Boost Download Speed On Windows Xp/7/8/8.1 in 2014

If you are searching for this topic on “How to increase download speed” , then you must be one of my kind. Few things i wanted to tell you before getting into the topic is each and every stuffs posted in this website are personally tried and experimented by me and the other authors of this blog and so you need not worry anything about giving it a try. So you arise a question how to increase download speed . huh ? Tough one to answer.The true fact is that you can only get for what you have. But definitely i am going to tell you a way on how to increase your download speed to the maximum level.
We will start this with a small test. Here i am suggesting you a few software and why don’t you download them and try all of them ? Exactly i know you dont have much time, so i will do it for you. Here we are going to test the major downloading software available in the market  to download a file of 7MB simultaneously and see which one of the downloader is going to grab it first.

How to Speed up the Download Speed

The downloading softwares are
  • Internet Download Manager
  • Download Accelerator Plus

See this is hard to digest that i have not included the other downloaders and the default inbuilt downloaders of your browser because the reason is as they can’t compete with this two major products.Trust me.

The results for downloading the 7MB file is here in the below screenshot where DAP downloaded the product twice faster than IDM.Have a look .

I prefer IDM because it is faster and consistent where as DAP may be faster at few times but it is not consistent.
Fine let us talk about the winner.

Advantage of using Internet Download Manager :

  • Fully integrated with the browser.
  • Accelerates download upto 5 times faster than a normal download.
  • It has a SiteGrabber which can be used to download a whole site for future purpose.
  • Resume capability , Restarts Broken or Interrupted downloads.
  • IDM can download torrent files faster ( Read further to know how).

Advantage of IDM over DAP :

  • DAP recommends Tons of toolbar suggestion during downloading and IDM is completey ad free.
  • DAP splits files and rarely causes data loss,where IDM is error free.
  • Unlike IDM , DAP cannot be used to download a file with the ” accelerated speed ” under few circumstances. If you are a premium user you would have known it.
  • DAP is best compared to other download managers but not with IDM.

 How to download torrents using Internet Download Manager :

Did you know that downloading a torrent file through IDM is faster than downloading it through torrent clients like utorrent , vuze etc ?

  • Go to and signup for a free account
  • Now search for the torrent file you want to download with IDM and download the torrent file.(Use google or to search the torrent files.)
  • Then go to and click the upload button.
  • Select the torrent file you have downloaded previously and hit go.

In few minutes your torrent will be downloaded .But a small disadvantage of using IDM is you cannot resume the torrent file using it.So if the file is small then use this method.

Final conclusion is IDM is better than DAP in many ways.So download it from here : Download
If you are satisfied with the speed then go for premium , well dont have bucks ? torrent the full version for free .Comment welcomed!

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