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10 Must need Android Apps

10 Must need Android Apps :

Android application developments have been increasing consistently which led the android phones to take down the sales of apple and windows products.As there are thousands of free Apps available for android platform in the market users are confused of selecting the applications to use on their android mobile.That is why i have started this post for discussing the must need 10 Android apps .
Download Links are Provided at the End of the post.

1.Astro File Manager :

android apps

One of the best file manager available for free which helps users to browse and send all kinds of contents like music,images,PDF documents and other files.You can also take a backup of your favorite android applications and send them to your friends using this File manager.

2.MX Player :

android apps

MX Player can play almost every formats supported by your mobile such as .avi,.mp4 and even HD videos.This player does not takes much of your RAM memory while playing a video which helps you to have a smooth video experience.

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3.Go Task Manager:

android apps

Go Task Manager will kill all the unwanted background process that are eating up your memory.It is a must need application for an android mobile phone.One click optimization saves your time and runs in the background to help you at any time.

4.MP3 Ringtone Cutter :

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Useful especially when you need to cut only your favorite part of the music and set it as your ringtone.Doesn’t require much experience to do this, simply open the file,set the start and end of the part which you want to cut from the music , simple as that.

5.Tiny Flashlight :

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If you are from India this is a MUST need application for you.Tiny Flashlight application is capable of turning on your flashlight and help you to use it as a torchlight.If you are preparing for a trekking , then now there is no need of carrying an extra torch with you.


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Whenever you install an application on your android device it directly sits on your phone memory and at some point you will not be able to install more apps when your phone memory is full.App2SD can help us saving memory by moving your applications to the SD card.


android apps

Viber is a free calling service which is available to every android devices that has the internet connection.Just install this app for free and call for FREE to other android mobile who have this application installed on their device.

8.Maps :

android apps

If you are kind of person who loves traveling then this application is for you.As we already know that google has the best map built-in with them, we can make use of it using the internet connection.You can even download the maps and store it for future offline usage.Navigation using GPS points you the accurate place you are currently in.

9.McAfee Security :

android apps

Having a good antivirus is always good to keep your mobile protected from virus and other unwanted programs from damaging your mobile.Even though android is a small kernel developed from Linux , it is better to have an antivirus.

10.Winamp :

android apps

Winamp is the best music player i had ever come across which is very stable and gives out crystal clear sound.If you are comfortable with your inbuilt music player then stick with it or else give it a shot.

Download Links for 10 Must need Android Apps :

  1. AstroFileMgr
  2. MX Player
  3. Go Taskmanager
  4. MP3 Ringtone Cutter (Link removed)
  5. Tiny FlashLight
  6. Apps2SD
  7. Viber
  8. Maps
  9. McAfee Security
  10. Winamp

There are lot more applications like this which are useful and if you have any “must needed Android applications” to be mentioned just comment them below.

how to spy friends on whatsapp

How to Spy your Friends on Whatsapp?

Hello friends, So you have some friends on whatsapp? You always talk to them? But the main question arises that are they interested in you? Or just thinks you as irritating element? Well in this post I will be telling you guys How to spy on whatsapp friends? Seems remote and near to impossible? No problem, just continue reading the post and you’ll find an answer to this.

Whatstat Android app- Helps to spy on whatsapp friends.

There is an android app named “Whatstat” which helps you to spy on your friends. Whatstat is a very easy to use android app. You can get insight of your relations with your mate/friend.

Have you ever noticed that who starts the conversation first?

Ever realized that why only you have to take initials why not them?

This app will help you in knowing who has started maximum conversations and can reveal your relationship with your friends or might be so called friends. It will tell you who was online most of the time. Even you can see in a group that who has initiated the most of the conversations and who doesn’t. If you like talking to someone but rarely find them online, this app can helps you to see when was your mate online and you can catch up their time and talk to them.

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Example on how to spy on your friends

How to spy on whatsapp app friends

See above is an example of the usage of this app. As you can see above, this app tells your about

  1. how many messages you have sent to that person.
  2. It also shows the percentage of messages sent and the percentage of messages received.
  3. It also tells on what date and time they are online frequently.

Get the application from here : Download Whatstat from Play Store

In this example which we took above, 41% of messages has been sent and 59% of messages has been received which is quite fair. On the left hand corner it tell you about the history period of chat.

Now as you have seen an example you can spy on your own friends with this Android application, UPDATE: The recent version of the whatstat seems to be supported only on rooted Android phones.