Website to Track the Railway Train in India

In this article i will introduce you the method to track any railway train you wanted to track.The method is completely plain and simple that you require only the basic knowledge of using the internet and maps.You must know one point before we get into this topic is that India is the second largest country as per population and it is not that easy to track the train routes,stations and maps but,there are lots of effort behind this by our Indian government and we need to share this information as much as possible you could spread.

Website to Track Railway Train in India

Railradar is the website that allows you to completely track a train and its status inside India.Understand that this website can neither be used to track your PNR number nor to book your train ticket.Before getting deep er into this topic let me clarify all of your questions that you may have in your mind.

So how is it possible for the website to track a train?Really possible?

Yes,It is possible.”Indian railway system has more than 6000 location of train monitoring points around the country and those points are updated to the server situated at the headquarter.These monitoring points holds several information such as the train arrival timings,departure timings… In most cases these updates are made automated however there are some situations where these reports will also be manually updated.

How often the map is updated ?

For every five minutes the maps gets updated and there will be a time lag of 5 to 10 minutes with the information that you receive which contains the station status update,the train location…

What benefit does the website gets ?

According to the website’s statement they said that this project is made to help people without benefits but,from my point of view they get display ads on their website from which they can earn too!
If you have anymore questions then you can check the frequently asked section on their website itself.

How to Use this Website to Track a Railway Train in India

First go the website Railradar and you will see the India’s map with blue and brown marks on it pointing towards a particular direction.
Red arrow marks the location of the train which is travelling on the correct time and the brown arrow marks the train which has been delayed.The direction of the arrow marks shows,on what direction the train is travelling.
Use the search option on the left to search for a particular train or navigate to the next tab to search for the details of a particular station.The selected train,selected station,starting station of the train,ending station of the train will be marked with a appropriate symbol that you can refer from the “Legends” tab on the website.
Zoom in and out to view the precise location of the train and use the “India map navigator” to move to a desired location quickly.
It has been never possible before to track a railway train in India but now it has been implemented for real.This shows that how technically India is being developed.
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