how to boot linux from usb

how to boot linux from usb

How to boot linux from usb

Click here for instructions on how to boot linux from usb
Click here for FAQs on how to boot linux from usb

OK I have Linux in my computer and I wanna know if is there a way to carry it around and be a computer overlord?

the answer is YES.. please read the post and know how to boot any Linux from USB
The best part is you can use the full operating system in full speed from you USB pen-drive! 
that’s really cool actually…
I use a program called lili usb writer for this process..(using windows)
  • Linux disk image (anything from ubuntu to linux mint will do)
  • USB writer :”lili”: download form here(click here to download)
  • 20 minutes of your time
How to boot Linux from USB..

1.Open lili USB writer,this is how it looks

2.As you can see in the image there are five simple steps

3. Please insert your pen-drive before you start the program

4. Now in the step1 dialog, find and select your pen-drive (at least GB, 2 GB preferred) in the step2 dialog click on the first icon (ISO/IMG/ZIP)(it will do a small check,all automatic)

6. OK now most Linuxes can run live as well as persistent(it means you can store your files in the pen-drive,,very cool) (check F.A.Q for more)

7. In step 4 select the first 2 boxes(optional)

8.Click on the lighting symbol and your live Linux is ready in 20-30 minutes

Frequently asked questions

1.Can I store files in my pen-drive?

          Yes you can, please jump to step 6 in the instructions and have a look at F.A.Q number 3.
2.After rebooting will my files appear again?(updates,documents etc?)
         If you are running it in live mode, then no your files will not be there, it will be a fresh system once rebooted. but if you run it in persistent mode then all the changes and files will be stored.
3.Whats the maximum size i can make for extra file storage?**
         Here is the sad news, in a pen-drive using fat32(the standard) you can only make a persistent space of 4GB.. so you have 4 GB to store your files,, still a lot,, considering you are gonna carry your operating system
4. I have a 32GB pen-drive,,, is it still 4GB limit??
          Haha yes,, always 4GB.. :(…

5.Will i be a computer over lord?
          Yes you will be a computer overlord, you can spook your friends with this usb linux,, more about hacking your friends computer with this in the next post!!

6.How to do it in linux?how to boot linux from usb using linux??
          Assuming you already have linux knowledge, you can simply go to your software mahager and download unetbootln and its super simple using that..

7. The program said that my Linux is not in the list??
          Not a problem,, it will figure everything out and do the best,, always use the latest version. its list contains 100s of Linux operating systems.

8.who is a computer overlord?
          def:: person who uses Linux and does everything that is not normal(like carrying a operating system in your pocket) and hacking any computer on the way 🙂 keep following this blog for more hack tricks

Now you Would have learned how to boot linux from usb .Check here for other linux tips and tricks

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