Top 10 Best Websites To Watch Online Movies For Free in 2015

Looking for Top 10 Best Websites To Watch Online Movies For Free in 2015? Then you are at the right place, Here i will provide you a list of top 10 websites where you can watch movies online for free without spending any money. There are several online movie streaming websites available for both paid and free, but these top 10 best websites I’m going to list below are the updated list for 2014.Also know how to install JARVIS iron man theme on your windows computer.

best film sites to watch streaming pictures without paying survey

Note: I’m not providing any links here to download new movies, i‘m just providing list of websites from which you can either download or watch movie online for free.

List of Top 10 Best Websites to Watch Online Movies for Free in 2015

The best movie site of 2014 is because it provides the user a large collection of movies including new and old. Integrated search options allow you to search any movies that you want to watch online for free. provides movies not only for free but any legal downloads can be done by paying a few bucks. They have cheap and lowest price for online movies and their collection of movies and TV shows are enormous. They have a good community on that website which strengthens the websites’ fame and the website also provide useful information and links about the actors,languages and storyline of the movie.
Megashare contains a collection of almost every movie, including TV shows on its database. The best feature of this website is that you can watch movies online without any registration or downloading any players. The only disadvantage of this website is that you cannot stream the movies in HD.

Though it’s a best website to watch any movies online, it’s a big no-no for the children under 18. You might have to install the XVID player in your browser to play the movies for free. It provides a complete experience with 3D quality movies, including 18+ movies.

The Los Movies website allows you to stream online movie for free on the same page which means you can watch the movie without redirecting to any other page or filling up any surveys. Movies in Los Movies can also be watched from mobile devices as well and that’s not only the advantage, but also you don’t need any membership to sign for watching your favorite movies.
YouTube is one of the best website that’s available on the internet. Not only movies, but you can watch any video on YouTube such as TV shows, Trailers, Comedy videos, Video Songs and much more. YouTube is absolutely free and it can stream HD videos too.
Sadly HULU is only available for US users. Most popular shows, television series and movies can be watched online on HULU for free. It’s free for one month to try and you can get a membership from them for just 8$. has a wide variety of collections of movies and it’s one among the old movie portal which are available today on the internet. It was started in 2006 and their database also includes TV shows, serials, cartoons and adult contents.
If you are familiar with then you mush have known about because both are one and the same. has been redirected to recently and it provides better search results by filtering the actors starred in the movie. is especially for all the desi Bollywood fans. This website contains Bollywood movies and some top TV shows from India as well.
These are the best top-10 websites to watch online movies for free in 2015 and if i had missed any good website then  please let me know it in the comment section.
remove autorun virus completely from windows pc

How to Remove Shortcut Autorun virus from Windows PC

There are several ways to remove the shortcut autorun virus from your windows XP, 7, 8 or 8.1 and for that all you need is to carefully follow the steps that I’m giving here to delete the virus completely from your PC. These virus could do the worst possible damages to your system and if you are ignorant then replacing the hard disk will be the only solution. So take action before anything bad happens to your computer.

remove autorun virus completely from windows pc

How to Remove Shortcut Autorun virus from Windows PC {Updated 2015}

First of all i will explain what is an Autorun Virus.

Autorun.inf is a file which starts automatically whenever you insert your pen drive or a compact disk(CD).
so when this file is replaced with a coding which when started , can disable your antivirus and run other virus program from your pendrive or CD without your knowlegde.
Nowadays there is a recent shortcut autorun virus which will make your files in the pendrive into shortcut files.
well i shall explain you how to disable that virus :

  • disable the autoplay function in your system.
  • Install an updated antivirus program.

Disable Autorun (Windows XP) to remove Autorun Virus :

  1. Download TweakUI powertoy for XP : Click Here.
  2. Install it.
  3. Go to Start -> Powertoys for Windows XP -> Tweak UI.
  4. Expand ‘My Computer’ Tree in Tweak UI.
  5. Expand Autorun Tree.
  6. In Drives Section, Unselect all the drives.
  7. In Types Section, unselect all the drives.
  8. Click on Apply.
  9. Select OK.

Disable Autorun (Windows 7)  to Remove Shortcut Autorun Virus:

  •  Launch the Run dialogue box by pressing Win + R, then type Gpedit.msc and press     Enter. 
  • In The Local Group Policy Editor go to: 
Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components.
  • Locate the autoplay option and open it.  
  • Click the enabled button and select all drives from option  and apply .

 Preventive Measures to Stay Safe from Autorun Virus :

  • Disable the Autorun
  • Install an Antivirus!!!!!
  • Before opening any drive, scan it with a well known antivirus(listed at the end)
  • If you want to open it without scanning or if you do not have an antivirus installed (Not Recommended), then do the following :
  • Open My Computer
  • Go to Tools -> Folder Options
  • Go to View Tab -> Unselect ‘Hide Extensions for Known File Types’
  • Then select the required drive, right click -> EXPLORE. Do not double click to open the drive. This will activate the autorun file inturn activating the virus….
  • Do not files of type .lnk or .exe(unless you scan with antivirus).
  • Only open document files. 
  • Some files may contain double extension such as ‘xxx.doc.exe’ with a Document Icon. Those are definitely viruses. Delete them.

Deleting the Autorun virus from Windows OS Completely:

  • Launch the RUN dialogue box by pressing win + r , then type cmd .
  • In the command prompt type the below commands one by one
               attrib -h -r -s /s/d g:*.*
        replace the g with the drive name of your usb path.
          here h denotes hidden files, r is for read only files and s for system. -h -r -s are used for making them to remove those properties. /s is to process all files and /d is to process all folders as well.*.* denotes all files with any extension.
you simply change the letter g to your usb drive letter and run the above highlighted command and then run the below command :
              drive name:\\ del autorun.inf
              drive name:\\ del *.lnk
     replace drive name with your usb drive letter .
  • done with this for now.

Always have a antivirus installed and update it regularly. Nod32 , Avira , Avast and many more powerful antiviruses are available in the internet for free and prevent your system from Viruses. Still not able to remove the autorun virus completely ? leave a message in the comment section.