Best Place to sell your old Cell Phones ,Electronics,MP3

Consumer electronics is one of the fastest growing sectors in the United States at an over $4 billion dollar increase in growth from last year.

While the new technology is growing faster and latest models create vast increase in use of cell phones, MP3 etc. So there required a huge market where you can sell used cell phones. For cell phones alone about 150million were discarded in U.S last year.

There is still significant value for your used cell phones and other electronics.There is a place where you can sell used cell phones called which is one top of the companies that pay best price for recycling. Where all your user data will be cleared and free shipping is provided by them.

If you want to sell your mobile at best market price and if you are in a confusion where to sell then the best place you can find is Giztopia. This is the best choice as they offer attractive pricing on a variety of your cell phone, laptops, tablets and MP3 and have easy and fast submission process on net. To sell used cell phones this is the best site under the secure cell phone buy back program. Giztopia is proved to be very fair when analyzing the condition of the used electronics. 

Benefits of Giztopia:

  • No login and personal details required
  • Free prepaid shipping  for your goods
  • Giztopia website has green based hosting
  • Goods collected for you in any condition will be recycled and sold as second hand devices
  • You are the actual legal owner of any and all property offered to be sold through the Site and Services.
  • 100% data format will be done
  • Payment to client will be within 48hours.

How does this work?

Once you open the site you can find quote page where you can find Gizmo type, Model, condition etc… then you will be asked for shipping information. Once the device reaches them quickly it will be reviewed and wipe all personal information and submit payment to you within 48hours.

How to track your package?

You can find tracking tab on website where you can easily track the details by entering required information. Where your device is in process of submission.

Does Giztopia accept non-working items?

Yes, Giztopia accepts non-working items also. But it may not have sale value as high as for working items. Anyhow non-functioning items are also purchased hugely by Giztopia.

How long will the quote be valid?

Your Quote will be valid for 30days from the submission.
Even if device is sent accidentally with a SIM card, It will be sent back no need to worry about this.


Now this concludes all your questions of selling used cell phones and other electronic devices. Un-doubtedly Giztopia is the best place where best price will be given for your devices. For any further information regarding selling and recycling of your mobile phones, MP3`s, Laptops.

You can visit their site Giztopia – Sell Electronics , Mobile Phones for Cash

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