1024 Bit File Encryption Method Using Linux in 2014

encrypt files using linux

Wanna be a Linux geek? wanna keep your files and passwords private only to you??(even experts cant crack it easily) then here is your sweets, This article is about encryption and Linux. please try out the short version first,,, see how it works,,, then try the long (but permanent) version.

so lets get to encryption!!!!
ok things needed!
1) ubuntu linux (or)
2) linux mint ( i use these two)

1024 Bit File Encryption Method Using Linux in 2014

If you have windows installed you can try using linux virtually.
we are going to use a program called GPG,, it will already be installed in your linux .
there are going to be two versions here one the long one and short version.
short version is for people who dont have much patience.!!

SHORT VERSION (DEFAULT 1024 bit RSA(very good))

  • put the file you wanna encrypt in your home folder
  • go to the terminal
  • type gpg -c <>
  • example gpg -c nature.jpg
  • it will ask you for a passpharse pls enter it
  • now it is encrypted, the file is stored in the same home folder as “nature.jpg.gpg”
  • that is the encrypted file
  • if you wanna decrypt it pls do the following
  • go to terminal.
  • type gpg <>
  • example gpg nature.jpg.gpg
  • this will decrypt.

ok this is short version where you cant control the bits,….

*****LONG VERSION***** for ultimate protection! (upto 4096bits)(alien standards!)

here we are going to make it easy,, you dont have to go to terminal all the time, simply right click on the file and select encrypt.. it will ask for password and your job is done

here are the steps

  1. go to terminal, type in gpg –gen-key
  2. you might see “you have to start GnuPG again, so it can read the new options file”
  3. of so enter gpg –gen-key again.
  4. select RSA and RSA (default) it is the option free livelist webcams number 1.
  5. then select how many bits you want your encryption to be… i chose 4096bit !!
  6. when it ask “key valid for” just press enter…. no need to enter(default 0)
  7. it will ask” key never expires is this correct? enter ‘y’
  8. enter your real name..
  9. enter your email id
  10. enter albuquerque singles in the comment if you wish..
  11. it will you if its okay or quit,, enter ‘o’
  12. after this it will ask you passphrase.. pls make it really hard, combination of letters numbers even spaces..
  13. then it will tell you to do some activity in your comp… just browse or something…
  14. after that it will tell that your key is generated..
  15. we have created the key… now its time to intergrate it with your comp..(so it comes up when you right click on any file)
  16. so now either in the same roman polanski’s daycare dating service terminal or different one, type the following “gpg –armor –export “”write the email id you gave”” > mypk (remove the quotes..)
  17. then type cat mypk
  18. after that go to your home folder you will see a file named mypk
  19. click on it and thats it!!!
  20. now right click on any file and you will see option to encrypt.. enter your password and encrypt!!!!!

if anyone has any questions pls feel free to ask doubts in the comments section below !
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