4 Best Video Editing and Visual Effects Softwares

best video editing and visual effects softwares which are very useful

Movie making is becoming a passion for most of the college students and i am happy to tell them about few softwares which can really help them.Most of the visual effects and video editing in the Hollywood movies are made with the below softwares :

  1. Adobe After Effects
  2. Adobe Premier
  3. Ulead Video Studio
  4. Windows Movie Maker (Beginners)

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    Adobe After Effects :

    First and the best in our list is Adobe After Effetcs.The most preferred software by video editors is Adobe After Effects which will give best output and it really has a simple and clean interface.After effects has various kinds of tools for editing the video some of them includes Stabilizing a video,Masking,Green screen effect etc.

    Here are few examples that i made in after effects :

    Advantage of using after effects is there are thousands of tutorial available on the youtube which will make your work easier.Templates are available for free which will minimize your effort for editing the whole video.

    Adobe Premiere :

    Adobe premiere is a lighter version of Adobe after effects with pre-built effects and transitions.Among the several effects to be selected it is easier to edit your favorite videos in seconds.Importing and exporting the videos are very fast in premiere.I am a beginner in video editing and i had got lots of experience in editing videos using adobe premiere.Best to try if you are eager to learn something new.

    Ulead Video Studio :
    Ulead video studio is adaptable by everyone even for those who doesn’t have any prior experience in video editing.Ulead video studio has a very stylish interface which also consumes only little amount of your CPU memory and so there will be no lag while you edit your videos.
    Advantages of Ulead : 

    1. No need of prior experience 
    2. Easy to use
    3. Customizable according to your choice
    4. Import and Export supports most of the video formats
    5. Consumes less memory compared to other video editing softwares
    Windows Movie Maker : 
    Last but not the least is our Favorite windows movie maker which usually comes built in with windows and if you are using windows 7 or 8 then you can download the movie maker seperately and use it.If you are wishing to try simple effects like merging,cropping,cutting and transition effects between two frames of videos then this software is quite useful.
    And that’s not it.There are several other softwares which gives you quality editing environment and if you know any such softwares then share your experience in the comment section.

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