Steganography (hide files)

hide files using Steganography

Steganography (hide files)

What is steganography ?
It is a technique of hiding a file inside another file.

Where do i learn it ?
You have lots and lots of softwares available out in the internet for free.
But you can learn it here either!

Any file like .rar .jpg .txt or any file can be merged inside another file.
In a simple way i shall teach you a way for hiding a text inside a picture file.

For example think we have to hide a text file aaa.txt with the image file bbb.jpg and combine them in a new file as ccc.jpg .Where ccc.gif is our output file which contains the text hidden in the image file.

  • Open Run command window by pressing win + r .
  • Open command prompt by typing cmd and press ok 
  • Enter the directory where you have your files.
  • Then type the command : copy /b aaa.txt+bbb.gif ccc.jpg .
  • Now our file is successfully hidden in a new file. 
How can i view my files ?   
               When you normally open the output file ccc.jpg you will see the image file but how to view your hidden text file ?
  • Right click the image file .
  • select open with notepad. 
  • Succesfully opened !

If you want to hide a rar file with a picture file, you can make that secure by creating a password for your rar file.Then combining the picture file to a rar output file.Now even that output rar file can be password protected !!

What is the use of this ?

  • It is mainly used for hiding your private files.
  • If you want to exchange information like passwords or sensitive images over an insecure transmission protocol, like email.
  • If you want to embed secret files available only to a selected few in a public forum.
  • If you want to impress your friends with your tricky ways.
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