7 Essential Features To Be Noted Before Purchasing An Android Phone

We are in the end of 2012 and there are around 500 million android devices activated globally and over 1.3 million are added every single day.Highly reputed companies such as Sony,HTC,Motorola,Samsung are producing many attractive phones to satisfy the customer.If you are about to buy an android device then there are some important features and specifications that must be noted before the purchase.

  • The type of the mobile must be LED which is very common in all of the latest android devices.
  • Touchscreen type should be a capacitive.
  • Size of the display can be more than 320 x 480 pixels which is a normal size.
  • The device must possess multitouch .
  • A device is with more than 200 ppi density will give a crystal clear display.
    • Battery must withstand more than 6 hours of talktime.
    • Standby time should be greater than 5 days.
    • Battery should be able to play 30 hours of music.
    Processor is the major component in the device that determines the speed and performance of the device.1GHZ processor will be sufficient to handle multi tasks and supports all the latest games available in the android market.

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    • 5MP camera is sufficient for a normal use.
    • Autofocus and LED Flash to shoot at night time.
    • Video quality can be more than 720p.
    • Secondary camera is an added advantage.

    The android phone must have more internal memory and the RAM should be higher than 512MB which will allow the device to perform smoothly.

    Memory card must be supported upto 32GB that will be sufficient to store your favorite games,videos and songs.


    Speakers are very important to hear the music clearly and most of the devices comes with dual speakers nowadays.Loudspeaker facility is necessary and the headphone jack must be 3.5mm so that you can hear the music with the clear tone.

    Other Features 
    • Bluetooth must be above version 3.1 allows fast data transfer between devices.
    • Wi-Fi must be Built-in helps to browse internet wirelessely.,
    • Support for GPS helps to identify the location using satellite.
    • 3G supported device only allows video calls and fast internet.
    • Higher Operating System such as Gingerbread(2.3) or ICS(4.0)
    Last but not the least an important consideration is the price of the android mobile.Compare the rate with other devices with the similar specifications.Different shops quotes different price and buying it online would be cheap.

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