How to Get a Paypal Account in just 2 Minutes.

A frequent question which is put forward nowadays by my readers is that “what is paypal and how do i get one?” and now in this article i’m going to solve your question with a simple answer.Creating a paypal account doesn’t even takes 2 minutes but before that we will see what is paypal and where it would be useful to us ?


What’s Paypal ?

Paypal is a highly secured website which allows any registered user to make online transactions.A person who has a paypal account can shop online,make payments,receive payments,get donations directly to your paypal account.Most of the online shopping websites such as amazon provides the option to purchase the product using paypal.You need to link your credit card details with the paypal account inorder to make purchases online.It’s always not necessary to remember your card details for online transcations,it’s just enough to remember your Paypal ID and password.
Note : For starting a paypal account you need not compulsorily need a credit card.Also read : 6 Best Online Shopping Sites in India

How to Get a Paypal Account in just 2 Minutes ?

Getting a paypal is account is free and they do not charge you even a penny.Let’s get started…
  1. Go to Paypal Website.
  2. Click on Sign up button on the top.
  3. Select your country,Click on Get started under An account for individuals.
  4. Fill in all your details and click on Agree and Create account ( Remember PAN card number is a mandatory field ).
  5. That’s it you have successfully created your account.

How to Link a Credit Card with Paypal

  1. Log into your Paypal account.
  2. You will be taken to your Overview panel under My Accounts tab.
  3. You can know the paypal balance you have in your account.
  4. On the right sid,under Notifications click on Link debit/credit card.
  5. Fill in your credit card details and finally click on Link card.


Now you know how simple we have created a paypal account and linked it with the credit card details within few minutes.You can also learn how to create microsoft account in just 2 steps.
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