Getting Apache Working under LInux – Easy Way

Getting Apache Working under LInux – Easy Way

Getting Apache working under linux

Installing Apache ourselves is a tedious job and if you’ve got lot of time and patience left in you, then you’ll go for installing apache by yourself i.e. compiling, configuring, etc..

But now, lets see how to get apache working under linux in no time. You might have already heard of the software called XAMPP or LAMPP. We are going to use it.
LAMP is Linux Apache Mysql Perl/PHP.

As the name indicates, the LAMPP comes with Apache, MySQL and PHP preconfigured to work in symbiosis. So we do not need to go through the hassle of installing Apache, PHP and MySQL seperately and again configuring Apache.

Lets see how to install LAMPP.

  1. Download LAMPP (or) XAMPP for LINUX from here.
  2. Move the downloaded file to the home folder
  3. Open Terminal
  4. Type :
1. sudo -i
2. cd /home/your_username/
3. tar xvfz xampp-linux-1.7.7.tar.gz -C /opt

Thats it. Now, XAMPP will be installed in /opt/lampp/ directory.
Wasn’t that easy ?¬† The following will enable you to manage LAMPP server process

1. cd /opt/lampp
2. ./lampp start ( To start lampp)
3. ./lampp stop (To stop lampp)
4. ./lampp restart (To restart lampp)

After you’ve started LAMPP, go to your browser and direct it to http://localhost. You’ll see the page like below :

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