Why Facebook Marked your Website as Spam ? Here’s the Solution

The number of users in Facebook is now more than 1.2 Billion and is still growing , It is very difficult for a company to manage as many users. So Facebook is keeping updating their security system to prevent illegal actions happening in Facebook. As we already know that Facebook’s main server explores more than the size of 3 Football grounds combined together. Facebook started to roll out several updates starting from the page algorithm update, Javascript disabling, Anti-spamming feature and much more.

One such update is the website URL spam prevention which is very common nowadays with the users. But even many innocent website’s gets affected too because of this update and if you think your website is legitimate and still getting the blacklisted by Facebook then this article will be very helpful for you to beat around the bush. When Facebook’s algorithm finds that a website is a spam then it will start to display Captcha for that website when someone is sharing that particular link.

Why your Website is Considered as Spam by Facebook ?

Facebook spams a site for many reason and the most common reasons for a website to get blacklisted as a spam by FB are given below.

1. You are sharing too many links of your site on Facebook groups and Pages.

2. The site your shared contains adult contents which made Facebook users to report the site.

3. You share the same link repeatedly again and again and there are no other shares happening for that link.

4. You are scheduling the same post in more than 5 different pages and groups to be shared at the same time.

5. A bunch of people had marked your site for performing scam activities.

Facebook’s TOS that should be Noted before sharing a website link on your wall or page or a group.

1. You are not supposed to share a website link that downloads something when clicked on it.

2. Websites which has pop-ups directly on their landing page should not be shared on FB.

3. Bad reputation on WEB OF TRUST. ( So what’s that WOT means ? Discussed below at the end)

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What to Do When Facebook Marks your Website as Spam ?

There are certain measures which you must need to take care when you find that Facebook is marking your site as spam.

First of all check whether you are doing some fishy things against the Facebook’s TOS. If you’re not practicing any of the blacklisted method then you can follow the steps below :

1. Go to the link here where you can claim to Facebook that your website is a genuine one and has been mistakenly considered as a spam. Once you click on the link you will have to fill the “Website URL” which is being considered as spam by Facebook. Select the option to which exactly the link you are sharing leads to. Enter an brief description for why you are thinking that the link you share might have been considered as a spam by FB and give them the reason why it’s actually not.

share spam link on facebook

2. Facebook has a tie up with the third party extension called as “Web Of Trust“. When someone finds your website as a poor quality and if they have installed this extension on their system then they will mark your site’s quality as poor. When this is repeated by several users worldwide then Facebook spam team comes into action while you are sharing your bad quality website. So what you have to do is ask your friends to Install the “WOT extension on their browser and ask them to support your website by rating your website in green.

sharing spam link on facebook

How to Share Website Link Even-though Facebook Considers it as Spam ?

If you find that your website is not against the TOS and the link you are sharing are genuine then there must be something wrong with the Facebook’s side only.So tricking them would not be considered as wrong because they have a poor algorithm to detect whether a website is spam or not.

Go to the URL shortening website such as bit.ly and hide you website’s link behind the shortened link. In bit.ly you can simple paste the URL you want to share on Facebook and click on the “Shorten” button.

why facebook spams your website

Now share the shortened link on Facebook and that must manipulate Facebook from considering it as a spam link. If you find that FB is blocking the shortening service then try using the other free URL shortening websites.

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    1. Shortened links will not be penalized but if on any particular day they might ban the entire shortening website link itself. That means bit.ly website itself will be penalized but do not worry there are thousands of alternatives if one goes down.

  1. I always hide my websites link under shortened url’s to prevent my website from marking as spam by Google. For a newly launched blog, social media is the only way to drive traffic. so we should shorten the url and post it in facebook to avoid spam.

  2. my domain name is blocked, i used bitly and many shorten url bt always showing the same that you domain buzzpickers.com might be unsafe, what to do now?

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