Best Method to Recover Data from Damaged CD/DVD

Worried of having a damaged or scratched CD/DVD which holds lots of valuable information ? Never worry again,i am bringing you all a solution for repairing and recovering the maximum amount of data out of the damaged disk.Remember that working with a bad CD/DVD can also damage your drive and so this is the best time for you to copy the entire data to your new storage drive.

Recover Data from Damaged CD/DVD

This method is one of the oldest but best way to make a disk work if it has small scratches.
  1. Take a piece of smooth cloth,cotton or a banana peel.
  2. Apply either oil,vaseline or tooth paste to the CD/DVD.(Never use colored tooth pastes)
  3. Rub gently on your scratched disk with the selected material and see the difference.
By using the above method you can only remove the grease,dust particles on the disk but,what if your disk has heavy damage and bad sectors on it ?I am providing you the best tools that you could download it and use it for recovering the data.100% of data on the disk can’t be restored from the CD/DVD but most of the data on the good part of the disk can be recovered(Something is better than nothing) and also I’m mentioning here that i had already provided you about the 5 Great Online Tools for Smart People in the previous year which was liked by many people around the world.

Tools to Recover Data from Damaged CD/DVD

  • CD Recovery Toolbox is one of the best software which is capable of handling damaged disks and to our surprise it is available for free.
Insert your damaged disk inside the drive and open the CD Recovery Toolbos software.It shows the available files and folders which is found on the disk and now select the folders you want to recover.Click on next and wait for a while because it may take some time.Additionally you can read on How to Recover Deleted Files.
  • Bad CD/DVD Recovery is powerful yet costliest software that is available for a price of $28.But one good feature of this software is that you can view all your damaged files on the CD/DVD with the trial version and you can purchase it only after you are satisfied with the result.
The download link for Bad CD/DVD Recovery is : Download .If you are about to purchase the full version then you must be interested in this too : 6 Best Online Shopping Sites in India
  • Roadkil’s Unstoppable Copier is a free tool which is available for both Linux and Windows that allows you to copy files from the damaged disk and paste them to any destination location.

There are several other tools available for recovering the damaged disk and you can also read about some other Best Windows Softwares One Must Have.If you are not successful in recovering the data from a damaged CD/DVD by using any of the above methods then you could just leave me a message in the comment section below and i will find time to help you out.

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