Best 1TB External Portable Hard Disk Drive for Windows, Mac in 2014

There are thousand of budget laptops available in 2014 as there are numerous companies pulling their products into the computer field. What most of the cheap laptops or computers doesn’t provide you is enough space to store all your data onto it. If you find your computer or laptops lacks space to store your favorite musics, videos, software and games then you should go for a good external hard disk.

I ‘ve listed the best 5 external portable laptops available in this article and if you are trying to figure out the best among the hard drives then you are at the right place.

Best 1TB External Portable Hard Disk Drive

Gone are those old days where people use to get CD-RW, DVD-RW to Store their data, nowadays every computer user has an external hard disk that can be used as a separate storage device with more space compared to DVD’s.

Things to Note While Getting an External Portable Hard Disk

  1. Memory Size of the hard disk drive.
  2. USB version of the hard disk drive.
  3. Portability.
  4. Warranty for the hard disk.
Memory space for a hard disk depends on your requirement completely but i would suggest to go for a 1TB hard disk because in future you might even think that 1TB is not enough.
USB version can be more than 3.0 which is most common with all the latest hard disks.
The hard drive must be external as well as portable which is more important if you are about to carry it along with you anywhere you like.
Warranty depends completely upon the provider and the manufacturer, because nowadays the vigorous usage of the hard disk drive make it to go bad in very few years.

Best Budget External Hard Disks

The most familiar, reliable and the best brands of hard disks are Seagate and Western Digital. If you search in the internet for a while you will understand this , many people would have praised about their endurance strength and even i’m going to suggest you all the same brands of external portable hard disks.
Brand & Model : Seagate Backup Plus
Memory Space : 1TB
USB : 3.0.1
Price : ~Rs.4311
Brand & Model : WD My Passport
Memory Space : 1TB
USB : 3.0.1
Price : ~Rs.4869
Brand & Model : WD Elements 2.5 inch
Memory Space : 1TB
USB : 3.0
Price : ~Rs.5037
Brand & Model : Seagate Expansion Portable
Memory Space : 1TB
USB : 3.0.1
Price : ~Rs.4090
Brand & Model : Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 2.5 inch
Memory Space : 1TB
USB : 3.0.1
Price : ~Rs.8010
I would like to share a small tip that if you are about to purchase it online then get it from amazon during Friday and Monday because there would be special discounts on most of the products in amazon.
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