What is aakash tablet and ubislate

What is Aakash tablet ?Aakash tablet is the world’s cheapest laptop available now in india .So what is ubislate ?

It is the upgraded version of Aakash tablet , can also be called as Aaskash tablet 2 .

Well what are the differences between Aakash tablet and Ubislate ?

Comparison Between Aakash tablet and Ubislate.

Specs Os RAM Processor Display Battery USB Mem GPRS Phone calls Wifi PRICE
Aakash Tablet Android 2.2 256 mb ARM11 356 mhz 7 touch,
800*480 px
2100MAH power 2.0 32GB NO NO YES RS.2500
Ubislate Android 2.3 256 , 2GB internal storage Cortex A8 700 mhz 7touch,
800*480 px
3200MAH power 2.2 32GB YES YES Wifi 802.11 a.b.g c RS.2999

Then How to book the Aakash tablet and Ubislate ?

 You can Book these tablets in : AakashTablet

The poor Battery backup , Processor Speed and Connectivity in Aakash tablet are rectified in the ubislate
and hence it is better to Prefer ubislate over Aakash tablet by paying few penny more .


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