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How To Run Windows Apps From The Cloud without Installing them?

Cloud Based apps are always proved to be awesome but Windows programs are more user friendly and easy to work on. If you are not willing to install any windows app and use it from your system or laptop then here is a way on how you can easily use them on cloud application without installing it onto your system.

How To Run Windows Apps From The Cloud ?

Spoon’s running virtualized versions of popular Windows software on any PC using cloud. Spoon now supports only the Windows apps from the cloud, but the company assures to launch it for other platforms too.
Spoon should be used for many possible reasons.


Why do you have to use Spoon?

spoon 2

Let us say you have two different desktops, one at home,one at office and a laptop. You have been using several programs installed such as Chrome,Firefox,Notepad++,Vlc etc. While you have primed these apps on all your devices,there is no admin access on the office Pc to customize it how you want those apps.

There are other scenarios too. For one, all of these are virtualized apps, which means they don’t have to be installed on your PC. Not only does this keep the Windows registry clean and the system running smooth, but you also don’t have to bother with the hassle of reinstalling the apps in the future – Spoon maps apps to your login and remembers your settings.

How to Run Spoon?


Firstly you have to download and install the Spoon Console on your pc.
You then have to sign up for and key in the details into your console.
The spoon Console is seen at the bottom right of your screen, above the clock and system tray.
It has a search bar to quickly type and launch any app, but clicking it or hitting the Alt+Win hotkey will open up a Start Menu-like console.

Here you will be seeing your most recently used Spoon programs, as well as recommendations.
The user can also browse around through all the applications available, which are neatly sorted into five main categories – Productivity, Tools, Social, Media, Games – with sub-categories for each. Of course, searching for an app you already know you want is easier.
Apps come with a small description, along with options for the version number you want to run. The version number feature isn’t available for all the apps, but most popular ones support this.
You can find the app which you want and click on it for spoon to start buffering the program.

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Performance of Spoon:

spoon 4

Spoon works awesome most of the times. Given how often you change your devices,spoon’s performance may also change, but it works fine.
The syncing also works extremely well, although there were a few minor glitches.

Web Interface of Spoon:


The Spoon Console has neately categorised items to help you find any app within less time. You can browse the apps faster in website.

As you can see, the list of supported apps is quite exhaustive, but currently restricted to free programs. In fact, the list is quite similar to what you’ll find in most Portable App websites.



Spoon currently comes in three lots, with a basic free version allowing 1GB of storage, and two paid models for higher storage.


According to me, spoon has nothing much to complain about. It has some problems, but they do not matter much. You get allot of virtual apps that run smooth and faster and always remain in sync.

Stay tuned to Tech Fishy for more updates.

Best Budget Gaming Laptops Under Rs.35,000 in India

When i say the word “best laptops” then there will be something best in every product i list below in this article.I had collected a bunch of best laptops available under Rs.35000 ($600) in India by the year 2013.These laptops provided below are highly configured even for gaming purposes with this cheap price tag of 35000 Rupees.Before going into the article let me explain you few basic configurations that you can get for the amount of Rs.35k.

Best laptops of 2013 under 35000 rs in india

You can get a decent graphics of 2GB,RAM memory with 4GB and Storage upto 500 GB of hard disk capacity.Intel processor laptops will be available with either 14 or 15.6 inch and AMD processor laptops will be available with 15.6 and greater.First of all know the difference between Intel and AMD.An Intel i5 processor is equal to an AMD A8 Processor.Intel Laptops are always packed with their own dedicated graphics card whereas AMD processors have dedicated + additional graphics so that you can play high end games without any lag in the graphics.

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Best Laptops of 2013 Under Rs.35000 in India

Here the brands does matter and you can see that HP is always the trending one which offers several laptops for lesser price tags below Rs.35000.I have provideed a small graph showing the number of searches that all the brands get from a search engine.

1.HP Pavilion G6 2301 AX

First on my list is HP pavilion series laptop which has an additional feature of ADP warranty which means Accidental Damage Protection.
Best laptops of 2013 under 35000 rs in india
Processor              – AMD A8
Graphics Card       – 2 GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 7670M + 512 MB
RAM Memory      – 4 GB
Hard Disk             – 500 GB
Screen Size           – 15.6 inches
Price                     – Rs.32502

2. Lenovo Flex 2-14D Notebook: BUY NOW for RS. 32,000 

Lenovo Flex 2-14D Notebook

Processor              – AMD APU Quad Core
Graphics Card       – AMD sun PRO
RAM Memory      – 4 GB
Hard Disk             – 500 GB
Screen Size           – 15.6 inches
Price                     – Rs.32000

3.HP Pavilion G6 2201 AX

HP pavilion is the best laptop series which has more power in less price amount.I would prefer HP among any other brands when comes for graphics.
Best laptops of 2013 under 35000 rs in india
Processor              – AMD A8
Graphics Card       – 1.5 GB AMD Radeon HD 7640G ATI Mobility Radeon HD 7670M
RAM Memory      – 4 GB
Hard Disk             – 500 GB
Screen Size           – 15.6 inches
Price                     – Rs.33163

4.HP Compaq 15-s006TU: BUY here for RS.32,620


Processor              – Intel I5 with 1.7 GHZ
Graphics Card       – Intel HD 4400
RAM Memory      – 4 GB
Hard Disk             – 500 GB
Screen Size           – 15.6 inches
Price                     – Rs.32,620

5.Toshiba Satellite C850 – X5214

Toshiba Satellite laptops are mostly known for their hardwares such as mouse,keyboard and their outer finishing but they also come with cheaper price.
Best laptops of 2013 under 35000 rs in india
Processor              – Intel i5
Graphics Card       – 1 GB ATI Radeon HD 7610M
RAM Memory      – 4 GB
Hard Disk             – 500 GB
Screen Size           – 15.6 inches
Price                     – Rs.34990

6.Dell Vostro 2520

Dell Brands are normally being avoided by people for its poor quality of audio functions but trust me you won’t be disappointed with this dell laptop until you aren’t using the VLC player.
Best laptops of 2013 under 35000 rs in india
Processor              – Intel i5 3rd Gen
Graphics Card       – Intel HD 4000
RAM Memory      – 4 GB
Hard Disk             – 500 GB
Screen Size           – 15.6 inches
Price                     – Rs.35000

7.Sony Vaio E14133

I had just included this beautiful Sony Vaio model for sony lovers and there is not much feature on this laptop comparing with the other best laptops in the list but it’s price is far cheaper than the others.
Best laptops of 2013 under 35000 rs in india
Processor              – Intel i3
Graphics Card       – Intel HD 4000
RAM Memory      – 2 GB
Hard Disk             – 500 GB
Screen Size           – 14 inches
Price                     – Rs.31011


If you can spend more bucks for a gaming laptop then you can try this TOP LAPTOPS UNDER 40,000. If you are searching for a high end best gaming laptop of 2013 under the rate of Rs.35000 then i personally recommend my readers to purchase the HP laptops.I’m using one of them for more than a month and i face no problems with it till now.
Rating: 5