ocr (Optical character recognition)

How to scan pdf to word

Optical Code Recognition ( convert images,PDF to texts)

This optical code recognition software is used to convert various types of image formats and PDF to a text format or other text formats .

People working from home in data entry job can use this software to make their work easy.
Though There are lots of software available in the market for OCR , they are not even 50% accurate at all.You can try few softwares like freeOCR and simpleOCR .Using simpleOCR you can try converting the hand written image formats too.

Download : FreeOCR

But amazingly there is an online OCR Website which is a trial website that converts the images more accurate than the other OCR websites.You can convert with a limit15 images per hour .

Website : OnlineOCR

Here is one of the image which i converted to a text .

Note : The image was not rotated straight when i uploaded it to that website and the website automatically rotated the image to the proper direction during the upload.

This is the output which i got for the converted image was almost perfect except few mathematical symbols.

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