Best Mobile Camera Lens in India 2021 under 1000 Rs

Best Mobile Camera Lens in India 2021 under 1000: Today I will share you how to choose the best mobile camera lens under 1000 in India that will allow you to take top quality photos. It is now easy to capture, share or download better camera pictures. These smartphone lenses make everyday life easier for photographers and are both less bulky and more practical than conventional cameras. Even if they have better camera quality in terms of obtaining exceptional images and photos, it should unfortunately be noted that they offer poor camera details.

This disadvantage is further accentuated when a user wishes, for example, to admire a flower or another element in macro mode (because of the blur). It is in this context that the lenses for Smartphone were conceived.

The objective (or lens) is one of the accessories par excellence for mobile phones. It makes them fun and playful, and improves their photographic functionality. It is discreet, light and practical, and comes in different types (wide angle, macro, fish-eye and zoom). It changes the viewing angle of the Smartphone and is also suitable for selfie lovers. By opting for such an accessory, it is certain that you will be able to capture magnificent landscapes, all this in a professional way.

If you are looking for an accessory that will allow you to transform your phone into a powerful and efficient DSLR level camera, consider buying a lens.

Choosing the Best Mobile Camera lens in India 2021 under 1000?

There are 4 types of smartphone lenses:

  • the zoom: as its name suggests, it improves the zoom of the Smartphone, without this having an impact on the quality of the photos. It is therefore presented as the best alternative to the zoom of the cell phone;
  • wide angle: when the surface area of ​​the element to be photographed is large, this type is the most recommended. It is considered the best ally of travel enthusiasts because it gives them a good perspective. It also appeals to lovers of landscape photos;
  • the macro: it is ideal for the observation of the surrounding world, and this in a precise way (its operating principle is almost identical to that of the magnifying glass). For an optimal rendering, it is advisable to place it near the element to be captured (otherwise, your images will be blurry). It delights lovers of nature photos;
  • the fisheye (or “fish eye”): it brings a circular deformation to the images, thanks to its significant curvature. It offers a 180 ° viewing angle and is therefore suitable for those who want to get photos with amazing and unusual effects.

Types of glasses

Several types of lenses being available on the market (optical, HD, etc.), it is up to you to choose the one that best meets your expectations. Please remember that the type and quality of glasses is closely related to the clarity of the images.

The weight

First of all, it is important to point out that the Smartphone lens is a relatively light accessory (its weight is generally almost identical to that of the phone). Whichever model you are interested in, so it is sure that it will not get in the way of your use.

Anyway, it should be noted that some lenses are lighter than others. They are therefore to be favored (taking their performance into account all the same).

Additional accessories

Smartphone lenses are most often sold in kit form. The latter thus includes a large number of accessories and they will seduce you for their practicality and ease of use. You will therefore have at your disposal a remote control (ideal for taking control of the phone remotely via Bluetooth), a selfie stick, a telephoto lens (with a more or less important zoom), a mini-tripod, clips, covers and a support.

The brand

Several brands offer Smartphone lenses on the market, some of which are better known than others. When buying your accessory, you will also need to pay attention to its brand. To help you, know that the best manufacturers are ExoLens, Moment, Olloclip, Aukey, Pixter, Jopree, Nelomo, Apexel,…

Apexel 12x/24x macro lens VS Skyvik X, Pro

Considering the best mobile camera lens in India 2021 below 1000 Rs the first two famous and competitive lenses in the market brands are Apexel and Skyvik.

Apexel 12x/24x MacroSkyvik Signi X 20x
999 Rs.999 Rs.
Focus Distance is moreFocus distance is less
Can be used from farneed to go closer to the object
Comes with a clipComes with detachable clip

Both these come so close when comparing to a best mobile camera lens under in India under 1000 Rs. but if you want to take pictures of close up insects then I would recommend Apexel because of it focal distance.

If you are clicking a stable picture of eyes or a flower then I’d recommend going with Skyvik X because of its corner blurs and center focus clarity.

Pitfalls to avoid when buying a Smartphone Lens in India under 1000

Before jumping into the world of smartphone lenses, it is essential to ask yourself the right questions. This step is essential because it will allow you to avoid possible traps:

  • what types of shots do you want to take?
  • what are the conditions under which you want to do it?
  • how often will you use it?
  • do you prefer models marketed as kits or sold separately?
  • how much are you willing to shell out for a smartphone lens?
  • Is a mobile camera lens in india 2021 under 1000Rs is better than 500Rs?

Also give importance to the practicality of the accessory that interests you. You must indeed have all the necessary details and information, that is to say the handling, the compatibility with the telephone, the assembly,… After having taken all these elements into account, you will then have to determine the place of ‘purchase. Whether you prefer to buy your lens in a store specializing in the sale of high-tech equipment, a brand store or on the Internet, know that the last word is yours. If you have the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to seek advice from professionals in the field or consult comparison sites.

In addition, do not forget to check the compatibility of the lens with your Smartphone.

Best Mobile Camera Lens in India under 1000

Advantages of a Mobile Camera lens:

The Smartphone lens offers a number of advantages, so that it will be your best companion in everyday life.Utilisation facility

Whether clip-on or not, the Smartphone lens is easy to use. You will only have to fix it on your device and can then enjoy its performance. So no need to be a professional photographer to use it.Compatibility

One of the main advantages of this accessory is its compatibility. It can indeed be combined with a Samsung, iPhone, Windows Phone,… which will allow you to benefit from a good photographic experience. Plus, it doesn’t negatively impact the phone’s flash and is great for varying shots.

However, you will generally need to have a suitable clip to use on any Smartphone.Practicality

As mentioned earlier, the Smartphone lens is sold as a kit. It is therefore very practical and facilitates the daily life of users. It allows them in particular to achieve a macro (the zoom can reach X15), a fish-eye (angle of view at 180 ° and magnification of X0.33), a wide angle (magnification of X0.4 and angle of view at 140 °) and an optical zoom (X22).Small footprint

Due to its small dimensions, the Smartphone lens takes up little space. It is also light and compact, and will thus avoid clutter. It can be easily slipped into a bag or a case, and will allow you to move around with ease.

For more convenience, some lenses are also marketed with their own storage pouch.

How much does a Smartphone lens cost?

For those who wish to purchase a Smartphone lens with a satisfactory price / quality ratio, they are advised to carefully study all the criteria mentioned above. The price of such equipment varies depending on the brand, compatibility, practicality and available accessories. But keep in mind that you won’t have to break the bank to buy one.

Unless you want to get pictures with remarkable rendering and then publish them on National Geographic for example, it is not necessary to spend more than 5,000 Rupees for a smartphone lens. For good quality mobile camera lens in India, you will need to spend between 1000 and 3500 Rupees . At a lower price, you will have a lower end product at your disposal.

Conclusion :

Even if the Smartphone lens is not yet well known to the general public, the fact remains that it is an essential accessory. India is a booming business segment for China phones like Vivo, Oppo and Oneplus which capitalizes the camera segment and so any user who is buying this for selfie or any reason would like to test their skills around mobile photography and so the best mobile camera lens in India 2021 under 1000 would be the cheapest option they would consider. It improves photos taken using a mobile phone, even whether you activate the zoom or not. 

It appeals not only to selfie enthusiasts, but also to people who like “fish eye” (or fisheye) type photos. It will also allow you to freeze all your wonderful moments through pictures that are at the same time authentic, clear and original. The connection is made via Bluetooth technology, so you can use it without needing the help of a third party. Rather than investing in purchasing a camera or a professional camera, it is better to opt for a Smartphone lens.

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