How to share internet

how to share internet

Windows(7/xp sp3) is a great operating system and it actually can do more than you can supports ICS which simply means internet connection sharing.This  is a great feature but the only thing is that it can be a pain to configure and set it up.

Hence today I write to simplify that process using a different method, or rather to say a program which automates everything and makes life simple 🙂
This program that shares internet is called connetify 
It is a very useful program that uses a open source module called hostapd
Here is a small image of the program. this is used to share internet!

I have uploaded the installation files, including a crack. its very convenient
Simply click on the files(2 in total),, it will tell “no preview available” click the download button and you are good to go.!
Basic instructions to share internet
  1. download the file 
  2. install the installer first
  3. after install enter serial code from keygen(included)
  4. enjoy and share internet ! 
I have also made a small video tutorial to help you out. it will have more details and step by step instructions to share internet

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