How-to : Find the IP address of Email Sender in Gmail

Every email service provider almost offers a email service without charging any cost and it is very much useful and a very fast way of communicating with the people around the world. The most important information like the documents and messages can be sent through the emails with free of cost as well. But some users use this mailing facility for a illegal purposes like spaming the unknown persons or the organizations etc.

Now if the Gmail want to keep a data of the IP Address of email sender in Gmail and here is tutorial for you to guide on how to do it. Gmail is the most popular emails service provider which has millions of users and in case if the sender happens to use a third party email clients like the available thunderbird or the GMAIL app then the IP address can be known very easily.

Find the IP address of Email Sender in Gmail

Step 1: Login to Gmail Account with the user credentials

Step 2: Open the email from Gmail account for which you wish to find the IP address for.

Step 3: Now just click on the inverted image which is present on the screen

trace the send of mail

Step 4: click on show original in the drop down list available

Step 5: Next see some image below which is visible on the screen.

Step 6: Now, press CTRL + F on your keyboard to open up search bar

Step 7: Search for Received: from- type this in the search bar

Step 8: Now you’ll see Received: from is which is visible on a highlighted font and in the line you find the IP address of sender .

trace IP address of mail

Now you have the IP address of the sender who is sending the Email using Gmail. If your requirement is

That’ it! Now you have the IP address of the Email sender in Gmail.  Depending upon your requirement you can use this IP address to track the location of the sender using IP address tracking tools.

Pro Tip about Gmail:

  • Ctrl can be used to Compose email in a New Tab.
  • Any email can be deletedby Right clicking on it and then selecting the delete option.
  • Any email can be added to Archive by Right clicking on it and then select Archive  
  • Always sign out before you want to shut down your system or leave your computer to keep your account safe


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