Change Logon Screen In Windows 7

Change Logon Screen In Windows 7

Hello everyone , today i will tell you how to change your Windows Logon screen’s Background Manually and also with the help of a software.

Manually change your logon Screen :

    • First the image you choose must be a JPG format .


If your image file type is different , open your image in paint and Save it as JPG file.

    • Rename Your Image file to BackgroundDefault.JPG .


    •  Copy the image into this folder C:\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds  


    • Open Registry Editor ( Start => run => regedit ).


For windows 7 :

  • Now Navigate to this Key


If you cannot find this key then right click in LogonUI and create a new key and name it as Background

  • Now Locate OEMBackGround and set the value to 1.If you cannot fine the OEMBackground then right click Background and Create a new Dword , name it as OEMBackground.


    • Now your background is changed and if you want your default screen then Change the value to 0.


For windows xp :

    • Now navigate to this key



  • Open the string ” wallpaper “
    • Now enter the new wallpaper name with its full path.


    • Thats it.If this doesnt work then try disabling the welcome screen by Doing this :
      control panel => user accounts =>  Change the way users logon or off => unselect ” use welcome screen ” and apply options.


Software to change your logon Screen :

Download this software : Tweak

    • Install the software and run it.
    • Click change logon screen  and You will be prompted to select the image.
    • A preview will be shown , when you are satisfied with the Background  click test .



Now you have a brand new Background ! hope you have enjoyed reading this Post.

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