Listen to Free Music Online Without Downloading

We have selected the best websites to listen to free music online in this article  in which you only need an Internet connection of a certain quality, enabling you to hear the songs in MP3 quality at least. Almost all catalogs are extremely spacious and can be enjoyed openly. Many also offer paid versions (subscriptions) without limitation to dive into the world of music background or from mobile devices to take music anywhere. You can almost hear any songs online with multi-languages support like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and many other Indian and International languages as well.Also read : Top 10 websites to watch online movies for free.

Best websites to Listen to Free Music Online without Downloading

1. Spotify

spotify listen songs online music free

It is a real phenomenon that has revolutionized the world of music making that many people forget the shock and shopping or having to use your computer to store your songs.

The way to use it is to download a small software that acts as a music player while it is connected.

The catalog of about 10 million songs, plus many international hits including Spanish music; hearing can be arranged by artists, styles or popularity.

It has a “radio” for styles and you can sort the search results by different criteria. Besides all this, Spotify has versions for mobile devices (iPhone, Android and Symbian) and should not be connected also allows download songs to hear them offline.

It can be used for a free account, whose side effects between songs sometimes heard commercials or in the paid version by subscription: 5 euros per month with unlimited songs or 10 euros per month for the version allowing downloads, mobile version and high quality.

2. Grooveshark

grooveshark hear online music for free

It is one of the most powerful services with more than 22 million songs . With one click you can switch to the version in Castilian and from the browser to access the wide range that includes many songs in Spanish.

With a simple interface, a few clicks are enough in order to create playlists in which to save favorite songs.

The system also has a section called ‘Popular’ where you can see the songs favorite fashion community.

The radio works by offering an advanced recommendations system , so that once the system knows what songs we like will offer similar you’ve heard people with similar tastes.

GrooveShark is offered in two versions: free ads including occasionally and VIP version for about 3 euros per month, no ads or restrictions.

3. listen to free music

It was one of the first online music services offered songs and full MP3 quality; since then it has remained in the panorama improving its interface and the options offered.

One of its best features is the musical recommender: from some names of artists is capable of generating a “personalized radio” with songs that are like us.

The songs on the radio can be heard in full, and now allows you to test up to 30 free songs (the paid version costs 3 euros per month and is free of advertising). As in almost all of these services, allows songs purchased via download through partner stores such as the iTunes Store.

4. Deezer

deezer hear online music free

It is one of the most comfortable and stylish to use services, but their catalog is not as extensive as those of others, but includes artists and songs from Sony, Universal Records, among others, and you may find some Spanish music, especially in versions alternative (although this varies according to time).

It is available in free version almost Limitations, although two premium modes also exist: a basic 5 euros a month without advertising and with CD quality and a 10 euros per month with access via mobile and via download if not have Internet access at a given time.

5. Jamendo

Jamendo hear online songs

It’s another online music service but a little different, since it is aimed at artists who freely share their music. You will not find here a Madonna or Katy Perry.

It is rather alternative artists who have created licensed their songs so they can listen online or download, as they are shared with a Creative Commons license that allows you to enjoy them and even use them to create remixes, for example in music videos or productions otherwise.

It is an interesting place to discover new artists and also for new stars to showcase their music.

6. 8Tracks

8tranks listen music online

A site based on the principle of sharing playlists of other users, with at least 8 tracks.

Equity research (and lists) is done by clicking on a keyword at the top of the screen.

You can create a free account, but it comes with advertising. An “Eight plus” account is offered to eliminate advertising, $ 25 for 6 months (with satisfaction guarantee 14 days with full refund).

There are many other sites like that streams new and latest music online in all languages. So make use of it and enjoy your music.

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