How To Extend The Battery Lifetime For Android Phones

One of the major drawbacks in using an android mobile phone is the poor battery lifetime that leaves the users with a great disappointment.Most of the batteries today will no longer last for more than a day if it is being used heavily.Eventhough most of the high reputed manufacturers like sony,samsung and htc tends to provide a better battery backup it still remains as an unimplemented task.This post will reveal some minor tweaks and changes that will help to extend and maintain the battery lifetime for any android mobile.

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Tips to Extend the battery lifetime for android mobile and tablets :

    1. Display Brightness : Brightness is the first major issue that eats up the battery on an android device.While watching a video,dialing a number,typing a message,playing a game,each and everytime the display is being used the battery gets discharged quickly as the amount of brightness is huge.By Decreasing the brightness level on the screen will save more than 30% of the battery usage.To decrease the brightness level follow the below steps.
      1.Open the application drawer from the home screen.
      2.Select the settings menu and move to the “display” submenu.
      3.Click on the brightness and decrease it to the lowest possible value.


  • Background Process : Eventhough an application is closed after being using,they are not ended completely instead a small background process will begin to run inorder to make the application to be accessed quickly for the next launch.Many number of background process running on the device will consume more amount of battery and the battery gets drained quickly.


Restricting the applications from running behind the scene can help the battery to stay longer.The background process in an android device can be completely stopped by the below method.
1.Open the app drawer from the homescreen and click on settings.
2.Select the Apps menu and navigate to the “running” tab.
3.Click on a service and press the stop button to end it.


  • Live Wallpapers : Having a fancy and attractive live wallpaper on the android screen can make the mobile to look stylish but at the same time will take the battery’s lifetime.Any kind of animation and moving images on the wallpaper can affect the performance of the device along with the battery.



  • Disable Services : There are many services in the android mobile which will take up the battery’s life even when it is not active.Such kind of services can be disabled manually bu the user to prevent them from sharing the battery.


Connectivity Services such as GPS,Data Traffic,Wi-fi and Bluetooth can be disabled when they are not used.To do so launch the settings menu and turn off the unwanted services manually.


  • Homescreen Widgets : Filling the entire home screen with widgets and application shortcuts will use huge amount of the processor and degrades the performance and simultaneously reduces the speed of the android device.If a processor is very busy in scheduling the entire time for the widgets on the home screen then when a new process is started,naturally it will consume a lot battery as the load for the processor has started to increase and so avoid keeping all the widgets on the homescreen.


Tools To Increase The Battery’s Lifetime For Android Phones :

  1. Task Manager :

    Task manager consists of all the details about the running task,cache memory and several useful information that is involved with the android device.These tasks can be managed and maintained properly with the help of task manager to increase the lifetime of battery.There are several popular task managers available on the market but i would suggest “Go Task Manager” which is a very useful application that every android phones must have.It provides a separate options to kill the general services and the system services.Download Go Task Manager from here : Download

  2. Task Killer :

    Task killer is a powerful tools that allows the users to kill all the unwanted services and helps in preventing the android device from consuming a lot of battery.The task killer that i use on my android device is “MT Task Killer” which helps me to kill all the unused application that are running in the background.Though it might not be a best task killer i consider it to be the one on my device.

  3. Widgetsoid :

    Widgetsoid is a small application which will allow the android user to keep the frequently used widgets on the notification bar itself.This allows the user to quickly turn on/off any services such as wi-fi,bluetooth,flash light etc and so that there is no need to keep all the widgets in the home screen.Download Widgetsoid

Improve battery lifetime by Invert Rendering:

The foremost reason for the battery to get drained is browsing the internet with the android mobile.Whenever the internet is accessed from the device for browsing or downloading from the web , maximum battery will be used at that time Irrespective of the browser
There is a small feature in ICS known as invert rendering which means inverting the colors on the website.It is a fact that white color on the screen consumes more battery than the black color.By using invert rendering feature these white and black color can be swapped inorder to extend the usage of the battery.To use this feature just follow the below steps :
  • Open the internet application from the application drawer.
  • Start the menu and click on settings.
  • Select the accessibility option and scroll down to click on the “invert rendering”.

Prevent Battery from External Issues :

  1. Do not over heat the battery by running many applications at a time.
  2. Do not charge the mobile after it reaches the full capacity.
  3. Allow the battery to get discharged completely atleast once in a week.
  4. Do not wash the battery with water or soap.
  5. If your mobile is a rooted one then do not overclock the processor to the maximum extent as it will damage the battery permanently.
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