How to play minesweeper

how to play minesweeper

How to play minesweeper 

People who love games wold have surely tried playing the minesweeper game in their childhood itself.
But have you ever noticed why minesweeper game is not that much popular as the other default games like pinball , hearts etc ?  One of the best inbuilt game includes minesweeper but the reason for its failure is because there is no proper guide on how to play the minesweeper game.I will explain this game as simple as possible , read along the post with me.

How to play minesweeper ?

Open minesweeper by

  • Go to start
  • Select All programs
  • Select games
  • Click minesweeper

 This is the Classic minesweeper game screen you should see now

As soon as you open the minesweeper game a new game is started .
What is the mission of the game ? 
There are 10 mines placed inside the boxes and we have to open all the boxes except the box with the mine.
The left timer indicator indicates how many mines are left.
The right indicator is a simple timer which indicates the time you take to complete this game.
What are the controls of the game ?
Left click to open a box
Right click to mark a box as a mine
How to play ? 
Here i will solve the game with a small example .
First i have opened a new game as u see below.
Second step is to click all the corners (atleat three) of the boxes.Here you may get a chance of opening a mine but do not worry if you open a mine just refresh it by clicking the yellow face which is placed before the timer.
You can see there are several boxes opened , but trust me i had clicked only the four corner boxes and at few time some more boxes are opened automatically.
So what does those numbers indicates ? for example if a number shows as 1 , then there is 1 mine around it. see below for example.

There are nine boxes around the number 1 indicated in the above picture.So if it is indicated as 1 , then there must be one mine around the 1. Luckily all the other 8 boxes are opened and only one box is unopened near it.So surely it must be a mine. Right click on it to mark it as a mine.

Next is can you see similar 1 with 8 boxes opened and has only one box unopened around it ? then right click on it tomark it as a mine.see the below picture.

So far so good . Ok we have found 4 out of 10 mines. Only 6 mines are remaining.Did you notice the left indicator ?Every time you right click and mark a box as mine it decreases.It helps you to keep a track of mines you have Found.Cool isnt it? If you have to deselect a marked mine , again right click on it twice.

Whats the next step ?
It is now safe to open the boxes around the 1 which already has a mine around it.Dint get me ? see the picture for clear understanding.

I opened all the boxes around the number 1 which already has a mine around it.Because of it is number as 1 then it will have only one mine around it. The one pointed with the black arrow is the box that i forgot to open.When it is opened it looks like this .

Fine.Till now if you have understood the game then it is easy from here.Did you notice number 2 ? so it means there will be 2 mines around the boxes.See the below picture.

Since already there are two mines around it , lets leave that as it is.Now check the other 2’s.See at the top right ,Below the 1 .We got a 2 and there is a mine marked around it already.So there must be one more mine around it.There is only one box unopend around it and we will mark it as mine.see below !
Now see there the other 2’s near it.They already have two mines marked around it.So it is safe to open the remaining boxes around those 2’s.Whenever you get number 1 and only one unopened box around it , just mark it as mine.
Once you mark them it looks like the below picture

We are almost near .We have to find only the other two mines.Check the indicator to see the remaining mines.We got another step to solve this .See the picture below , i have opened a new box near the 1 Since it has already got a mine around it.

Next , look at the 3  nearer to two mines as shown below.Since it has got only two mines around it , This will surely be a mine.Lets mark it.

Once you mark it did you notice that The other 3 next to it has already got 3 mines around it and so the remaining boxes are free to open.Look below !

Well finally there is only one mine left to be discover and you guys found it ?Look there are three 2’s at the bottom and two 1’s .Only one mine is left and think where could be the mine place so that it satisfies the condition with all the numbers around it ? See below , the mine must be placed there so , the condition is satisfied.

Just open the remaining boxes and type your name !!!Enough of clicking the boxes randomly , now you know the rules.Show off to your friends and enjoy.If you have any doubts ask me in the comment section and keep visiting the sites for more interesting topics like this.

What you want to see the picture i won ? okay see it !
 See the Face in yellow is wearing coolers B)
 Once you get practiced with this go for the Expert level by clicking game=>expert. Have fun.

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