If you want to send large amounts of data online, quickly presents a major challenge. Most email providers allow you to send data around 5- 20 mb ,which really sucks. But what to do if you would like to exchange large amounts of data with friends, colleagues or other forms? Should the data be hacked every time by the shipper into many small pieces so that you can be sent in several small mails? Apart from the multi-work, but it is the animal on the nerves.

Since we are constantly sending large data, we have made the search for free webmail service providers that enable us to deliver large data. If you’ve missed to read on how to transfer money online from one bank to the other. & Blind Code

With these two operators you can send each around 100 MB easily. Upload file and  specify how long you want the file located on the server. Then you get  a unique link that you need to pass only to the intended recipients. Ready!

how to send large files

Homepage URL :   
Homepage URL :

main big file allows you to send files around 100mb easily,but the thing is you need to give the reciptent’s mail address , and moreover the file stays live in the server only for five days

share big files online

Homepage: allows you to send files up to 500 MB by e-mail. Particularly the best part of it is there is no need of registering  You simply need to upload the file and continue. send the link to the receiver ,then file can be downloaded from the server.
The files remain max. 7 days on the server and are then deleted.
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With you can even send up to 2 GB of data. Again, the process is really easy. Here you can even determine how often the data (s) may be downloaded and you can download the files with a password provided, which makes the whole thing much safer. Also you can let Notified When the files have been downloaded and also how long you would like to provide the data for download. If you want to send the data equal to multiple recipients, you have only the email addresses by only one; disconnect. Let’s go!
send large video files

 you can send a file size of 100 MB, the monthly volume is limited to 1 GB. For larger amounts of data, the various providers, fee-based packages available. Again, the process is quite simple “fill in the online form, upload file, protect it with a password, and the recipient receives a notification e-mail, where he can download the data.
 share large images to others


You can Atleast 100 MB  data here. You simply upload all your data to the server and need not even enter an email address. Once the file on the server, you will be redirected to a page that shows you the download link. And now you are shipping this simply a mail with your download link to all who will receive your data. I find this provider particularly convenient because I do not even have to provide an email address if I do not want this. Of course you can also enter online the email address of your recipient, but if this is not explicitly required, I save something like me. Ah yes, the part of the provider are plastered with advertising. So please do not be surprised, after all, is also this service for FREE.
 upload large files and send them

If you only want to pass on images to others, then sufficient. You upload the pictures, give more and well get the download link! If, however, ONLY if images.
 sites to share large files

The data giant. you can upload upto 2Gb for free and pass on to your target audience. Again, you load up the files that give the download link on and your done!
 send large files to friends

This service you can upload up to 400 MB and then back as the download link. The retention period is 30 days of inactivity.
 transfer large files is my absolute favorite and can not really compare with other providers. With this provider you put yourself a free account, invite you to download software and install it as described. In just 3 simple steps Dropbox is prepared on your computer.
Dropbox is a kind of online disk with which you can retrieve important files from anywhere in the world. With over 2 GB is plenty of space here. If you want to exchange files with others, then you can share this folder separately. Dropbox has great instructional videos that are also understood when one is not as great a master of the English language.
transfer huge files sharing
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