How to fix MBR(boot menu) for windows ..

How to fix MBR(boot menu) for windows ..

Here are few steps on “how to fix MBR(boot menu) for windows ..” for windows*situations*
you installed dual OS(linux and windows) and your boot menu is linux grub,
you just uninstalled linux , you want your windows MBR back,,
you dont have any idea about how you are going to do it!

then please read on!!
*procedure to fix MBR*
1)Basically we are going to fix the MBR using a free software,(totally) we are going to replace the Linux grub with it,
2)Usually we can use recovery CDs etc, but what if yours is a netbook or you dont have access to a cd? here is a soloution!

*things required*
you will have to download the program called EasyBCD from this link : Neosmart
please go to the bottom of the neosmart webpage,, you will find “Download free for limited, non-commercial use” you can click it here or go directly to the site,, remember the free version is at the bottom of the site……

Please enter your mail id and name,
After this the software will get downloaded,(this is a windows app only, log in to your windows)

** install this software and you are one step closer to “how to fix MBR for windows !!**

“how to fix MBR(boot menu) for windows ..”

After installation you will have an application shown in the screen shot,,

here do not touch anything, this only shows you the available operating systems in your computer,
in my computer i have windows and Linux, so it shows me both,

the next step click on the button “BCD deployment” in the left side

“how to fix MBR(boot menu) for windows .. step 2”

you will see this screen now

select your type of operating system and click ” write MBR”
instantly your MBR will be back and good as new
these are the few simple steps needed to fix your MBR !

This is for people who are in need to fix windows MBR !

any doubts leave them at the comment section..

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