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how to show ads on adsense banned websites

Black Hat Trick to Use Google Adsense in Banned Websites

Got your site banned from displaying ads but still want to display your ads on your website? Not a big deal though, but you must know that if you are going to display Adsense ads on your banned blog then your are going to violate Google’s terms and conditions. But still if you are stubborn to use it then here’s a trick that I’m going to show you in this tutorial with which you can show Ads on any Ad-banned site.

Note : Using Adsense on already banned site’s are against Google’s policies and you’re risking your Adsense account. Whatever you are going to try from here is at your own risk.

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Trick to Use Google Adsense on Sites where Google Ads are already Banned

You need few preparations for it.

  1. Hosting Server – To host your Ads
  2. Google Adsense
  3. Two web sites(including the ads-banned site)

Before starting the tutorial let me tell you what exactly are we gonna do here. Firstly, we will be hosting our Ad on a empty page of a site. Next, we will be inserting that page on our Ad-Banned site.

Step 1 : Hosting your Ads on Another Site

Open your notepad and type whatever is there below.



Your -Ad-Code-Here



Replace “Your-Ad-Code-Here” with your Google Adsense Ad code (synchronous or Asynchronous really doesn’t matter here).

how to use ads on adsense banned sites

Now save this file as something.html and upload it to your hosting server. ( If you’re a newbie then to upload a page to your server you need to log-in to your hosting account then go to your file manager and upload the file)

Get the URL of that page after uploading it to the site and save the URL somewhere, we will be needing it in the next step.

Note : The server where you are going to upload the file should not be the same as the Ads-Banned server. For example you have two site’s on Godaddy and let’s say your Site-1 is banned from displaying Ads, Then you must not upload the file to the Site-A instead the file must be uploaded from the Site-2.( I mean host it somewhere where your Ads are not banned already).

Step 2 : Inserting your Ad on your Ad-Banned Site.

Now go to your site where the Adsense is already banned and create a widget for inserting a HTML code.

For Blogger sites , Go to your Layout tab, then click on the “Add a gadget“. Now select “HTML/Javascript”.

For WordPress sites, Navigate to your “Widgets” menu and select a “Text” widget.

Now paste the below code and save it.

<iframe src=”URL” width=”320″ height=”240″ frameBorder=0 />

Replace the “URL” with the one we copied earlier in the previous step and place the widget to your desired place. If necessary you can change the height and width from the above code too.

using adsense in blovked websites

Conclusion :

I do not recommend you to use this trick because in few days they might ban your account for trying to manipulate Google. This is only for educational purpose. Instead why don’t you ask Google why they had banned your site?

If you’re facing problem in uploading the file or getting the URL of the file then leave a comment here. Let me fix that issue for you.