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Top 5 Best First Person Shooting Games for PC

Top 10 Best First Person Shooter Games for PC (Windows XP/7/8)

Hello today I will tell about top 10 best first person shooter computer games . But before that let me tell you what is First Person Shooting/shooter? FPS which is abbreviation for First Person Shooting is a very common term for a gamer. The games which only allows you to have a look on vision but not on whole body, In FPS Games the screen or the display we see is the vision which your player is seeing. FPS helps to get an accurate idea about the position of player, aiming and many other things. In First Person Shooting you can’t see your player but you can see other players around you. There are three types of shooting games – First Person Shooting, Second Person Shooting and Third Person shooting. In this post you’ll read about top 10 best first person shooter games for PC.

Top #1 First Person Shooter Game for PC :  Halo 4

Top 5 Best First Person Shooting Games for PC

On top of our list of  Top 10 Best First Person Shooting Games for PC, first one is Halo read about it below:

Halo 4 was released in 2012 and is marked as one of the best first person shooting game. Although Halo: Combat Evolved was a blast in the market but Halo 4 was much better than it, in terms of graphics. Halo is a third person as well as first person because you can adjust camera angles in it from a specific key. Story begins when Halo is on an isolated hurtling ship on space with no hope of being found, you need to fight the enemies hard and get him out also rescue other people.

#2 Best First Person Shooting Game for PC : America’s Army

Top 5 Best First Person Shooting Games for PC

On other hand it’s time for another game, time for America’s Army in our list of  Top 10 Best First Person Shooting Games for Windows Computer.

America’s army game is a resemblance between America army and public relation. This game got a lot of people’s praises and support as it marked the resemblance. This game although have a few bugs but the realistic game play hides it all. It have a limited map set but with superb visuals and graphics. America’s Army also use a certain sets of weapons on specific locations, and also offers to learn real world first aid, which states the player to properly heal it’s team mates.

#3 First Person Shooter Computer Game for Windows : Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Top 5 Best First Person Shooting Games for PC

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was originally released as steam only. This game was very easy to play but when you have to master it, it turns to be very difficult. In this game you can choose two positions either Axis or Allies from the title menu. Maximum 32 players can play at one time. Although this game lacks in coordination but makes up with Nazis.

#4 Best First Person Shooting Game for Laptops : Counter Strike Global Offensive

Top 5 Best First Person Shooting Games for PC

Counter Strike is a well known game series as it is a series from back late 90’s and the ultimate truth is that many people still play Counter Strike. Counter Strike GO (Global Offensive) is one of the latest game, it is just a team- coordination and shooting game, almost no strategy is required, you just need to blow your enemy up either with Ak-47 or a pistol is totally depends on you! Counter Strike GO is an upgraded version of old and classic Counter Strike 1.6 or Counter Strike Condition Zero. It have better graphics, better game play and better accuracy. In short I will say this is the best nonstrategic First Person Shooting game.

Top #5 First Person Shooter Game for PC : Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad

Top 5 Best First Person Shooting Games for PC

And the last one in our list of  Top 10 Best First Person Shooting Games for Laptops is Red Orchestra 2.

Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad is a game stunned with blood all around. During a bloody battle between stalingrad players, you can play through two single player from campaign, one from Russia and other from Germany. This game haves all the things which happens during a real war, whether you say bullet penetration or breathing effect and also covering and squad actions. You can also play Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad with your friends as it is also available in multi-player rather than just campaign mod.

#6 Best First Person Shooting Game for PC : The Typing of Dead

Top 5 Best First Person Shooting Games for PC

Okay! Now if I say that this game doesn’t guns in it will you believe me? Yes, technically speaking there are no guns in it! But wait! How can you miss playing most singular strange game of all time?  You can imagine this as an official upgrade to game House of the dead 2 . In this game, the most funny thing is that you need to type the words appearing above the zombie head to kill’em all. Seems Interesting? Very much for sure.

#7 First Person Shooter Computer Game for Windows: Left 4 dead 2.

Top 5 Best First Person Shooting Games for PC


Left 4 dead 2 was released back in 2008 andmade a chaos in the market as everyone was very excited for the concept of zombie-cooperating shooting game.  Left 4 dead 2 is not like other games which are out in market, almost every game is having zombies in them but this one is a particularly fleshed out sequel and this game make the battle undead and feel fresh of the day. All the crushing and storming is present in the game. At last, I just want to say that it is a high-speed, breathless action that is enough to gain your attention towards it.

#8 Best First Person Shooting Game for Laptops : Far Cry 3.

Top 5 Best First Person Shooting Games for PC

Far Cry 3 was developed by Ubisoft in back 2012 but it’s standalone version was up in 2013. Far Cry 3 is set to a tropical island where you and your friends have been kidnapped but only you are able to get out of the region now the mission starts here, you need to save all your friends and take them out of here. This game is very fascinating as it gives many features, although it is much more like animated but it’s an awesome game. You can drive a car, a buddy and even you can fly through a hand glider. It gives all real effects.

Top #9 First Person Shooter Game for PC : Dead Space.

Top 5 Best First Person Shooting Games for PC

All the design in this game looks like crap! Why am I saying this? What can you expect after seeing everything brownish and even that crapped metal corridors? Also the main hero is in a stupid outfit! Now what can you expect? You can expect thrill in this game, the radiation which will numb you. All the horror effects which you will be experiences after playing this game either you call it crap or horror but it will horrify you. All those sudden movements of things, all the spiders and dead bodies which automatically comes in front of your screen. You have to bear it all, either by hook or crook. Try this game , tell your experience in comments and let our audience know about it more.

#10 First Person Shooter Computer Game for Windows: Crysis

Top 5 Best First Person Shooting Games for PC

Crysis was developed in Germany and was published by Electronic Arts known as EA worldwide back in 2007.  Crysis is a wrapped gift box, you don’t know what will happen next, it’s just a bunch of surprises. You’re dropped on North Korean territory in a government issued nano-suit, and charged with taking down the radical KCP faction. You are going good but immediately a bunch of crappy extraterrestrials come in. You will be having some extra-ordinary and astonished game play with the most detailed feature on its way. You can either be in your crappy nano suit or choose to fly.

How to Use Android Mobile Phone as Webcam in PC

If you don’t have a webcam on your desktop computer but if you own a Android mobile phone then do not worry because there are several Android applications available on the internet to convert your mobile phone into webcam for you PC. It’s very simple to use your Android mobile as a webcam for free and also the installation procedure is easy.

Note : In-order to use this application you will need a Wi-Fi connection on your mobile device and if you wish to connect your mobile phone as webcam for your computer using USB data cable then read this article. How to use Mobile Phone as Webcam with USB

How to Use Android Phone as a Webcam

Things we need :
  1. IP Webcam application (free)
  2. IP Camera Adapter (free)
  3. Chrome or Firefox Browser
Install the IP Webcam application onto your Android mobile phone and IP Camera Adapter on your Windows desktop computer.

Steps to Configure on IP Webcam Application

  • Adjust the screen resolution, quality, username, password and other adjustments as per your requirement click on the “Start server” at the end.
  • An IP address will appear at the bottom of your android mobile phone screen.Open it in Chrome or Firefox and select “Use browser built-in viewer” optioon.
  • Choose the best options as per your needs and you must see the video loading in the web browser. If not then try again with the another link.

Steps to Follow in IP Camera Adapter

  • Open the software from windows and type in all the fields required and click on apply when you are done.
  • The camera feed URL must be appended with /videofeed at the end of the IP address and click on the “Autodetect” button for the screen resolution.

Now open any video conferencing tools like Skype, Google Hangout or Facebook messenger and you must see your video streaming from the Android phone camera on your computer. The application uses the secondary camera of your mobile phone as default and that’s because the secondary camera will have more clarity when compared toward the front facing camera.

Download Google Books as PDF for FREE to PC

Google books is one of the best website on all over the internet to read thousands of useful books. Though there are many e-books you cannot download Google books to your computer. If you are thinking how to download Google books as PDF then i have s solution for you. In-fact you can download all those valuable Google books for free directly onto your Windows XP/7/8/8.1 or whatever OS platformed computer you have.

Note : There are both paid books and free books are available in the Google play store and you can download only the free books because you have to spend few bucks to get those paid books.

How to Download Google Books as PDF to Computer for Free

There are millions of E-Books available on the Google books with several different categories such as Science, Sci-fi, Novel, General, Health etc. All these books can be downloaded by just using a free downloader.

Download Google Books using Google Book Downloader

  1. You have to download the Google Book Downloader from the website i’m linking here : Download it.
  2. It’s a free tool and the installation procedures are very simple as installing the other softwares,
  3. Once you have completed the installation run the software either in normal mode or in admin mode.
  4. Now open your favorite browser and search for the book you needed from the Google Books website and copy the URL of the link from the browser.
  5. Paste the link on the “Google Book URL” empty box inside the software.
  6. Choose the desired output format, If you want to download the book in PDF then select PDF.
  7. Select the destination folder and click on the download button.
Once you click on the download button your Google Book will be downloaded from the Google Books website in the form of PDF onto your computer.
That’s it, this is a simple way of downloading the E-books online using the Google Book Downloader and if you face any problem downloading books from the website you can leave us a comment here.

Download Talking Tom Android Application for PC

Talking tom is a familiar Android app which has a small talking cat Tom that will repeat what ever you speak in a cute voice. If you wish to download the talking tom to your android application for your windows PC then it’s very simple. In this article let me show you how to install the talking cat tom for Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 computer.

Note : If you are using it on your personal desktop computers then you will need a Microphone to communicate with the talking tom.

Install Talking Tom on PC

Installing talking tom on PC will only take a few minute but before that you need a simple application called Bluestack to simulate android apps to your computer.
Download the Bluestack application from this link : Download Bluestack. There are other few application that can simulate the Android apps but i personally feel Bluestack is the best of all. After downloading the application from the given link just install the app and open it.

Steps to install talking tom cat on your Windows XP/7/8/8.1 PC

  1. Search for the “Talking tom” application from the search bar that appears blue in color.
  2. You can do it by typing “Talking tom” and click find.
  3. Select the version you need and there are many version of talking tom available on the play store such as Talking tom 1, 2 , Tom loves Angela.
  4. Click on the Install button and wait for few seconds so that the application will be downloaded from the play store.
  5. The application has been successfully downloaded to your computer.
If you are using the application for the first time then you may need to sign in to the application using any one of your valid Google email address.
You can view the downloaded “Talking tom” app on Bluestack software under “My Apps” tab.To uninstall the application you can hold on the app for a second and click on the cross button to uninstall talking tom cat from your PC.

Schedule Tasks like Sleep,Shut down and Send E-mail Automatically in Windows 7/8 [Tutorial]

Have you ever fell into this situation “There’s an ongoing download and you would most probably need to stay awake until the download gets completed so that you can turn your system off before you go to bed”. How cool it would be if your computer turns off automatically for you when you want it to be ? Without your knowledge there’s already a tool installed on your system to schedule such kind of tasks in favor of you. This task scheduler comes with Windows-7 and Windows-8 which can perform many operations like sending an E-mail for you at a given time, Opening an application automatically, etc. Let’s get into the steps of making this useful tool provided by Microsoft.

Schedule Tasks like Sleep,Shut down and Auto E-mail in Windows 7/8 :

The main concept of using schedule applications is to perform a action which is set by the user (that is you). There are other options that can set along with task scheduler which you will learn from this article.

First Task : Scheduling Sleep in Windows 7/8

What you need is a task scheduler( pre-installed) and a small script which i’m going to give you. Follow the simple steps given below :
First copy the script below and open a notepad using “Windows key + r” and type in “Notepad“.

Rundll32.exe Powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState Sleep

Paste the code in notepad and save it a “Sleep.bat” on your desktop. Here bat refers to a batch file which can execute similar to an exe file and if you want to check the file if it’s working or not double click on it (No, stop i was just kidding ! The script will work fine). Now :
  1. Open task scheduler by searching from windows. To do so press “Windows key” and start typing “Schedule” and click on schedule tasks.
  2. Click on the “Create Basic Task” from the options on the right side.
  3. Give it a “Name” and some “Description” so that you can remember what task is being set and click on the next button.
  4. If you want your computer to sleep only once then select “One time” else select your convenient options and click on next.
  5. Set the date and time on which the sleep task has to be performed. Click on the small arrow next to the calendar so that the cute calender appears in front of you and when it’s done move to the next page.
  6. Choose the option “Start a program” because you will be selecting the batch file that was downloaded earlier.
  7.  Browse and select the “Sleep.bat” file and click on next.
  8. Click on the finish button and then it’s all done. Your system will turn off automatically at the time you have mentioned.
Small Tip : Let’s say if you own a laptop and wish to put it to sleep within an hour or so , you can do this in a simple way. Set the sleep time of your computer from the power options as 1 hour when it is idle or even you can unplug the charge and set the sleep time of your computer from the power options to 1 hour when running on battery.

Second Task : Scheduling Shut Down in Windows 7/8

To schedule shutdown what you need is a shortcut application (We will make this now) and the task scheduler (In-built).
  1. Right click on your desktop and then select new => shortcut. Give shutdown.exe /s /t 00 as the location and click on next to continue.
  2. Give it a name as shutdown, hangover or whatever and save the file.
  3. Now follow the steps mentioned in the first task above. All the steps are one and the same except the 7th step where you will be selecting the shortcut file instead of the batch file.
You can also follow the above tip which i have provided in the first method. Bonus tips : use this command shutdown.exe /r /t 00 to restart your computer and use shutdown.exe /h  to put your computer in hibernate mode.

Third Task : Scheduling an E-mail in Windows 7/8

There’s an default task in the task scheduler to schedule an e-mail automatically at a defined time but it doesn’t always works as promised. So i will tell you the other method using which you can schedule an e-mail.
What you need for scheduling an e-mail is SendEmail. Download then extract it and keep it on your desktop for easy convenience. Now carefully follow till the step 6 mentioned in the first method and continue the remaining steps as given below.
  1. Select browse and choose “SendEmail.exe” file.
  2. Now what you need to do is to add few arguments in the “Add arguments” box.
  3. For example if you are going to send an email to then you’d use the following argument.-f -t -u YourSubject -m This is the body text! -s -xu yourusername -xp yourpassword -o tls=yes
    and click on next.

  4. Don’t panic let me break it for you.-f =>Syntax for from option and => This is the sender’s e-mail ID.

    -t =>Syntax for to option and => This is the receiver’s e-mail ID.

    -u => Syntax for subject and YourSubject => This is your subject.

    -m => Syntax for Message and This is the body text! => Your actual message to be sent.

    -s => Defines the server and => This is the server for Gmail.

    -xu => Your username and yourusername => Type your username.

    -xp => Your password and yourpassword => Type your password.

    -o tls=yes => Encryption.

  5. Click on the finish button and now your e-mail is ready to be sent.
If you have any issues regarding this article or if you face any difficulties to follow the above mentioned methods to schedule tasks in windows 7/8 please leave us your comment in the below section.If you like this article then kindly share it with your friends.

Troubleshooting Startup crash Issue in Cracked FIFA 13

In my previous article on fixing the startup problem on cracked FIFA 13 i was explaining about the issue related to the direct-x software.In this article i will be dealing with the other troubleshooting steps that can help you to run  FIFA 13 without any startup crash  issue.

troubleshoot fifa 13 startup crash issue cracked version windows 8

Troubleshooting Startup Crash Issue in Cracked FIFA 13

This troubleshooting steps will solve the following issue only
  1. FIFA 13 starts but gets stuck on the screen with the Messi image.
  2. FIFA 13 problem related to online multiplayer gaming.
  3. FIFA 13 pops out an error on the startup as “Update error”.
If you have any video graphics card problem or if your system doesn’t meet the minimum requirement for playing the game then this article can’t help you out for those issues.Go grab a new graphic drive and start playing.

Steps to follow

1.Go to the Origin website and download the Origin software and install it on your system.
2.Open the origin software and if it is not updated then just allow it to update.
3.The update will take no more than 30 minutes to complete with an average internet speed.
4.After your update is complete the origin software will prompt you to login.
5.Unless you are about to play multiplayer online game , you can ignore this login step.
6.Open the FIFA 13 from your cracked folder and your game will startup without any issue.
A small video is given below for your reference.If you get any error message after following this troubleshooting steps ,then leave a comment below.I’m glad to help you.

How to Crack Microsoft office 2010 Trial Version (32 & 64 bit system)

Microsoft office is 2010 is one of the best product by Microsoft which provides a pack of professional tools like word,power point,excel and access.Ms office 2010 is not free to be used for lifetime but you can get a trial version from the Microsoft website for 30 days.But there is a small trick that will allow you to use MS office free for 5 more months and i will explain the trick below.

crack microsoft office 2010 30 days trial in windows

How to Crack Microsoft Office 2010

When your Microsoft office 2010 is about to expire you can rearm it and extend trial period by 30 days.This trick can be used for 5 times and so you get about 5 months of extended period in total.This trick is very popular and the same method can be used to extend the trial period of windows 7 also.This method is legal and can be done in both 32-bits and 64-bits computers and laptops.

Crack Microsoft Office 2010 for 32-bits

  1. Open the folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform
  2. You will find a windows executable file named as “OSPPREARM”.
  3. Right click on the file and select “Run as administrator”.
  4. That’s it , now you can use your extended trial version for 30 more days.

Crack MS Office 2010 for 64-bits

  1. Open the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform
  2. You will find the windows executable file named as “OSSPREARM” with .exe extension.
  3. Right click on the executable file and “Run as administrator” option must be selected.
  4. The trial period of your MS office 2010 will be extend for 30 more days now.
Whenever your MS office 2010 trial version is about to expire you can use the above method to crack and use it for 30 more days.But this trick will not work after 5 times so what you shall do for that ?

Trick to extend MS office 2010 Trial after 5 months

 Changing the system date can fix the problem.
  1. Right click on the system date on the bottom and select “Adjust date and time”.
  2. On the new window that appears select “Change date and time”.
  3. Set the date to 5 or 6 months back and click on “ok”.
  4. Now you must see the MS office 2010 working perfectly on your system.


I would always recommend to make use of these kinds of available tricks and save your money from buying the product.

Download 5 Top Antivirus Free for Lifetime (2013)

Firstly you must get to know why an antivirus is very important for a computer.It doesn’t matters if it’s your personal computer or your laptop,It must be always secured with an antivirus.Day by day there are plenty of virus,malwares,trojans,worms etc are spreading over the internet.If you have your system connected to the internet without an antivirus protection then,you are going to be one among the victims.You can know more on how people easily get your system access

download free antivirus free

How to choose your antivirus ?

When it comes for protection,i would always suggest you to get a paid antivirus.Because paid antiviruses provide frequent updates and keeps your computer strong against the virus.Free antivirus is not a bad option either.If you are looking forward for a free antivirus with more reliability then,I would prefer the list below which shows you the top 5 free antiviruses.If you have Autorun antivirus then you can remove it using the method i had given in that post.

Top 5 Free Antivirus

I had already selected few popular free antiviruses such as Norton,Avira,Microsoft essential,Avast,Nod 32,Comodo,Ad Adware,AVG and Zone alarm.I made some researches and found out the best 5 out of the tested free antivirus.Also Read : Best tools to clean junk files from your system.

One of the test result’s for free antivirus is shown below :


Avast is the best free antivirus which can keep your computer more secured.Avast had also ranked as the best antivirus of the year 2012.It provides a simple interface which allows you to scan for available threats on your disks.It doesn’t eat much of your processor and so it is light weight compared to the other antivirus in the list.Avast keep updating it’s virus database regularly and which is always a good sign for a free antivirus to be the best of all.
Download Free Avast


AVG is one of the oldest and best antivirus which gives real time protection for your system.The interface might look complex as it has plenty of buttons at the home screen.Email scanner,Identity theft detection and many other features makes it as one of the stronger free antivirus package.You can completely rely on AVG while using the internet because it provides a good firewall protection.


Avira is free antivirus which can detect and remove malicious programs such as virus,trojans and malwares.Some of the features that are provided by avira are :
  • Real-time protection
  • AntiAd/Spyware
  • Browser tracking blocker
  • Website safety advisor.
Avira will make your system immune to virus and other threats.Download Free Avira


Comodo is also a good option to keep your system protected.Comodo is available for several platforms like Windows,Linux,Android and Mac.The free version supports anti-spyware,cloud protection and infection defense on files.It’s not the best antivirus when compared with other top antiviruses but it is not bad either.

5.Microsoft Security Essential

Microsoft essential is for the older versions of windows such as windows 7,xp and vista and windows defender is for windows 8.Security Essential is very compact and light weight so that it doesn’t takes much memory of your RAM.It does satisfies only the basic protection but,can’t be relied completely and that sounds like they are still in the developing stage.


I would just say that whatever might be the best free antivirus,at the end of the day only the paid version will provide you the 100% system protection.

Trick to Fix/Solve Cracked FIFA 13 Startup Crash Problem on Windows 8

As Windows 8 fails to support most of the new games, there are several unfixes bugs, issues and problems to be solved yet. FIFA, one of the most addictive games on all sport games had a recent launch on its 13th edition. I’ve seen many people facing the startup crash problem on Windows 8 and I’m one of them who had faced it recently. I will let you know about the fixes for that particular problem here. Also see here to know the top sites to watch online movies.

fifa 13 crash startup windows 8

Trick to Fix/Solve Cracked FIFA 13 Startup Crash Problem

The method i‘m going to explain below will fix the following issues only:
  1. FIFA 13 cracked version failed to start on windows 8 but worked well in previous version of Windows such as Vista or Windows 7.
  2. FIFA 13 pirated version copied from another computer, which, when opened shows a blank screen for 3 seconds during startup in Windows 8.
  3. FIFA 13 cracked version worked fine on Windows 8 for the first time, but not working after re-installing Windows.
  4. FIFA 13 not running up even though your computer posses the minimum required configurations.
First of all I want to tell you that this issue is not related by any means to your graphics card and updating the video driver is not going to help you out. Follow the simple steps below to solve the startup crash problem for the FIFA 13 cracked version:
  1. Go to the folder where you have extracted the FIFA 13.
  2. Find the folder _installer. Open it and go to the directx folder.
  3. Open the redist folder and search for the DXSetup and install it.
  4. That’s it, now your FIFA 13 must work fine.
If you don’t have the direct-x folder, then try installing it from the internet. If your games is still not working, then do as follows.
  1. Open the crack folder of your FIFA 13 and copy all the contents.
  2. Now open the main FIFA 13 folder, then go to the “Game” folder.
  3. Paste all the contents, click yes , when windows asks for replacing any file.
  4. Now your other issues would have fixed.
Now that must fix the issue and still if you see an error message popping out about the compatibility then to troubleshoot that particular issue make the necessary changes like shown below.
  1. Right click on the FIFA 13 Game icon and select Properties.
  2. Navigate to the “Compatibility” tab.
  3. Check the box showing “Run this program in compatibility mode for” and select “Windows 7“.
  4. Check the box next to the label showing “Run this program as administrator“.
  5. Click on “ok” and you’re done here.
If own an HP Pavilion G6 Laptop and faced the same type of issue with my FIFA 13 and solved it with the help of the changes I showed you above. If still your problem persists, then let me know about the details in the comment section below.If that still doesn’t fix up your problem then try the other Troubleshooting Steps for fixing FIFA.

Record a Skype Call in Windows,Mac and Linux

Skype is the number one voice,video and text messenger available for almost all the operating systems like Windows,Linux and Mac.Yahoo messenger was outranked by Skype during the year 2004 due to the lack of protection and privacy in yahoo messenger.Skype had gradually increased it’s growth and now once can see Skype on any system which is connected to the internet.In this Article let me provide you a very simple way to record Skype calls in any OS like windows,mac and Linux.Check here on how to add webcam background effects.
record skype calls windows linux mac
A comparison of Yahoo messenger and Skype.

Record Skype Call in Windows and Mac

Skype doesn’t provide an inbuilt videos and audio recorder.So what we need is an external video recorder.There are thousands of screen recorder available for Windows and Mac but the best one i would recommend you is “Camtasia Screen Recorder” which is a trial version or you can either purchase the full version from their official site.If you are a looking forward for a free video recorder then you might refer this article on how to capture video for free.

For recording a Skype call using Camtasia follow the steps i’m going to show you below.

  1. Open the directory of your Camtasia Studio.
  2. Search for “Camtasia recorder” and open it.
  3. This will launch your recorder and now its time to select the area to be recorded.
  4. Click on the “Custom” button and select the area around your Skype.
  5. Click on “Record” button when you want to record the Skype call.
  6. You can click on the “Stop” button or press F10 from your keyboard at any time to stop the recording.Okay,your Skype video has been successfully recorded and now we need to produce it as a video for viewing.Also Read : Best Softwares for Windows
  7. Once you click on stop you will be taken to your preview window from which you need to click on “Produce” button.
  8. You will be asked to save the recorded file,just type a name and save it.
  9. Immediately after you save it,your Camtasia studio will get opened.
  10. Select the type in which you are going to produce your video and click on next.I am selecting “youtube” for example.
  11. If it gives a warning message about the size,just click on yes.It won’t affect your output anyways.Learn How to Animate Your Video
  12. Give a production name for the video and click on next.
  13. Click on Finish and wait for a while till the video gets produced.(Have some snacks and come back :P)
  14. You can see your output video in the folder you have selected on the step 12.I had recorded a sample video from Skype and you can see it from below.

Record Skype Call in Linux

If you are running Skype from the Linux platform then you can download the free video recorder named as “RecordMyDesktop“.

Follow the steps below to record Skype calls from Linux.

  1. Open RecordMyDesktop software that you have downloaded from the above link.
  2. Select the windows area to be recorded by clicking on “Select window” button.
  3. To record the Skype call,select the area around the Skype windows and click on record.
  4. While you see dotted lines around the windows and if you need to remove them click on “Advanced” button and navigate to the “Misc” tab.Don’t have a webcam ? Use you Mobile Phone as Webcam.
  5. Un-check the box next to the label displaying “Outline Capture Area On Screen
  6. To do it from the terminal you can type recordmydesktop –no-frame .
  7. That’s it now you can record a Skype call from your Linux.


I have provided you a detailed tutorial to record a Skype call from Windows,Mac and Linux.From now on you can easily record important calls from your family and friends in Skype.Share this article if it was useful for you.