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12 Vintage Addictive Games from 90’s for Windows

Everyone loves game,who doesn’t ? Getting addicted to games are common for people which started at the period of Nintendo games,May be even before that.I’m one of a kid from 90’s who had been crazy on few addictive games on windows during those days and even now.I would like to introduce those games to you as well with the help of this post.I’m not taking about the Facebook games and if you are the one who hates Facebook games then read here for Blocking a facebook game request.

addictive games windows

12 Vintage Addictive Games for Windows

1.Road Rash

Road rash is a motorcycle game in which the player participates in a violent illegal street race.The player has opponents free adult dating email as well and usually they are controlled automatically by the computer.When a player successfully wins a level the new levels are unlocked and they game goes a bit harder.Player gets money as well when he wins the game and new bikes can be purchased with it.The violent part of this addictive game is that you are allowed to purchase weapons to use them on the opponent racers.I wonder how many of them had played this game without the “cheat codes”.

2.Need For Speed 2

One of the most sold racing game need for speed was developed by Electronic Arts and it was even famous at late the 90’s.NFS 2 is a racing game which is a multi-player game that has several modes like single race,tournament and knockout.The number of opponents can be set by the player and a bonus car gets unlocked on winning the race.

3.The Mummy

The mummy game was developed based on the movie “The mummy” and ofcourse it’s one of the addictive horror game during 90’s.It has a very good graphics and gameplay where you take the vc fast dating third person perspective of the hero coffee singles instant and guide him to defeat the emperor who was reawakened by some archaeologist and you collect treasures,fight skeletons and insects on your path.

4.Fighting Force

Fighting force was released during 1997 in Windows,Nintendo and Playstation.As the name suggests it’s a fighting game where you would be given a force of 4 people and you are allowed to select one among them.All the 4 have unique special powers like powerful kick,throwing big vehicles etc.You first start this game by attacking with knifes,bottles and fist but later on you are provided guns to kick the enemies.Energy drink is available at the drinks machines which will help you to regain your health.


Re-volt is a car game where you control the toy cars and lead them to win the race.Additionally you can collect powers like oil,rocket launcher etc to knock down your opponents.It’s a very addictive game and once you are trained to take the short cuts in the game then it’s really easy to win the race.I’d love using cheats with them and my favorite toy was a “UFO”.


Tarzan was developed based on the cartoon character “Tarzan” where he needs to save his jungle and families from the villain.He starts his journey as a kid and learn’s to master the skills of apes.The enemies he faces during his mission are monkeys,baboons and eagles.There are three stages to be selected like easy,medium and hard.

7.Jungle Book

I’m Still christian german dating able to recollect the song that the game used to play at the beginning and it made me that addictive.Jungle book was released for PC in 1994 and it was about the character Mowgli.You take up the character and make an adventurous travel to complete the stages.At certain level you get villains like the Bear,Monkey,Tiger.Banana is the weapon you are provided and you need to collect all the gems in the stage to move on to the next level.

8.Age of Empires and Conquerors

Age of Empire is a strategy game where you are given a objective and move on to the next level based on the story.Various strategies like protecting wonder,building castle,docks,barracks,town center etc are really interesting to handle.Multi-player game allows you to fight among your friends and that’s where it becomes more addictive.


Prince is the first version of price of Persia where the gameplay moves around the character prince who is fighting for to free the princess who was kept trapped by the villain Jafar.You need to cross many obstacles,dungeons,spikes and also fight warriors on the way.

10.Grand Theft Auto 2

As we are awaiting for the release of GTA 6,The old version which was developed at the late 90’s was very popular 2D game among’st the’s the same gameplay where you will be provided with a mission around three cities in U.S.The game has two modes,one is noon and the other is dusk.You can walk,run,fight,shoot,drive vehicles and can do much more with this version.

11.Midtown Madness

Midtown madness is an addictive racing game where you are provided with four modes to select.At the beginning you are allowed to ride 1 out of the 5 available cars and as you complete stages the remaining cars will be unlocked.Additionally police vehicles,pedestrians involve in making the race more difficult.

12.Mortal Combat 3

Mortal combat is a extreme fighting game where you are provided with many fighters like Raiden,Liu Kang,Kung-Lau,Scorpion,Sub Zero,Tanya and you are allowed to play an arcade and multiplayer game.Each character has a special power and the special characters like Goro can be unlocked on completing the arcade mode.
There are a ton of games like Dave,Alladin,Sonic,Pacman,Sheep Dog Wolf,Demolition derby,Virtua Tennis,Tekken,Moto GP etc and i guess there won’t be enough space to write all of them.Do not take it offensive for not mentioning any of the vintage addictive game.It’s difficult to get a download link for all of those games and if you need a download link for a game then just leave a comment below so that i’ll try to provide you the link for downloading a particular game.

How to Find Duplicate Files in Windows Computer

It’s a very tedious process to manually find and remove each and every duplicate files that exists in your windows computer.To make your work simpler i have brought up a perfect solution for you.With the help of this post you can easily automate the procedure of finding duplicate files withing your windows computer.

remove duplicate pirated files windows computer


Find Duplicate Files

To find duplicate files and remove them you need to download a windows tool called as double killer.Double killer is a fast and easy to use application for finding duplicate files.Once the duplicate files are identified they can be removed from the hard disk.Also Read : 5 must needed software for windows  

Double killer can identify the duplicate files based on several similar entities between two files such as hash file,file name,size,modification date and content.
Features of Double killer
  • Scan directories,drives or computers in network for duplicate files.
  • You can exclude file types such as .dll and .mp3 type files.
  • Presents you the list of duplicate files and you can sort out the un-needed ones.

How to Use Double Killer ?

  1. Download Double Killer .
  2. Extract the zip file and open the application.
  3. Shift to the “Options” Tab.
  4. Click on the “+” button under the Folders pane and select the directories you need to search for the duplicate files.
  5. Check the file types in the excludes list and conditions list.
  6. Click on run and wait,you will be provided with a list of duplicate files.
  7. From the option on the left click on “Select the first dupes” button.
  8. Click on either Delete checked files or Move checked files.
  9. That’s it.You have successfully identified and deleted the files from your computer.
Always remember that do not scan your windows system folder and if in case you lose any important files from your computer am not responsible for it.Use this tool with caution.

5 Best Tools to Clean Internet Junk Files from your Computer

When you browse through internet from your internet browser you will leave several traces behind such as histories,cookies,user data and temporary sex chat rooms files.All of these unwanted data are stored on your computer’s hard drive.To keep your computer clean you must remove all of those useless data and to do so today am proving you the 5 best tools to clean the internet traces from your computer.

clean internet junk files

5 Best Tools to Clean Internet Junks from your Computer


clean internet junk files
CCleaner is one of the best tool which can clean all the unnecessary files from all the brands of browsers like internet explorer,firefox and chrome.It can perform several other operations such as removing a program from your computer,Fix your registry files… CCleaner provides facility for removing only the unwanted data such as cookies rather than removing all of the traces.

2.Free Internet Eraser

clean internet junk files
Free Internet Explorer is a matt skiba and heather dating similar tools like CCleaner which can remove the history that are made by our windows system and Internet browsers.This tool also provided facilities such as clearing the temporarily stored internet files.

3.System and Internet Washer Pro

clean internet junk files
System and Internet Washer Pro is an advanced system and internet junk file cleaner.Using this software you can clear your browsing history,download history,cookies,temporary files and additionally it has windows system cleaner.Every tasks are separated in different tabs which helps us to quickly navigate and clean the system.

4.Real Time Cookie and Cache Cleaner

clean internet junk files
Real time cookie and cache differs from the other cleaners we have seen till now.RTC3 has the ability to clean all the cookies,cache files,histories and temporary files at the time of browsing itself.It supports most of the popular browsers such as firefox,chrome.This software is not free but still it is free to try.

5.Tracks Eraser Pro

clean internet junk files
Tracks Eraser Pro has been extended its functionality to use some advanced features other than the regular basic features like clearing histories and temporary files.Before erasing a file,you can take a trial for removing those files.File shredder is an additional option that allows you to remove any type of file from its root from your system.


All of these internet cleaning softwares comes very handy in most of the situations.If you are satisfied with the above product then you can purchase the pro version from their official website.

Download Viber for Windows and Mac PC

Viber is one of the most wanted application which has already left its trademark in the mobile platform and to begin with this post downloading viber for windows/mac is a one minute process.For those who doesn’t know what viber is then read the introduction below before proceeding with the downloading of viber .

Viber is a free,reputed and trusted application that can be downloaded for mobile platforms such as iPhone, Android, Bada,Windows Mobile and Blackberry.Viber became familiar by allowing people to call any person for free who has viber installed on their mobile phone.Not only for calling it can also be used for messaging,image sharing etc.

Download Viber for Windows and Mac PC

Viber has answered all of your prayers and the company has brought its application for download to the computer platform.Viber has millions of users on the mobile platform and it is the best competitor for whatsApp.
To make Viber to stand high they have released their official software versions for windows and mac.Assuming that whatsApp has not yet released its official version for personal computers and laptops,viber has taken a step ahead and this might be the only chance for them to overtake whatsApp.

Official Website to Download Viber for PC

  1. Open  Viber website from your browser.
  2. Select either Windows/Mac appropriately and click on “get viber” to download it.
  3. On the installation wizard select “yes” if you have viber on phone.
  4. Next window asks for mobile number , fill it and click on continue.
  5. If you have an outdated version of viber installed in your mobile phone then it asks you to download the newer version and update it and then try it again later.
  6. If you have the updated version of viber in your mobile phone then it sends you the activation code to your mobile.
  7. Enter the number and now you can use viber from your windows or mac.
You might have heard about the other difficult installation methods of viber such as bluestack emulator,just put an end for all of these emulators because now viber is on air for free download from its official website.If you are a fan of viber then go and grab your copy of viber before anyone else does.

Tutorial to install Eclipse With Android SDK in Windows

Eclipse is an development environment which will allow the programmers to code in their own projects with ease.This tutorial is to setup and install eclipse onto your computer and configure it with the Android Software Development Kit.Let us break this tutorial into three sections.

  • Installing Eclipse.
  • Adding Android SDK into eclipse.
  • Emulating Android Virtual Device.

Steps to install eclipse on windows :

  1. Download Eclipse from its official website : Download Eclipse
  2. Once you download the package open the folder and start the eclipse program.

Adding Android SDK plugins into eclipse :

  1. Inside the eclipse software go to Help => Eclipse marketplace.
  2. Search for “Android Adt” in the search bar and install the Android development tools for eclipse provided by google.
  3. Next inside eclipse go to window =>android sdk manager.
  4. In the sdk manager select both the tools under “tools” folder and also select the necessary tools under the android packages you need.For example select all the tools under android 4.1.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom and select the extra tools that you need and finally click on install packages.

Note : The download process may take very long time based on your internet speed. 

If you have downloaded the SDK source from other websites then kindly set the path for android sdk by selecting window => preferences.

Emulating Android Virtual Device :

  1. Under eclipse go to window => AVD Manager.
  2. Click on new and type in a name for your device.
  3. Select the Google API that we have downloaded earlier.
  4. Leave other things as it is and click on create AVD.

That’s it.Eclipse and Android SDK are ready to be used now.Whenever you write a code for android under eclipse just run it as an Android program and you will see your project in the android virtual device.Some bluetooth function might not work properly in the virtual device.

5 Best Photo editing softwares for photographers

A single touch in a photo-editing software can give your normal photo an professional look , so that is the reason why most of the photographers retouch their photos inside the photo editing tools.Such image editing softwares can be easily used and when you play around with it you will get to know in-depth about that software.I will suggest you few image manipulating softwares that you could use it in your day-to-day life.
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5 Photo Editing Softwares Every Photographers Must Have :


photo editing softwares

Adobe Photoshop is very well known by everyone which is almost pinned with every tool you require for editing an image.All those additional effects like hue,saturation,masking,contrast,noise filtering etc gives your photo an outstanding look at the end.If you are not familiar with working in photoshop there are several tutorial available for free on youtube,so make use of them and start your project now.
Download Photoshop : Download


Also check : Camera 360 app for selfie stick.

2.GIMP :

photo editing softwares

Gimp is a free photo editing software which is available for both linux and windows platforms.Gimp has very accurate tools and most of them can be accessed from the toolbox itself.Gimp is no match with photoshop but it has some special tools that photoshop doesnt.
Download Gimp : Download


photo editing softwares

Tintii is a free photo editing software which is available for both windows and linux users.Tintii can be used by photographers for various special purposes like photo manipulation,Black to color etc.Working with hue,saturation and lightness adjustment is very easy in tintii.It can also be used as a plugin with photoshop.
It focuses only on color adjustments and so it helps photographers for making minor tweaks in their photos.
Download tintii : Download


photo editing softwares

Inkscape is an open source graphics editor that gives an realistic experience with the image manipulation as it is based on the vector graphics editing.Once you start to use this tool you wont go for any other software.There are plenty of vector graphics editing software but only few stands out and one such software is inkscape.
Download Inkscape : Download 


photo editing softwares
Pixelmator is a powerful image editing tool which is available only for MAC users.New features like retina display is been optimised for new Macbook users.Layers,transparnecy,Text adjustment tools and many others make this software a remarkable one.
Download Pixelmator : Download

Conclusion :

You may like this too : Best windows softwares for you
All the above softwares has the ability to give you the better result but it depends on the way you use them.If you aren’t satisfied with the above image editors then drop your views in the comment section.

Best windows softwares you must have

Best windows softwares you must have

Here i have provided some information about the best windows softwares and tools which you might have not known till now.These are very essential for every person who uses the computer regularly.Okay here we go..

List of Best windows Softwares :


best windows softwares
Notepad++ is an open source software which is an best alternative for your basic notepad.Notepad++ can read and edit any type of source codes such as c,c++,php etc.Special feature that makes it separate from the other editor is that in notepad++ you can record your screen while you type.This feature is useful when you want to create a tutorial and release it on some video sharing sites like youtube etc.Here is the download link : Notepad++
For recording the screen you can also try this : Record your screen


best windows softwares
TeamViewer is a tool which will allow a user to control other person’s computer through internet.Teamviewer allows users to share their screen,download and upload files to the remote computer and much more, i remember once i turned off my friends computer using TeamViewer.For this both the person’s must have teamviewer installed on their system.This is very simple to install and once you have installed it on your computer and all you have to do is to ask the userID and Password to the person whom you need to connect with and thats it.You can get it here : TeamViewer


best windows softwares
As the name suggests , Recuva is a tool for windows that allows you to recover the deleted files on your system and even from your memory cards.This will be surely useful incase of accidental deletion of a file or loss of file due to a virus.
Get the free version here : Recuva , For full version of this software just torrent it!
Check here how to recover a deleted data : Recover-Deleted-Files


best windows softwares
Picasa is the product of google which allows you to view,edit and manage all kinds of photos inside your computer.Picasa can support all kinds of image file formats it has a very stylish user interface.Not only this but also picasa has an inbuilt technology to detect the faces from your photos.Get the software from the official website : Picasa


best windows softwares
CCleaner is used by millions of people across the globe and it is a system optimisation tool which will clean your internet history,potentially harmful files and other unused files.This can also fix your invalid registry files and other bugs in your system.You can download the free version from here : CCleaner

6.Total Video Converter

best windows softwares
Total Video Converter is a video converting software that supports almost any kind of formats.TVC also has an inbuilt video player which can render any video file format and play it with ease.The trial version is for limited period usage :Total-video-converter
These are some best windows softwares as far as i know and if i have missed anything just mention in the comments.

Lock a folder-the easy way

Lock a folder-the easy way

How to lock a folder ?In today’s world there are lots of things that are to be hidden from our friends,parents and even to your husband or wife.Maintaining secrets are difficult in our real life but not with machines.In this post let me tell you how to lock a folder,hide them,password protect them and keep them safe from anyone who uses your computer.I know you may want to hide a folder because it must contains some personnel data that you may have to hide from your parents or may be a project file that you should hide them from your other co-workers and employees. Whatever the reason may be , the solution is one.Lets see!

lock a folder using Folder Lock :

There are lots of applications and softwares available in the market for free that did the same job as other folder locking software does.But the difference is the paid softwares are always guaranteed and trust worthy.For example there may be lots of small locks available in the shops but have you ever thought why do you always prefer for the big one ?You think the thief will find difficult to break a lock which is little big in size?Certainly not! It is for our satisfaction.Likewise Using a paid software is for our own satisfaction.Even a folder can be hidden using a notepad file.But put that aside, we are going to use a software called folder lock which is very easy to use like peeling a banana.

How to install folder lock :

    • Download the latest version of folder lock from this link : Lock a folder
    • Open the software and immediately click next.
lock a folder
    • Select a particular place to save your software.
lock a folder
    • This is the important step where you need to select your master password for this software.
lock a folder
  • Once you lock a particular file using this software it can be unlocked only by using the master password.
  • Setting your name or simple text as a password has no use on it.So Choose the password wisely so that it cannot be guessed by others.
  • The green meter indicates the strength of the password.
  • Including characters,numbers,upper and lower case combination in a password makes it strong and difficult to break it.
  • Now you have successfully installed folder lock

How to lock a folder using folder lock :

    • Start your application and if you have purchased the software enter the key to activate it  or to try the software just click “Later” and move to the next step.
    • On the application window you will see a place to add items.Click the icon and select Add file or Add folders
lock a folder
  • Now Select the folder you wish to lock and select open.Immediately the status will change to lock.
  • Click the remove button to unlock a locked file or a folder.
  • Inorder to change your password select settings then choose password security.
  • Enter your current password and click “change master password”.
  • Once again enter your current password and your new password twice and select okay .This will reset your password.

Not only this you can carry your locked file through pendrive still in the protected state.Using the “protect USB/CD” option this is possible.
Remember anytime you can uninstall this software and this does not require your password !
If you are interested in hiding a file in a different way then check this post on how to hide a file and you may also like Binding a file with another.
Keep visiting this website to know more on how to lock a folder and other tricks.Do not forget to subscribe us!

How to video capture

How to video capture ?

You may be in need to capture screen because you wanted to record the video on webcam or you need to record a video tutorial on your screen .There are lots of questions being asked on how to capture video? , How do i video capture my screen? , how do i record my screen ? For all these questions there is a simple answer.
To capture your screen download the camtasia studio software from here : CamtasiaStudio(trial version)
If you need a free full version then torrent it. Don’t know to torrent ? check here : how to torrent

You don’t wish to pay ? download a simple open source recorder for window.(totally free) : downlaod

What you can do with this camtasia studio software?
You get Camtasia Theater , Menumaker and Player along with the download.
  • Record your screen .
  • Edit the video your have recorded.
  • Add captions to the video.
  • Add effects to the mouse pointer in the video.
  • Record your voice or add related audio clips.
  • Zoom-in and Zoom-out effects.
  • Select custom screen or full screen for recording.
  • Record your webcam.
  • Add Mouse click sounds and much more…

How to record the screen with Camtasia Recorder ?

Once you install your product, open the software and select video recording
You will see something like this :

Select the settings and when you are ready click the record button . Do not worry , the recorder will be hidden during the recording and only the screen is captured.
Finally press F10 to stop the video.
Other tips :
How to convert the video ?
To convert your video to any format check here : convert any video .
How to capture only the image ? (screenshot)
  • Press the PrtScr button on your keyboard.It is used to print the screen.
  • Now go to paint , photoshop , gimp , picasa  or any image editing software.
  • Rightclick => paste . Now you can edit the photo and save it to your computer.
How to upload the videos to youtube ?
  • Create an account in youtube and Login.
  • Click the upload button you find next to youtube search bar.
  • Select the videos from your computer.
  • See the tutorial here : How to uplaod youtube video in 3 steps
If you find this tutorial usefull then share it and don’t forget to subscribe us.Leave your comments.

Free video converter —> "any video converter"

Here in 2012, we have so many gadgets with us, mp3 player, mp4 player, sony walkman, ANDROID phones, iphones, etc etc, and all this have one thing in common: “all the devices play video”. Unfortunately the video files we have in our computers (AVI,mp4 etc) wont play in all devices. here we turn to free video converters to convert them for us. Most free video converters have very limited functionality but there are a few free video converters that give full functionality and freedom .
I can safely say that the free video converter we are going to discuss about is open source!…

I have found a very comprehensive free video converter and its called “any video converter” .
I downloaded this a few days ago and put it to the test!

You can find the free video converter here (click to download)

The stuff i have been doing with this converter is so much!! to give you an idea here are the things i have done.

  • convert any format to any format (all popular and known)
  • convert for any length (no restrictions)
  • download from famous video sites (you tube etc)
  • download in high quality and 1080HD
  • super fast conversions (processor/GPU dependent)
free video converter
This is the main  screen of  “any video converter”
Its got a very smart and intuitive interface. As we can see, the options are at the top, you can add videos  using the “add video files”  and please do not forget to choose the format you want from the right hand side top…
there are numerous formats to choose from, this screen shot will give you an idea..
free video converter 

again after selecting the type of device you can further select what type of particular format you want!!! its simply awesome !

This free video converter is the best..
you can find the free video converter here (click to download)

why pay 50$? when you can get these type of free video converters?