File Binding

File Binding

File Binding

Binding :
Binding is a different technique used to comibine different formats of files into one.

What is the use ?
You have created a secret file and you have binded it with a simple text file or any kind of file.
When someone open the binded file in their computer the text file will open and at the same time your secret file will also be initiated without the knowledge of the user.

How do Bind?
Its very simple to bind a files with the appropriate software.They are called as binders.
It can be done in windows OS .This looks very simple but If You feel it difficult then try the second method.

  1. Bind using windows Inbuilt Method :

Follow the below steps properly.

  1. Open run command by WIN + r
  2. Type iexpress and select ok
  3. Select Create new self extraction directive file and click next
  4. Select Extract files and run installation command and click next
  5. Give name for your output file and click next
  6. Select no propmt and click next
  7. Select do not display a file.If you want to display a license file when someone opens then program then select display a license but before you have to copy a license statement from any other software and save it as a text file and now select browse and upload it.
  8. If you need to bind a exe and jpg file and want your output as exe then first add the exe file and then add the jpg as second and click next.(one exe file must be selected)
  9. In the Install program select the exe file and in post installer command type Server or select the available exe file .
  10. select default and click next
  11. select no message and click next
  12. Remember the name you gave in step 5 ?Browse desired location and save the file using that name.Select both the options available and click next
  13. Select no restart and click next
  14. Select safe self extraction and click next
  15. Click next and wait till the program gets binded.If the file is big then binding takes some time.
  16. Binding file will be in that directory you gave in Step 12 . 

    2. Bind Using Software :

Rapid Binder is a simple and free software.

How to use ‘Rapid Binder’

1. First download(search in google) the binder and run it.
2. Now browse files in it which you want to bind by right click => Add File
3.Again right click => press bind them to bind the selected files.
you can always bind the file but this software restricts us to save the output file as an .EXE it is better to bind them with .EXE files . 

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  1. Thats awesome!! lemme check it out!!
    I have tried lot of binders but they always seemed to have errors in them after binding!!
    Thanks for the idea 🙂

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