will automatically load your subtitle file while you are watching the video in VLC player.

If your subtitle is not synched properly then i have a small tip for you. Go to “Tools” => “Track Synchronization” and vary the values of the subtitle to sync it with the video and click on the refresh icon to see the effect. If you are more into video editing then you can have a look at 4 best video editing softwares.

Best Printers for Home Users.

Choosing the best printer is a very difficult task but when you know about the types of printers then you won’t say it as a difficult task.I have seen several people getting confused while selecting a printer particularly when it comes for home usage.Let me give a small introduction about the major printers that can be used in home and also in office.

printer laser inkjet

Types Of Printers 

There are several types of printers such as laser printer,ink-jet printer,dot-matrix printer…Every printer has it’s own advantages and disadvantages but we are not going to discuss about all the type of printers here.We will see about the two major printers, one is laser and the other  is ink-jet.
Laser printers are very costly but can be used to print high quality text and images.Laser printers can be costly but once you buy it,they are very cheap to run.
Ink-jet printers are cheap printers which can also produce high quality text and image outputs but the printer inks are very costly to buy.

Best Printers for Home Users

Before selecting the printer,you must know your usage of printer.If you are going to use it for a long run but not for a daily usage then ink-jet printers are good to buy.If you are going to print many number of text and images regularly then laser printers must be the best fit for you.
If you are a student then you might require options such as scanning.fax…For you people multifunction ink-jet printers can be purchased.Few users might just need a black and white colored image and text instead of multiple colored print outs,So first be sure of the type of printer you are about to buy and then read the below list for getting a cheap printer for your desired type.

Getting the Best Printer from Laser,Ink-jet

Based on the requirement i had listed below few branded printers and their prices ( Note: The price may differ according to your geographical area )

Laser Printers 

  1. Dell B3465dnf Multifunction Laser Printer
    Total cost : $1400 (Rs.81200 approximately) with LCD Display
  2. Dell B2360dn
    Total cost : $279 (Rs.16000 approximately) without LCD Display
If you are about to purchase the printer online then read 6 Best online shopping sites.

Ink-Jet Printers

  1. Canon Pixma MX922 Wireless Office All-In-One Printer
    Total cost : $129 (Rs.7400 approximately)
    5 ink colors can be used but cost per page is high.
  2. HP Officejet Pro 276dw MFP
    Total cost : $400 (Rs.20000 approxiamtely)
    4 ink colors can be used and cost per page is low.
If you are still confused about getting the best printer for your home use then leave us the requirement below in the comment section and we will try to find a suitable printer for you.