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India has the second largest telecommunication system and there are more than 929.37 million mobile phone users in India as of 2012 (Reference: Wikipedia). Using this article you will learn how to trace owner name, location, operator of a mobile number inside India. I found several ways to trace mobile number but most of the websites, restrict the users to view the owner of the mobile phone. But soon i discovered a good website that shows even the name of the mobile number along with the map location.

trace owner name of any mobile number in india

Trace Mobile Number Owner Name and Location in India

UPDATED 2020 : 
Looking to trace someone’s Car, Bike address? check this : Vehicle Registration Details
I would like to mention here that using a simple trick you can find most of the mobile owners name by just adding them to your contact and opening their contact in Whatsapp. This method works atleast 1 out of 5 times if they are not privacy protected.
Ok, Incase if this doesn’t work then you can follow the below mention all time working method :
i know you are very eager to know the website for tracing and locating someone and so i‘m providing the  detailed method below to trace a mobile phone’s owner name.

Steps to trace Mobile NUMBER and the owner’s name

Search below with Number and Country code directly (UPDATED 2014)

  1. Go to truecaller website.
  2. Select the country as India and enter the phone number you need to trace.
    trace owner name of any mobile number in india
  3. Click on the search button and login with any of the provided social networks.
  4. It shows you the owner’s name of the provided mobile number.
  5. I likely found mine. See the below image.
    trace owner name of any mobile number in india

So i was just curious how did this website traced my number and i thought that as i logged in with my social network account it would have traced from it.So what i did was tried some other number which was not on any of my social networks and i got the result as below.

trace owner name of any mobile number in india
Even thought the location of the number was incorrect I found that the owner’s name was absolutely right. I was wondering how did they get the details of a number which was not on any of the social networks?
Finally, when i was staring at their page i found out a download link which allows you to download this application to the mobile phone. Ah!! Now it’s clear how they were able to fetch details.
When someone downloads their application and install it on their mobile phone, this website truecaller scans all of their contacts from their mobile phone and saves them to the truecaller’s contacts directory.
The website also provides you a small video clipping showing you how it’s done. If you feel it’s unsafe to have your name on their directory, then you can simply remove your number from their website by following the below procedure.

Steps to Unlist yourself from Truecaller

  1. Go to TruecallerUnlist
  2. Select your country, type in your number.
  3. Enter the captcha and click enter.
    trace owner name of any mobile number in india
  4. As you can see I have unlisted my name from true caller and when I searched for it again it said “No Match Found“.
    trace owner name of any mobile number in india

To download their mobile application, view their site through mobile and select the platform to download.

How to Trace a Location and Operator of a Mobile Number

So far we have found the owner’s name using truecaller website, but the limitation with truecaller is that it doesn’t always shows the proper location of the mobile number. So to identify the mobile phone’s location and operator i have provided a better website from which you could gather your desired results.

Steps to trace a Mobile Number’s Location and Operator

  1. Go to IndiaOnAPage website.
  2. Enter the mobile number and hit trace, you are done.
    trace owner name of any mobile number in india

I hope you this article had made you to trace the owner’s name,operator,location of a particular mobile phone number and if you find this article useful, kindly share it.

If you can’t trace mobile number  name or location then kindly leave a comment below so that you might get  name from our visitors.

Most Frequently Asked Questions : 

  1. A person Stole money from me and I have his number, How do I track him?

You need the help of police for this purpose as tracking the exact location using GPS is only possible by government officials.

2. A person is using his contact and blackmailing me, how should I trace him?

What are you going to do after tracing him? This is a serious case where you need help from police. Contact them immediately!

3. Someone is using abusive words from random numbers, how can I find his name?

Using one of the above mentioned service you can get his name but if the SIM card is new then the name might not be registered in the Truecaller database.

4.My boyfriend is messaging to a girl, Can I track the number using Whatsapp number?

Whatsapp number of girls are 90% kept private but you can give a try by saving their number on your phone.

5.I lost my mobile phone and I want to trace where it is now, Is it possible?

There are many ways to do this but the precautions must have been done before. There are few softwares that allow you to set a secondary phone number to be alerted when the SIM card is changed from your phone. If you have an iPhone you can use Find my iPhone Application and find the exact location if the internet is still turned on in your phone.

Trace (Car)Vehicle Registration Details: Owner Address by Number Plate

It is very easy to check any vehicle registration details if you follow the exact steps that I’m going to provide you here in this article. If you are trying to know the information about you RTO registration details, or if you are trying to trace some car owner using their number plate and locate their address then you are at the right place. let’s go more into the steps for tracing the car registration details directly now.

Note : If you are trying to track a vehicle in case of Hit and Run or theft related incidents then kindly contact your nearby police station and file an FIR.

Tracing Vehicle Registration Owner Address Details by Number Plate:

Back in 2009 there was not many options to find an owner using their car number and the only option was to ask your friend who’s working in govt RTO office or by asking your contacts in police but those happens mostly only in movies. Similarly there were not many methods available to trace mobile number owner but in 2017 things are changed. It is very easy to lookup anything with the help of internet and here you are going to read one such kind of article below.

There are two methods using which you can trace the car number using the number plate:

  1. Using SMS
  2. From website

Trace Car/Bike Vehicle Owner using SMS:

Provided from the ministry of road transport and highways, a simple method to get any registered vehicle information just by sending an SMS. The method is explained below in detail :

  • Type “VAHAN VehicleNumber” from your text message.
  • Send it to 7738299899

For example if the vehicle number is TN38CD0588 and you want to trace it then send message to 7738299899 as


Wait for About 5 minutes and you will receive a reply from DZ-VAAHAN with the details of the registered number.

Please note that SMS charges will be applied as per your network provider.

Car/Bike Vehicle Details that are provided are :

  • Vehicle Owner name
  • Vehicle Owner serial number (1st owner, 2nd owner…)
  • Bike/Car Vehicle Model
  • Registered RTO office
  • Expiry date of Vehicle

Track Bike/Car Registration Details from Website:

This is a free method to check vehicle registration details such as owner name, address and RTO where the vehicle is registered.

Websites to check Vehicle Information: 

It’s a straight forward method where you just need to enter the vehicle number in the given box in those websites and you will get the information quickly.

In both the websites I’ve used TN38CD0588 for the vehicle number.


Remember to Fill in the CAPTCHA.


In some cases because of the restriction from the RTO office, the name, address might not be provided and in such cases you need to contact the RTO office directly to know the details.

These 2 above mentioned method must work as described but incase if they don’t work then you can atleast make use of the below document I’m uploading to find some details about the vehicle registration details.

Download the Document here : City Wise RTO List

Do you have a better way to check the transport information? kindly leave a comment below regarding them and I will update the post if it’s useful.

Not clear about my post? Let me know in the comments.

Note: The featured image depicted on the top is just for a fancy reference and it is not any exact representation related to this article.