Port forward for faster Downloads

Port forward for faster Downloads

Port forward for faster Downloads

What is port forwarding ?
Port forwading is a technique by which you can make you torrent downloads faster and play multiplayer games with your friends.

Concept of port forwarding :

For downloads :
When the computer needs to download a file it first checks for the open ports and then data link is connected through that path.So whenever download operation is performed the packets are checked for the open ports every time and then they get downloaded  to the computer.This makes your downloads slow.
Now by opening the port permanently you can save few milliseconds for a packet which can turn into saving plenty of minutes for downloading the entire file.This makes downloading faster.

For multiplayer gaming :
Think you have a computer connected with a internet. when you request for a file or something over internet your computer tells the server to send the file.One way path is setup now.when the file is sent from the server to you,your computer knows that the file is from a trusted server and safe to recieve Making your path as two way.
Now what happens when a untrusted server is requesting for connection ?
Your router blocks it because the server is not actually known.
So while you play a multiplayer game you need to open the port of the incoming connection so your router accepts it.

Go to Port Forwarding website and select you modem type to know how to open ports or to do it manually
Read the below post.

For faster Bit torrent downloads :
let me explain it shortly with an example using UTorrent.

  • Open UTorrent.
  • Select option and select setup guide .
  • Copy the port number located and click run test to check whether your port is open.
  • Ok if it is opened.But if it is closed then follow the steps.
  • Open your browser and type
  • Type the username and password.Default username and password is admin.
  • Go to port forwarding in my case it is loacated under advanced => nat setting => virtual servers.It depends on the type of modem you use.
  • Select add => type a service name and paste the port address you copied earlier for both port start and end.
  • Go to command prompt and type ipconfig note down your vp4 addres.
  • Enter it in the server ip address and save your settings.
  • Now open UTorrent and run the test again. Port will surely be activated .
For multiplayer gaming :
  • Do the above method by replacing the port with your game’s port number (Or) do it like below.
  • Open network properties by right clicking the icon and selecting properties.if you cannot fint the network icon search in your control panel.
  • Select manage network connections and open the local area connection properties.
  • Move to the sharing tab and select allow other network users.
  • Click setting => add . give any name for the service.
  • Type the ip addres of your computer and select the port number to open.
  • Make sure the port number you enter matches the port in your game settings.

You can also check whether your port is open using port checking softwares which is available in this website PortForward .

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