Download torrents

how to Download torrents

How to Download torrents

Mostly Every people reading this post would have known about torrents i guess!!
torrents are the sexy way to download your favorite movies or softwares.You can download any file from torrents which is for free and trustworthy.Many would have faced few problems on downloading a torrent file with slower speeds.This post is for you people.

How to download a torrent file :

You need a Bit Torrent Client for downloading the torrent file from the website.
UTorrent is one of the old and lightweight bit torrent client for downloading torrent files.
there are lots of clients available out there like vuze,azures,bitcomet etc.
UTorrent is a type of torrent client with which i will use for this post.

download UTorrent from the UTorrent website : UTorrent
Search for your required torrent file from a torrent website.
Next select the torrent with maximum seeds and less peers.
select download and open the file.
On your you torrent client select the location and start download.

Peers are the counts of number of people downloading that torrent file and
Seeds are the counts of number of people uploading that torrent file.
These are the most popular torrent sites with more seedings:

How to turn it faster :

      1. port forward your ports for faster download.
      2. you can make your Utorrent client to download faster by seeing the below post.
      3. Download torrent using IDM for very fast downloading speed.check the below post.

      Advantage of using bit torrents :

      • You can download files of any size including their crack and serial keys.
      • Your file doesnt break when you pause a can resume it any time you want.
      • Faster download.
      • lightweight and easy to configure.
      • lots of advanced features.
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