how to unblock torrent websites in india.

How to unblock torrent websites in india

How to unblock torrent websites in india


Few days ago internet users in india would have noticed the above picture in the isohunt , thepiratebay and several other torrent websites.This is because these sites have been Blocked .Do you know why ? The Department of Telecom(DOT) has instructed the Internet Service providers(ISP) to block the torrent websites.This is not yet a official news and also few other internet providers like bsnl has not implemented this rule.But soon this will be implemented to all the ISP’s.Indian government has also ordered to sue few Social networking sites last month and this is very frustrating for most internet users and this action of the indian government will be the worst one ever.
How to unblock torrent websites in india :

Do not worry , even though the websites have been blocked by your service provider, you can still access the torrent websites and download files from it.
You have few choices now.

Updated june 8 2012 : The website link will be like “” . Instead of this try typing “https://the” .This can unblock torrent websites in india.

updated june 6 2012 : Download Ultrasurf and install it.Open the program and now you can browse any torrent site via your browser :  ultrasurf.
now you can unblock torrent websites in india using this method .

Proxy :  
Open any of the proxy link below and you will find a textbox to type the website’s address.Type inside the box such as “” and hit go ! you must see your website.
There are several others.The above three will surely work well with any browser and connection.
If you feel the speed is less then try the this trick : Increase torrent speed

TOR browser :
  • Download the brower from here : Download for windows
  • Open the downloaded file
  • Select a Folder to extract them
  • Go to the folder where you have extracted them
  • Double click on the ” Start tor browser “

You can browse any blocked website using this browser with a great speed and you can download files too For similar posts like How to unblock torrent websites in india subscribe us for free!

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