How to Download Windows 8.1 Preview

Recently on June 26 windows had officially released its first update on the store for windows 8.Downloading windows can be made in simple steps but once you have installed the windows 8.1 preview then there is no way for you to revert it back to windows 8.So think twice before downloading the windows 8.1 preview.

download windows 8.1 and install

Steps to Download windows 8.1 Preview

There are two methods for downloading the windows 8.1 preview.First method is installing windows with the help of a standalone installer and the second method is installing the ISO file of the windows 8.1 and if you are going to download and install the official windows 8.1 preview onto your computer directly then follow the first method or else skip to the second method.

Remember few conditions before downloading :

  • You cannot download Windows 8.1 via Store if you are current working on Windows 8 enterprise edition.
  • When Windows launches the full version of Windows 8.1 then you cannot upgrade this version of windows 8.1 preview and you will have to download the entire copy of the full version.
  • As i mentioned earlier there is now way of reverting back to Windows 8 and for that purpose you can backup your windows 8 in the recovery disks or recovery USB.

Method 1 : Download Windows 8.1 Preview Directly

Go to this website : Windows 8.1 preview download

microsoft windows 8.1 preview
Once you enter into their website click on the “Get the update” button your windows 8.1 preview standalone installer will begin to download.After the completion of the download open the downloaded file and you will see something like the below image.
install windows 8.1 preview
Immediately after the windows 8.1 standalone installer has finished installing,it will ask for the system to be restarted and you can click on the restart button now or anytime later.
installing windows 8.1
Once your system gets restarted a popu up menu will displayed asking you to “Go to the store”.Click on that button and you will be taken to the windows store directly.Now click on the download button and wait for a while until the file gets downloaded.It may take some time as the size of the file is above 2.40 GB and you are done here.

install iso windows 8.1

Method 2 : Download Windows 8.1 as a ISO File

Go to this website : Windows 8.1 preview download  and scroll below to find the place to download the ISO file.
installing windows 8.1 iso
Click on the “Get the ISO files” and you will be redirected to a page where you are allowed to select your desired language.
preview windows 8.1
You may find the universal product key for the windows 8.1 preview copy it and you will be asked to enter it later.Click on the download button and wait for some time as the size of the file is greater than 2 GB.
After the completion of download open the ISO file and click on setup.exe to begin the installation.You are done here now and you can read here on how to install windows 8 from USB.
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